Important NPCs

Site Director Janus: Not much is known about the current Site Director. It is believed he used to be an Agent. He tends to favor the letter of the law, not the spirit. He has done a lot to crack down on the operatives under his command. A stern man, he doesn't interact with the crew as much as previous Site Directors.

Personal Assistant Hela: Janus' secretary and bodyguard. Pretty, deadly, pretty deadly.

Dr. Joeseph Tamlin: The Researcher in charge of Esoteric Containment. Pretty much, if it exists, he can figure out how to contain it. He also works really well with inanimate intelligences. Dr. Tamlin is most known for creating the containment structure known as Site 67. Now the Personnel Director of 23. Not to be confused with

Director Joeseph Tamlin, AKA O5-13: One of the men in charge of Site 67, as well as being an Overseer. Thousands of years inside of Site 67 (It's a time thing) have led to him being not only oddly out of touch with reality, but something of a reality bender himself. While Tamlin is an O5, he is only ever called in to act as a tie breaker. Whereas most O5s are given vast areas to govern, his only area of control is Site 67.

Dr. Jack Bright: Once the Site Director, now it appears his mind is stuck inside Site 67. Still pops up from time to time.

Desiree Talleh: Level 3 Supervisor of accounting. She's a little weird, but somehow always manages to be in the right place at the right time. Often offers Cryptic advice.

O5-6: One of the Overseer council, with an unhealthy interest in Site 23. Rumored to have once been Agent Cowboy, one of the only Agents to have ever held Ables interest.

Site Director Heiden: The man in charge of Site 67. Supposedly, he killed himself once upon a time, but he got better. A nice enough fellow, as long as you avoid mentioning Dr. Kaylee Winters.

O5-7: 13's partner in Site 67. A disaster prone fellow, who helps keep a lid on things.

Tom Silas: One of the site bureaucrats. A mousy, uninteresting man, but he can cut through red tape like no ones business.

JAK: The Foundations computer expert. Often communicates in texts when people are having computer problems.

Shawn Hastings: A thoroughly nasty janitorial type. Tends to be vulgar and unliked.

Nurse Bluchare: Night shift nurse in charge. Rather dumpy and set in her ways.

Lily Sheldon: An intern, cute and empty headed.


Jager: The big bad, the worst of the worst, we call it Jager. It is an entity of near limitless power, caught in a trap that exists in all times simultaneously. Some literature refers to him as a 'Prince of Djinn' but that is only how we interpret him. His Body and Power are still bound in the House, but his Mind has been freed to wander the Earth. He has been passing out bronze items that somehow transform people into SCPs.

Scott: A young boy, who just so happens to be a reality bender. For some reason, he hangs around the Site, claiming it protects him from the 'Old Man'

The Little Sisters: A faction of the Serpents Hand, dedicated to freeing sentient SCPs from the Foundation. A mother, daughter, and grand daughter team leads this group, consisting of a precog, an electropath, and a technopath.

Mister Teddy: A teddy bear brought to life by an SCP currently in our possession. Speaks with a thick Russian accent, and has one arm made of bronze.

Minor NPCs:

Rose Maryam: A top ranking nurse, specializing in anesthesiology and pharmacology. Very snarky with a dark and dry sense of humor.

Jade LaFontaine: Another top ranking nurse, specializing in surgery and pathology. Flighty with a bizarre sense of humor, but still very skilled.

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