Unique Equipment

Jack Bright's Cane:

Only a few models were ever made of this type of device - a long staff-like cane with a built-in compliance device similar to a weaponized Tesla coil.

The cane currently in Alice Dodridge's possession has four settings, with the following statistics:

+3 Ranged Weapons to all settings.

Charge: 12 units
Charges regenerate at the rate of 1 charge per ten minutes when plugged in.

Setting 1: 1 charge per use, 1 damage.
Setting 2: 4 charges per use, 1 damage and target (if human) is unable to act for one round.
Setting 3: 6 charges per use, 3 damage and target (if human) is unable to act for one round.
Setting 4: 12 charges per use, 7 damage and target (if human) is unable to act for three rounds.

Efforts to retrieve the cane from the rogue operative are not being made, currently.

Mk1 TRAVIS (Titanium Reinforced Armored Vanguard Infantry Suit):

A powered assault suit originally prototyped for the US military, this functional revision is fully armored, buffered, and environmentally sealed. Encased in thin, durable, subdued brown armor panels over a black, elastic fabric and memory polymer undershell, it adds about 3 inches to the wearer's height, and weighs about 10 kilos.

Made for Agent Jason Dodridge, the TRAVIS has the following statistics: +3 to Mental Defence, +3 to Physical Defence, vastly increases the wearer's strength.

The blueprints to the Mk1 TRAVIS are available to those who wish to make their own. Limit: One per Site.

Handheld Medical Scanner

A small, handheld medical scanner made by Dr. Simon Vriska. It is the size of a small mag-light with a light on the operating end. It has a distinctive noise when being used, and can give medical scans and basic Toxology.

The Medical Scanner is currently in Simon Vriska's possession, with the following statistics: +1 to Medical.

GRID (Gravity Reducing Infiltration Device)

After extensive research into SCP-385, certain properties of gravity and materials that could affect it were discovered that made the GRID a possibility. GRID is a lightweight thin dark gray jumpsuit wearable under the user's clothing with a sleeve mounted activation device and a 12 hour battery spread evenly and flexibly across the back for freedom of movement and cooling purposes.

When powered the fibers woven throughout reflect most gravitic energy, resulting in a 75% overall weight reduction for the user, allowing for greater freedom of motion and significantly increasing the users overall ability to move quickly and easily.

The GRID is currently in Antoni Heladris's posession, with the following statistics: +3 to Agility.

Pattern 1917 Naval Cutlass

A family heirloom restored by Weber. A simple sword with no advanced properties, but it is exceedingly well-balanced and strong.

The Cutlass is currently in Victor Weber's possession, with the following statistics: +3 to Simple Weapons.

Dr. Smascher's Field Kit

A small case armored with titanium disulfide plates, kevlar, a steel shock frame, and an inner layer of stainless steel to resist acids. The box itself contains various reagents, litmus paper, acids, bases, sterile vials with stoppers, and assorted other scientific supplies for field missions.

The case is currently in Dr. Smascher's possession. Science rolls use d7s instead of d6s.

Rakshasa Killer

A one-handed longsword made of SCP-143 and crafted by the combined efforts of Alice Dodridge and John Williamson. While exceptionally sharp and deadly, the sword also sports a hollow and a series of delivery systems that serve as an injection function. The weapon is most commonly filled with an incendiary air-fuel mix, though other gases are possible. An etching on the hilt reads: 'Dtermy 32:22'.

+2 to Simple Weapons; once per run, an additional dice may be added to a Simple Weapons roll involving close combat at the GM and player's discretion.

Made for Agent Touma. Currently being held with rogue Agent Dodridge's possessions left on site. Members of O-23 may fill request forms to acquire this weapon.

Engineer Kit

Developed by John Williamson and Alice Dodridge, this bag serves as a complete sabotage, demolitions and engineering suite. A series of spacious pockets house significantly more in the way of equipment than normal load bearing gear, and are designed to contain high explosives, tools, munitions and accessories. In the hands of a skilled combat engineer, can be used to solve nearly any problem that can be solved with high explosives.

Provides two extra equipment slots and +1 to all technologist rolls.

Currently stored in the armory. Members of O-23 may fill request forms to acquire this item.

Ocular Implants

Based on modifications made by SCP-212, research efforts indicated that the effects of 212 could be mimicked to a small degree. Designed by Alice Dodridge and implemented by Simon Vriska, this surgical modification provides a significant boost to visual acuity at all distances.

Implanted into James Carr's eyes. +3 Perception.

Katherine's Rifle

An M82 Barrett light 50 modified with a combination scope/starlight NVG for superior targeting. +1 to Perception and Ranged Weapons.

Currently being kept in the armoury for safe keeping. Members of O-23 may fill request forms to acquire this weapon.

Custom Field Medic Pack

A large backpack stuffed neatly with everything needed to get a wounded man up and moving again. From blood transfusions to compound fractures. This thing has the supplies for about everything but brain surgery. But mostly, it holds a spare bit of medical related gear.

The CFMP provides one extra equipment slot for medical relevant gear.

Currently in the possession of Dr. Albert Nox.


A series of biomedical enhancements designed to create greater durability and melee range stopping power in front line combat personnel. Researched by Delano Smascher.

Provides a permanent +2 to Physical Defense, and a permanent +1 to Simple Weapons rolls. The plans for the implant are available at request. Limit: One per Site


Employing similar methods and design principles as the original TRAVIS armored suite, this suit is tailored for light weight and enhanced agility, in exchange for less raw strength and lighter armor. Compact versions of the actuators and power supply used in the Model I provide moderate power-assist, sufficient to enhance agility and negate strain on the wearer. In addition, smaller, more flexibly configured armor plates on the torso, knees and elbows provide modest ballistic and impact protection.

Designed for Dr. Alice Dodridge, it allows the wearer to roll D7s on agility and physical defense rolls.

The blueprints to the Mk1 TRAVIS-MV are available to those who wish to make their own. Limit: One per Site.

FoundPad Maestro

The FoundPad Maestro is a modified tablet computer based off of the standard Foundation Engineering Netbook. The FoundPad Maestro is designed to integrate with nearly any computer or electronic device for diagnostics, repair, and modification, and has a holographic display as well as a touch screen. The Maestro has various means of communication integrated within it, everything from Bluetooth and wireless up to radio, cellular, and tight beam satellite.

Allows the user +3 to Technologist rolls.

Currently in the possession of James Griffin.

Samson II exoskeletal loader

The Samson Loaders are used on base for power-assisted lifting of cargo, up to two hundred kilograms for the wearer. The Samson II Loader is designed to work out in the field, using its own Am-243 Nuclear Battery to provide power for itself and a variety of power tools carried on its frame.

The two Samson II Loader prototypes are presently assigned to James Guffin and Jillian Cunningham for testing at Base 23 and in certain field situations. The Loader enhances the strength of the operator, adds +3 to Simple Weapons, but subtracts 1d6 to Agility and Personal Defense checks.

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