<Heiden_GM>: The cameras show a plodding advance towards a rather boring, nondescript house.
Agent_Li gathers herself and watches sternly. Focus on the job, Jennifer. Focus.
<Heiden_GM>: They've stopped in front of the house. You can hear faint snippets of conversation.
<Heiden_GM>: ""Excellent. We've had a pair go in and unlock the basement door ahead of you…"
<Heiden_GM>: Agents Nikodem, Helgason, and Nelson begin to approach the house. The door looms wide, and swings open to reveal…
<Heiden_GM>: A pretty plain entry room. Nothing exciting as they turn and head towards a strangely dark staircase.
<Heiden_GM>: A door opens with a loud creak. You can see nothing from their cameras. Just blackness.
Agent_Li frowns, expecting the worst within the first 10 minutes of mission start.
<Heiden_GM>: A light comes on, spilling light into a rather boring looking basement. Wood paneled, a pair of doors on Helgason's right and left.
<Heiden_GM>: They speak, but the quality of the sound equipment is bad, or whatever they're transmitting through is damaging the transmission. You can't catch anything intelligible.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason's team begins moving for the right door and opens it. The same inky darkness, cut only by the team's flashlights.
<Heiden_GM>: An astoundingly long hallway, in the same wood-paneled style as the room before it. Doors crop up every few dozen feet.
Agent_Li nervously fiddles with the knife Nikodem left with her.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason steps into the room, and suddenly a vicious burst of static assaults your ears.
<Agent_Li>: Li shouts and tosses off her ear phones in surprise, then scrambles to put them back on. "Team 2? Team 2! Respond!"
<Heiden_GM>: [Helgason's Team 1, you want me to relay that to them or Team 2]
<Agent_Li>: Team 1 rather. The correct one that is seemingly in immediate danger.
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Nikodem says in a calm tone, directly into the microphone so it actually comes through clearly: "We are here."
<Agent_Li>: "There was radio interference, status report?"
<Heiden_GM>: They seem to be conferring as they examine the door. The camera's fine, and the sounds coming in clear. But they aren't responding to you.
* Laito is now known as Agent_Li
<Heiden_GM>: Team 1 has pulled the door off the hinges and set it on the ground.
<Heiden_GM>: They cross into the hallway. They still haven't responded.
<Agent_Li>: "Team 1, are you reading, status report."
<Heiden_GM>: Finally, a response.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "STatus is that we've encounted a bit of resistance, but we are still aware and together. I heard whispering. We're going right, and we removed the door before proceeding."
<Agent_Li>: "Copy"
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Deboux: "Miss Li, can y'all hear us clear?" They're descending the steps into the basement.
<Agent_Li>: "Clear, Team 2, I hear you."
<Heiden_GM>: The hallway Team 1's entered seems to be a standard, paradimensional endless corridor. You've seen it before, you'll see it again.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason steps up to a door and opens it, revealing a small studio.
<Heiden_GM>: An easel sits in a corner, and painting supplies litter the room.
<Heiden_GM>: Meanwhile, Deboux's team has taken the left door, and the room is a wreck. You hear Deboux curse faintly. Molds are growing all over the walls, ceiling, and floor, and puddles appear to have been standing there for quite some time.
<Agent_Li>: Li's eyes dart about to each monitor.
<Heiden_GM>: A faint puff of static, and Helgason's camera fuzzes for a split-second.
<Agent_Li>: "Helgason, report."
<Heiden_GM>: Another fuzz, this time on Nikodem's camera as he turns the easel.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: ""I just did, Li. We've tried the first room, it's an art studio about four meters square.""
Agent_Li rubs her face wearily. She's never had to be on this side before, and now she is. Due to cowardice. "…Copy"
<Heiden_GM>: Team 2 proceeds slowly into the room. They freeze in the middle of the room. You can faintly hear Deboux: "…hear that?"
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "Moving to the next room, Li."
<Agent_Li>: To Helgason: "Copy, team 1." Li eyes Deboux's camera.
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux's team rushes out of the room back into the entryway.
<Agent_Li>: "Team 2, report." Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Li is freaking out a little inside.
<Heiden_GM>: Tim's camera fuzzes out completely and a horrendous burst of static once again assaults you.
Agent_Li hisses sharply and winces. "Report! Somebody answer me!"
<Heiden_GM>: Team Two's cameras are focused on a sealed door, which they seem to be attempting to open. Tim went in there and it closed behind him.
<Agent_Li>: "Team 2?"
<Heiden_GM>: Continuous fuzz from Johnson's camera. The same awful static. It's not letting up this time. You hear a keening wail that couldn't possibly come from the Agent.
<Agent_Li>: Johnson is on team 1?
<Heiden_GM>: Team 2.
<Heiden_GM>: Tim Johnson.
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux: ""Miss Li, we're seprated. I think Johnson is trying to break the door down.""
<Agent_Li>: Li flips open the case that protects the collar control switches…she places her fingers on the one controlling Tim's collar, shuts her eyes, and flips it.
<Heiden_GM>: Tim's screen cuts out entirely as the bomb detonates.
