Name: Jack Richard Dawkins, alias "Yoric St.Chamberlain Montesque Elroy" codename "Dodger"

Position: Field Agent, semi-active status, clearance level 3 (173-3, 347-3, 607-[REDACTED], 917-ARC-[REDACTED]). Head of Espionage division for STF-[REDACTED] "The Kitchen Sink". Available for freelance research, containment, and acquisitions missions. DECEASED

Agent Yoric Elroy off duty at [REDACTED].
  • Defense: 3 +2
  • Thievery: 3 +3
  • Persuasion: 6
  • Foreign Culture: 3
  • Stealth: 3
  • Melee Attack: 3
  • SCP Knowledge: 6
  • Piloting: 1

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

In addition to his normal apparel Yoric now wears a slightly gaudy ruby ring on his right hand.
Yoric kept the pirate costume he got at renfaire. Among other things there's a bandanna, an eyepatch, a scimitar, and a screw on hook for his left hand. It's in his pack if he needs it.

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment


  • Standard Issue Agent's Baton
  • Stolen M9


  • Body armor
  • Environmental suit — Standard issue Foundation Hazmat gear.
  • Parachute pack
  • Free surgery coupon — For a free surgery from Dr. Mann.
  • Bag of Tamlin — [REDACTED] Only works in Tamlin house.

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Ol' One Eye: Yoric lost his left eye to a gunshot wound courtesy of Dr. Kondraki during his stint at site 17. It was later replaced with a stone replica, but Yoric prefers to keep it covered. The left lens of Yoric's glasses is blacked out to facilitate this. As of [DATA EXPUNGED]ric's eye has been restored. He's bad at binocular vision, and can only perform tasks requiring accurate hand-eye coordination if one eye is closed or covered.

Watch me now: Yoric has begun wearing a ring set with a large ruby on his right hand, fidgeting with it occasionally. It seems to annoy him, but he almost never takes it off…

Lefty: Yoric's left hand has been removed at the wrist and replaced with a wooden marionette's. It is fully functional, but not as strong as a regular hand. Recently, he's added hidden matches to each fingertip, which he can light by snapping his fingers. They'll burn for a bit longer than normal matches, but must be replaced after use. [DATA EXPUNGED] completely restored. the wooden hand now sits on his desk as a decoration.

Steadfast friend: Yoric feels his friendships deeply, and there are certain people he can not allow to come to harm if he can help it. Yoric will do whatever it takes, up to and including death, to protect doctor Sophia Light, agent Timothy Imants, and doctor Micheal Magnus.

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

The Man's A Damned Criminal: Though he's a good agent, Yoric's loyalty to the foundation is occasionally questionable.

Amorous AI: Yoric is occasionally subject to unwanted affection from most sentient mechanical intelligences.

Blindsided: At GM fiat, Yoric is more susceptible to a called attack from his left side.

Sandcastle Sorrow: As a result of the semi-infamous Sandcastle Massacre incident, Yoric has lost all respect for Agent Strelnikov as a superior officer, and will respond with insubordination or outright disobedience to most orders given by Captain Strelnikov.

The Annakin: Yoric's left hand has been replaced with a wooden replica. at GM fiat, any action undertaken left handedly will be rolled at a -2 disadvantage.

Jealous Lover: Due to a love triangle involving Yoric, he absolutely loathes doctor Alex Laito. He's lost a lot of trust in doctor Light, as well.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

A highly successful international con man, Yoric came to the foundation posing as an agent, but was soon recruited by Dr. Bright for actual duty. While in the field, Yoric served as an investigative agent during the Sandcastle Massacre incident (see document SC-588756) in which a large number of surviving [DATA EXPUNGED]a Foundation sanctioned security measure. Since then, he has had a change of heart and dedicated himself and his abilities to saving as many lives as possible. As a result of this decision, through a complicated series of events yoric has allied himself with [DATA EXPUNGED]le agent.

After Yoric's successful infiltration of the counter Foundation led (however unwillingly) to the apparent destruction of the organisation, Yoric was assigned the position of Head of the Espionage division of STF O-23, "the Kitchen Sink". Yoric takes this position very seriously, and is planning several excersises to train the members of O-23 proper infiltration technique.

After [DATA EXPUNGED] a bodygaurd/security adjunct be assigned to Agent Yoric. Agent Carrigan Blue was given the assignment, and began performing her duties in early september of [REDACTED]. Some tension seems to exist between Blue and Agent Yoric, though it is unclear whether [DATA EXPUNGED]

After Sandjack, the head of the Counter Foundation, led a suicide mission into the heart of Site 23 in order to [DATA EXPUNGED] leaving Yoric as the de-facto leader and last remaining member of the Counter Foundation. Yoric has since revitalised the CF initiative as a [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF O5-6]

As compensation for his involvement in the Jack Bright affair (see document X85-973-Bright), Yoric was given a sa[REDACTED] result his eye and hand have been restored, and the scars left by an unfortunate incident at site 17 have faded.

As of [REDACTED] Yoric has been authorised by command to perform such rites and summonings necissary to contact a level seven nonhuman entity, specifically a manifest humanoid personification of Death. Permission rescinded due to metaspiritual corruption and the possibility of [REDACTED]
Addendum: All records regarding the incident which took place on [REDACTED] have been sealed by order. See documents ELROY-1897 and I86B-F-Light for further clarification.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous


conman mix
track 1: Green Day - 21 Guns
track 2: Mae - Crazy Eights
track 3: The Delgados - I Fought the Angels
track 4: Collective Soul - Shine
track 5: Fastball - The Way
track 6: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
track 7: Sick Puppies - War
track 8: Deathcab for Cutie - Someday You Will Be Loved
track 9: The Strokes - What Ever Happened
track 10: Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic
track 11: The Mountain Goats - Lovecraft in Brooklyn
track 12: Scars On Broadway - Kill Each Other / Live Forever
track 13: British Sea Power - Oh Larsen B

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