The Tamlin House

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is relatively self-containing, as only authorized Foundation employees seem capable of locating and entering it. Regardless, security cameras are to be monitoring the entrance to SCP-XXX at all times, and at least one agent of clearance Level 3 or higher is to be located constantly within five minutes of the site, in order to deal with theoretical breeches or outbreaks.

Anomalous noises, voices, or other physical or mental effects within SCP-XXX are not unusual, however, anything of sufficient concern should be reported immediately to Dr. █████, or, if vetoed by any personnel of Level 4, straight to O5 command (Special Attention to O5-█).

Description: SCP-XXX is located under ████'█ ████, although topographical inconsistencies make the precise measurement or location of the site impossible.

SCP-XXX first manifests as a small wooden boat on the shore of a small underground lake, accessible by a door built into the ground surrounding ████'█ ████. When boarded by Foundation personnel, up to as many will comfortably fit within the boat, it will begin to move across the water using an unknown source of propulsion, passing through the surface of ████'█ ████ without resistance, and arriving in SCP-XXX-001.

SCP-XXX-01 is a large room made of bronze, containing a short dock accessible by the boat, a first story hall, and two balconies, both accessible by stairs. The balconies and the hall are lined with large identical bronze doors, twenty one (21) in total.

Opening any of these doors, or any similar door found in the site therafter, will lead to a randomly selected, preconstructed room. The returning doorway of the room will be inscribed with a three digit number (no numbers higher then three digits have been recorded, it is theorized that there are fewer then ███ rooms in the house, or that rooms numbered higher then ███ are inaccessible) and a discriptive title, which will reflect on the contents of the room.

The contents of each room are widely varied and may include any number of unexplainable physical or mental effects. Each room tends to be made out of bronze (with notable exceptions), include at least one randomized bronze door other then the entrance, and contain part of a matrix of glass tubing filled with blue fluid, present throughout the house. The purpose of this tubing is unknown. Due to the nature of SCP-XXX, researchers are advised to travel in groups and excersize caution when exploring.

It may be worth noting that while the entrance to SCP-XXX-001 is not a traditional door, it still bears the number 001 and the phrases “███████ ████, ███ ██ ███ █████ ████” and “Those who Die Here Do Not Leave” in lieu of a normal title. The signifigance of the phrases is under investigation.

Use of door spikes is advised to prevent research teams from becoming lost in the site.

Document XXX-AA

List of Selected Rooms
048- “Branching Hallway”: A bronze hallway splitting into 7 more hallways, each one ending with a bronze door. Glass tubing present. Otherwise unanomalous.
207- “The Hot Tub”: A room containing a large warmed hot tub with steps leading into it, able to fit several people comfortably. Otherwise unanomalous.
576- “The Train”: Door apparently opened into the side of a traincar moving through a tunnel. Examination revealed that doors into other cars were made of bronze and exhibiting the randomization affect exhibited by other doors in the house.
560- “The Pit”: Floor replaced by a seemingly bottomless pit, although instead of total darkness, specks of light similar to a starry sky were visible at the end. Objects dropped into the pit did not reappear.
593- “The Subway Station”: An abandoned subway station. Lights and other fixtures were present although nonfunctional. The sound of a subway approaching was noted, although the noise rose and faded several times, and no subway ever arrived.
351- “Chocolate River”: Room contained a stream of what appeared to be molten chocolate, exhibiting a minor psychic effect, drawing observers to bathe in or drink from the stream.
440- “The Noodle Room”: [DATA EXPUNGED] Described as “the craziest fucking thing” and “inexplicable”.

Addendum A
Current Hypotheses Regarding the Nature of SCP-917

  • Created with use of SCP-184 Discounted
  • Rooms are spontaneously created as doors are opened [DATA EXPUNGED] Discounted.
  • [DATA EXPUNGED] relic from a later time period Discounted, certain sections of the house have apparently been in place since the early Paleolithic era.
  • Rooms have been preconstructed, possibly involving [DATA EXPUNGED] – Plausible. See Addendum C.

Addendum B
Exploration Team Gamma lost inside SCP-917, presumed dead. Further exploration parties reminded to make use of door spikes.

Addendum C
Research team encountered a human male, apparently a Foundation agent, claiming to be [REDACTED]. Discussion revealed that [DATA EXPUNGED] Following this, Doctor ██████ propposed that one or more alternate realities were involved in the creation of the site, and [DATA EXPUNGED] have either been built or will be built. See Document ██-AAB for current theories and objections to the “Long Now” hypotheses of creation. Further sightings or encounters are to be recorded and reported.

Addendum D
Citing possible future use as a facility or storage space, SCP-XXX has been classified as Site 67. Regular exploration is to continue.

Addendum E
Sightings of “ghosts” or similar human figures are to be reported immediately. Researchers are to be reminded that Exploration Team Gamma is deceased, and attempted contact from it is to be dealt with following Protocol [REDACTED]. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum F

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