<Agent_Li>: …"…Team 2?"
<Heiden_GM>: Teese: "…Li. It's Teese. Simon and I are alive."
<Heiden_GM>: "…did you just blow up Johnson?"
<Agent_Li>: A long pause. "Continue exploration, Team 2," she replies, the slightest bit shakey in voice. May not even transfer over the comms.
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux: ""How? The Door's sealed. should we follow Team 1?"
<Agent_Li>: "S-stand by, 2." To team 1, "Team 1, report?"
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: ""Li, we heard a thump from the Entryway."
<Agent_Li>: "1, team 2 has lost a man, and should be joining you. Proceed with caution." To team 2, "Proceed to Team 1's location."
<Heiden_GM>: Nikodem: "Who?"
<Agent_Li>: to Niko, "Johnson."
Agent_Li silently battles herself, fighting to get herself to stop fretting and focus.
<Heiden_GM>: Team 1 and the remnants of Team Two have met in the corridor. Helgason exchanges security identification codewords with them.
Agent_Li closes her eyes, risking a few moments of not paying attention in order to gather herself. Meditate. Seconds later, she peers at the cameras again.
<Heiden_GM>: They are /still/ shooting the shit at the same door they've been at for the last fifteen minutes.
<Heiden_GM>: Okay, cameras look like they're finally getting a move on.
<Heiden_GM>: Down the same hallway, towards another door.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "Li, we're all together a-" static burst "-rified."
<Agent_Li>: "Say again, Helgason."
Agent_Li ponders getting transferred to a quieter location. Maybe a city-based site.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "Teams One and Two have combined and identities verified."
<Agent_Li>: "Copy, proceed."
<Heiden_GM>: You catch snippets of argument about who's going through the door. Cameras pointed towards it show a fragile-looking wooden staircase.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason's camera takes point and begins trudging down the staircase.
<Heiden_GM>: Each step creaks quite loudly. Helgason's camera fuzzes for a moment, then returns to normal.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "Li, we're going down a stairwell in room Three-Right."
<Agent_Li>: "Copy," Li replies. Her eyes flick over the other camera ritualistically, then back to Helgason's.
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson's camera is unchanged, still standing guard over the door. It flickers with static.
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson pulls the door off its hinges, then hurries to catch up with the group.
<Heiden_GM>: Step, step, step, *CRACK*.
Agent_Li jumps a bit.
<Heiden_GM>: A jumbled mess of images as he tumbles down, the staircase having given way.
<Heiden_GM>: The characteristic burst of static.
<Agent_Li>: "Nielson? Team, report, is Nielson alright?"
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "Li, we lost sight of Neilson."
Agent_Li watches Nielson's camera intently.
<Heiden_GM>: Faint bursts of static, but it's mostly just black. His light seems to have gone out.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: ""Then we go down!"
<Agent_Li>: To the team, "Nielson's camera feed is giving me nothing. Proceed with caution."
<Heiden_GM>: A faint thump from Nielson's feed, then a strangled shout: "I'm - I'm f-fine! I'll be there in a m-moment!"
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson continues to shout up at his rescuers. "Toss it down, yeah- STAY AWAY -" The voice is shifting from tone to tone.
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson: "NEW TOY TOY TOY - AWAY! STAY AWAY!"
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: ""Li, detonate Neilson's collar."
<Agent_Li>: Li takes a breath and flips the appropriate switch.
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson's camera cuts out.
<Agent_Li>: …"…R-. *Ahem* "Report?"
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "Li, we're cut off. If we lose radio contact, hit the-" static burst - "MINE" - "see you in the Shining Fields."
Agent_Li fucking pauses rock-still.
<Agent_Li>: "I-…t-team?"
<Heiden_GM>: That voice wasn't Helgason's.
<Agent_Li>: She's crying a bit now. Her lip quivers as she flips the switch on Helgason.
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason: "You're breaking up, L-"
<Heiden_GM>: His camera cuts out.
Agent_Li fucking breaks down into tears.
<Heiden_GM>: Screams from the other Agents.
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux: "LI! Can you read us? Do you Copy?"
<Agent_Li>: "I-…I didn't…It…it sounded like he was…."
<Heiden_GM>: Nikodem: "Do not use your radios!"
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux: "No, Don't worry, We read you. Something happened, we're alright."
<Agent_Li>: "Wha-t…What's happening?" Li asks, her voice quivering and scared.
<Heiden_GM>: You can see through their cameras: Helgason's body slumped across a desk in what looks like a small classroom. On the chalkboard, "RECESS" is written in large letters.
* Agent_Nielson is now known as Imants
<Heiden_GM>: After a few minutes of conferring, the team heads for the door in the corner, Nikodem taking point.
Agent_Li wipes her face and tries to focus again.
<Heiden_GM>: Nikodem: "Li. This place is not suited to our use. Tell them that. We will try to kill the whatever it is that is here. We cannot go back."
<Heiden_GM>: The voice grows fainter.
<Heiden_GM>: Nikodem: "Also, I love you. Stab the one who planned this, please."
<Agent_Li>: "Are…you sure?"
