Tamlin Artifacts

There are 13 Artifacts of Tamlin, currently being looked for at Site 67. Technically, these are the Future Artifacts, but what significance that holds is negligible. As each Artifact is discovered, a brief write up of the powers and benefits and history will be put here.

All powers, positive and negative, are only applicable in the Tamlin House.

Future Artifacts

1. The Staff of the Jester:A three foot long wooden rod, wrapped in purple and gold ribbons, bedecked with 13 bells. This Artifact was earned by Brad Gibson during a riddle contest with the Jester, in exchange for his balls. Currently unclaimed.
Benefits: The staff bestows an extra 2 dice of mental defense. In addition, once per session, the wielder may force a re-roll of anyone elses mental defense, and choose which roll will be used.
Negatives:While in control of the staff, the user loses one die of physical defense, and thrice per session, the GM may force a '1' on any acrobatics roll, resulting in a disastrous, albeit funny, trip and fall.

2. Grandfather Ravens Pipe: An ancient, long, clay pipe, originally white, but browned with age and use. Recovered by incurring a debt to Grandfather Raven, bestowed to Mac Guffin.
Benefits: When the user is smoking this pipe, he becomes incapable of being targeted by anything that would make the user roll either physical or mental defense. This effect is canceled if the user causes someone to make a defense roll. Once per exploration, the user can call on the powers of the pipe to conjure up an obscuring cloud of smoke that will fill the room he is in. In addition, once per trip, the user can smoke the pipe, and gain a piece of inspiration about the current situation.
Negatives:On any trip in which the user has smoked from this pipe, he is at -2 dice to his perception.

3. The Bow of the Elf: A fine wooden bow, intricately carved, with no string. Ghost in the Leaves traded this to Shane for a lot of meat. Currently unclaimed.
Benefits:Any non human object touched against the wood of the bow becomes launchable from this bow. In addition, the user gains 2d6 to ranged weapons only when using this bow, and only when using it for impressive shots.
Negatives: The concentration required to use this bow results in a -2d6 to all mental defense rolls made by it's user. The owner also finds himself with a craving for red meat.

4. The Crystal Ball of The Gypsy: A crystal ball about the size of ones fist, granted to Alice in exchange for her first born child. Currently unclaimed.
Benefits: The ball grants the user the ability to peek into the future, gaining clues about coming events, or just about the current room, depending on the wishes of the wielder.
Negatives: It costs one health level every time the wielder uses it.

5. The Doctor's Scalpel: A rusty old scalpel, granted to Simon Vriska.
Benefits: +2d6 to medical, only when the operation actually calls for a scalpel. +1d6 simple weapons when using the scalpel in battle
Negatives: The Scalpel is thirsty. Once drawn, it may not be put down without tasting blood.

6. The Hackers Glove:A souped up power glove, given to Agent Weber in exchange for…services rendered.

Past Artifacts

1. The Minotaurs Axe: A double bladed battle axe, surprisingly light. This artifact was found by Rosalyn in the Noodle Room. Currently unclaimed.
Benefits: When wielding the axe, users roll 1d10 in Simple Weapons instead of 1d6. Once per exploration, the wielder can slam the axe into the floor, causing everyone in the room to make a difficulty 10 agility roll to remain standing.
Negatives:While in possession of the axe, the users became afraid of heights.

2. The Cigar: A large Cuban cigar, that is never consumed when smoked. Currently unclaimed.
Benefits: When smoking the cigar, the smoker becomes intangible.
Negatives: When smoking the cigar, the smoker becomes intangible, and can touch nothing they did not have on them when they began smoking.

3. The Dragon's Scale: A green scale, about the size of a guitar pick, found by Berkeley Frick, on a mission for Grandfather Raven. Attached to a leather thong that can be tied around ones' neck or wrist.
Benefits: +3 health levels when worn.
Negatives: User is DEATHLY afraid of Empty Rooms.

4: The Ring of D: A silver ring, with a large ruby inset. A stylized D is set in diamonds upon the ruby. Delivered to Linda Aniston, for reasons unknown. Currently in the possession of James Carr.
Benefits: The ring allows its wearer to open things.
Negatives: The wearer is distracted, and suffers a -2 to all rolls

5: The Flask:Found by Akane in the Noodle room, a simple silver flask. Currently unclaimed.
Benefits:If drunk from once per room entered, conveys +1d6 to mental defense.
Negatives: Conveys a -3 to Athletics, Perception and Physical defense

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