Panagea Smeckhauff

Name: Panagea Smeckhauff

Position: Cook


  • Defense: 3
  • Melee Attack: 3
  • Science: Cooking: 4
  • Mechanics: 1
  • Culture: 4
  • Street Sense: 2

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

  • Steel boots: These custom fitted high quality steel boots are useful for kicking sharp objects without consequence, and are designed to withstand being accidentally stuck in an industrial blender.

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

  • Lastnameless: Panagea hates his lastname, and refuses to answer to it.
  • OCD: Panagea hates being dirty, and runs to the sink frequantly to wash his hands.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Panagea went to a cooking school, and leaned several cultures cooking styles, as well as how to blend him. Fresh with his sucess, and with great reviews back he headed off in search of his first job. One incident involving a SCP-object with the apperance of various cookware, and Panagea found himself offered with a choice: Loose his memory of what happened, or come to work for the SCP Foundation. Panagea chose the latter, expecting it to be an interesting, and exotic challange.

Instead of the interesting and exotic challange he expected, panagea now works in the cafeteria, cooking food that satisfies all of the nutritional requirements of the staff… but that is otherwise tasteless organic fuel.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

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