Robert Steel

Dr Robert Steel




Human Biologist and Anatomist


Robert can come across as quite sharp or rude, especially when he feels someone doesn't understand his work and ideas. However, if he starts to like someone, he'll be a lot more laid back in their presence and more forgiving. He is always a work centered man, however.


Robert stands at around 5'11", and weighs around 130 lbs. He has quite short, messy brown hair that's quickly turning grey, and grey blue eyes. He is usually wearing a lab coat, but when he isn't, he's dressed in rather old fashioned and smart clothing. He doesn't have any facial hair as he shaves regularly.


Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1925 to a surgeon and a school teacher, Robert was brought up with access to books, research papers, and the like, and has always been interested in science. He found a knack for human biology and anatomy, due to both his father's work and information learnt in school and at home.

In 1943 he left school to go to Harvard university where he studied Human Biology and Anatomy, leaving after gaining a PhD in 1953. He began work in a local research firm, and soon became quite well known amongst his peers due to his proficiency in his career. Robert soon got a job with the FBI as a researcher and a pathologist. He was eventually transferred to the Foundation in 1968.


Intellect: 5

Charisma: 1

Battle: 1

Subterfuge: 2

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