To Be Crafted

Exactly what it says on the tin. This page is intended as an index of expendables and equipment for group use which has been approved by an administrator but not yet created, either for want of XP or rolls for creation. Feel free to add items to this list in the relevant sections, or create additional sections as necessary. If you're willing to put XP toward an item, leave your name and how much beneath the Cost of the item in question.

Combat Items

Utility Items

EMP Grenades

Summary: A small electronic warfare device. Electrical equipment in the radius of effect that isn't shielded or hardened against EMP is disabled. Radius of effect is dynamic, as is the delay once the device is activated, both modified with dials. Maximum range of effect is twenty meters with a minimum of one. The device doesn't actually explode, but simply disables any susceptible electronics in range in rather anticlimactic fashion.

Mission Allotment: One half of the standard number of expendable items allowed to be taken in a single slot, rounded down, minimum one. For example, if players are allotted five of an item in a single equipment slot for a given run, then the allotment of EMP grenades will be two.

Use: Technologist roll, DC 7 to use the device. Intelligent targets, such as AI, may oppose the user's Technologist roll with Mental Defense. May be thrown or fired.

Cost: 4 XP. DC 12 Science and Tech to create. 0 XP contributed so far.

Medical Items

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