<Agent_Li>: Ahem, late response. redact
<Agent_Li>: "I-…I don't…" Li watches the monitors with confusion and distress.
<Heiden_GM>: No response. Nikodem's microphone light dims as he flicks it off.
Agent_Li comms Cathers. "A-agent…?"
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "This is he."
<Agent_Li>: "The team says," she pauses a moment. "The team says the site is lost. they can't come back."
<Heiden_GM>: A few faint curses from the other side before Cather regains his composure. "I'm sorry, Agent. No chance of extraction whatsoever? We can get a team in the first few rooms. The sun's still up for a few hours yet. If the sun goes down…"
<Agent_Li>: "Th-they turned off their radios…They said they would try to kill what…what's down there…"
<Heiden_GM>: They didn't turn off their radio, just their microphones. You can't hear what they're saying, is all.
<Heiden_GM>: They're still within contact, if you so choose.
<Agent_Li>: Oh, pardon
<Agent_Li>: "Stand by," to Cather. To the team, "SHould I…request extraction?"
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux: "Extraction? If we can get it, yes."
<Heiden_GM>: Nikodem seems to be experiencing technical difficulties, and he cannot get his microphone working again.
<Agent_Li>: "Cather, get them out."
<Heiden_GM>: "Going in now with a team. Where are they?"
<Agent_Li>: To Team: "Your location?"
<Heiden_GM>: "We're in a schoolroom, down a set of very unstable stairs."
Agent_Li relays this location to the extraction guys.
<Heiden_GM>: ^ that's Deboux.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "Er… that's not really enough to go on, Agent. We're heading down the steps now, but we aren't fitted with collars. Which way did they go- oh, I see, door off the hinges. I think we can follow."
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "We're in the hallway. Which door, Agent?"
<Agent_Li>: To Deboux, "Extraction team is in the hallway, which door?"
<Heiden_GM>: The time is 5:15 PM. Sunset tonight is at 5:50 PM.
<Agent_Li>: At least it isn't 3 in the morning.
<Heiden_GM>: Teese: "The right door, the one with the door taken off of its hinges."
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "We've got it."
<Heiden_GM>: The two chime in almost simultaneously.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "Oh, mother /fucker/."
<Agent_Li>: Li snaps to attention, "Cather?"
<Heiden_GM>: "Trying to figure out how we're going to extract, Agent. Ninety degree turn AROUND a wall, so we can't see past to throw a rope their way. The staircase has collapsed."
<Agent_Li>: "….W-what should I do if…you get lost too?" To Cather
<Heiden_GM>: "If the sun goes down and we're still in there, alert Command, detonate everyone still inside, and get a gun. Call in the the Stonewallers on exterior perimeter duty and watch the front door."
<Heiden_GM>: "Kill ANYONE that comes out."
<Heiden_GM>: "Burn the bodies inside the house."
<Agent_Li>: "O-okay…"
<Heiden_GM>: 5:25.
<Agent_Li>: "Five minutes."
<Agent_Li>: I mean
<Agent_Li>: Never mind. For I read silly things.
Agent_Li tries to pull herself together. Again. Again.
<Heiden_GM>: "Agent Li, don't look at the cameras when they come down."
<Heiden_GM>: "There's… there's nothing worth seeing."
<Agent_Li>: Li might succumb to her unfortunately human nature and peek at said cameras for a brief moment.
<Agent_Li>: "…Okay."
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux slides down into the staircase room. The floor is covered in bodies - it's actually not clear whether the floor is built from bodies or merely obscured by them. Etched deep into the wall is "BROKEN TOYS".
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Nielson's remains are splayed against the wall near Deboux.
Agent_Li blanches and keeps her head down.
<Heiden_GM>: A scream and a faint thump, as a body careens over the doorway as Deboux scales the rope. Then… then a snapping noise.
<Agent_Li>: Her head snaps up, "C-Cathers! What's happening?!"
<Heiden_GM>: It's 5:45.
Agent_Li begins to sob quietly.
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux's camera bounces for a few moments as he pulls himself up. You then see a lone Stonewaller, eyeing him with a distinctly predatory expression.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "The… it got my men. The rope broke."
<Heiden_GM>: He sounds utterly resigned.
Agent_Li shouts incomprehensibly into the monitor, some primal mixture of despair, apology, and complete and utter helplessness.
<Heiden_GM>: Simon's camera backpedals rapidly and jumps back down the pit.
<Agent_Li>: Time?
<Heiden_GM>: 5:50 PM.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather: "It was a pleasure, Agent. Goodbye."
<Heiden_GM>: [Give me a sec]
<Agent_Li>: "Cather no I'm sorry!" Her hand shakes violently as she reaches for the last switches.
<Heiden_GM>: All feeds cut out.
Agent_Li alerts Command that the team and following extraction team was lost, flips the last switches, and calls the Stonewallers, as told.
<Agent_Li>: She manages to calm her voice enough to get the messages through.
<Heiden_GM>: After the messages are out, she is alone in the silence.
<Agent_Li>: Li just sits there. By suddenly feeling infinitely small, she's made conscious of her sidearm. Then she gets out, away, in however way she can.

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