• Gnosis shows up with all of his equipment.
    • Harley_Glasgow shows with all HIS equipment.
    • pooryoric is here
    • Gerald present!
    • Mr_Wilt arrives with his things.
    • Agent_Blue has her shit in order

<Heiden> Light is unusually reserved. She stands in the back and listens to the briefing.
* Laito with Sophia, who is VERY distracted.
* Alias is here.
* Nioki walks in.
* Agent_Strelnikov wot wot
<Heiden> There's time for a short briefing on the situation - such as it is - while transport is prepped. You're heading a hell of a ways.
<Gerald> "So, what is going on here?"
<Mr_Wilt> "Good question."
* Agent_Strelnikov adjusts his pistol belt.
* Agent_Blue lights up
<Harley_Glasgow> "I admit to some curiousity myself."
<@pooryoric> "this is your party, gerald. you sent the invites, it's your job to cater."
<@pooryoric> "so tell us what we're doing."
* Mr_Wilt checks his holster for his pistol.
<Gerald> "Alright, right then. There's been an emergency we've been called in to deal with at Site 17. This isn't some blanket 'hey, let's grab a team and go' type thing, you've been picked specifically for this mission."
<@pooryoric> "oh boy oh boy."
<Agent_Blue> "Oh -really-."
<Mr_Wilt> "Should I get something other than my pistol?"
* Harley_Glasgow raises his hand.
<@pooryoric> "…blue?"
<Gnosis> "Interesting."
<Gerald> "Now, for those of you who don't know, a little over half of this team used to work at 17 before moving over to Australia. It's located at South Cheyenne city, in [REDACTED], US. Yes, Harley?"
<Harley_Glasgow> "Are we allowed to torch the breakroom while we are there?"
* Agent_Blue raises her eyebrows at Yoric and puffs a ring of smoke at him
<@pooryoric> "where have you -been-?"
<Gerald> "….No. You can't light up the break room. Any other questions?"
* Agent_Blue waves a hand around in a vague motion. "Around…"
* Mr_Wilt raises his hand.
<Gerald> "Yes?"
<Mr_Wilt> "Should I bring something other than just my pistol?"
<Gerald> "If anything bigger is needed it'll be handed out on-site, a pistol should do fine for now."
<Mr_Wilt> "Alright."
<Heiden> «The cargo plane's ready.» Gerald receives a text.
<Gerald> "Alright, the cargo plane's ready, we can go now." Heads towards it.
* DrMann makes certain the auto-scalpel is in good working order. He has a feeling that there will be surgery afoot soon enough.
<DrMann> "This is rather exciting. I haven't seen site 17 since the quarantine."
<Harley_Glasgow> "I haven't seen it in quite some time. I was transferred to 19 before coming here."
<Alias> "Haven't seen it at all."
<Gnosis> "I was only there for a bit."
<Nioki> "I've heard… stories."
<Gerald> "I've lived them."
<Nioki> "What's the place like, exactly?"
<Gerald> "Crazy."
<@pooryoric> "shitty construction."
<Gerald> "I remember this one time, a bunch of jackasses decided to tip 173."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "It has a nice break room," Dmitri pipes in.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Ah yes. I remember that."
* Harley_Glasgow whistles.
<Heiden> The cargo is loaded up. The plane is ready to take off.
<Nioki> "…Tip 173."
* Gerald hops in it.
* Harley_Glasgow gets in.
* Nioki clambers aboard
* Gnosis gets in the choppah. Wait.
* Laito follows and gets on board with Sophia.
* pooryoric implanes
* Alias climbes aboard.
<Heiden> The plane takes off.
<Gnosis> "Gerald, do you know anything more about the emergency?"
<Gerald> "Honestly? I have no goddamn clue."
<Heiden> This is a long flight. Time compression happens because I am impatient.
* Laito gets on everybody's nerves at -least- once on the plane.
<@pooryoric> "and then the wombats attacked, which is how gerald got that weird mark. wow, are we there? finally…"
* Alias spends the whole flight staring out a window.
<Gerald> "Last time I was on this plane, it was after a 008 invasion."
* Gerald gets off the plane.
* Harley_Glasgow gets off.
* Gnosis explanes, looks around.
* pooryoric deplanes
* Laito unplanes.
<@pooryoric> "well well. they've repainted the helipad."
* Nioki dismbarks
* DrMann disembarks.
<Harley_Glasgow> "I'd rather it was neon-paisley.
<Harley_Glasgow> "
<Heiden> Outside the Site, everything looks fairly normal.
* Alias disemplanes.
<Heiden> Except for one thing. The complete lack of people.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Hmmm…"
* Laito dodders along with Sophia in the back.
* pooryoric whistles. it echoes.
<DrMann> "Hmm. It seems a bit… deserted."
<DrMann> "Of course, I seem to recall that people do tend to come and go in this area."
<Harley_Glasgow> "But usually, it has a few flight technicians."
<DrMann> "I remember when my entire motorbiking club up and vanished."
<Alias> "Still… this is really empty."
<Gnosis> "Well, there was an emergency."
<@pooryoric> "there are no security patrols."
<Gerald> "Brings back memories, if you ask me. Let's go in and and find out what's going on."
<Harley_Glasgow> [See "Fascist Biker's Of The Molotov Cocktail" true believers! -ED]
<@pooryoric> "and there are no alarms."
<Harley_Glasgow> "Indeed. Yoric, do you remember the muffins?"
* Harley_Glasgow 's eyes twinkle.
* Laito looks around with curiosity, intrigued by the place he's heard so much about.
* Nioki is, oddly, nowhere to be found. After getting out of the plane, he simply vanished.
* pooryoric looks around. "where's nioki?"
<Gnosis> "I… don't know."
<Gerald> "He was on the plane a second ago….And hey, where's Dmitri?"
<@pooryoric> "he's a pretty big guy to… blue?"
<Alias> "I haven't seen him since we got off the plane…"
<DrMann> "How peculiar. You don't suppose he's having another of his little episodes, do you?"
<Gnosis> "What the hell."
<Mr_Wilt> "Something's wrong."
<Heiden> The entrance to the Site seems to beckon.
* Gnosis walks up to the entrance and opens it.
* Gerald walks towards it.
* Mr_Wilt follows behind Gnosis.
<Alias> "…ok, this is seriously bugging me. From what I remember of site-19, there should be security staff."
* Harley_Glasgow follows.
* Alias follows cautiously.
<Mr_Wilt> "Maybe they're all hiding?"
<@pooryoric> "if there's an emergency, there should be alarms and a security force around the perimeter."
<Heiden> Things do seem quite strange, somehow. Things about you and your team are… changing, but in a way that seems completely natural and right.
<Heiden> Roll Defense against psychic influence.
<Nala> Heiden: I don't understand what you want. :| (Parse Error)
<Gnosis> !roll 3d6+1 MY MIND IS MY OWN
<Nala> Gnosis, MY MIND IS MY OWN: 3d6+1=10 (3,5,1)
<Gerald> Roll 5d6 Bring it.
<Nala> Gerald, Bring it.: 5d6=11 (3,3,3,1,1)
<Mr_Wilt> !roll 3d6 Oh god more of that 6 6 6 action
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6+2 yoric defense
<Nala> Mr_Wilt, Oh god more of that 6 6 6 action: 3d6=15 (3,6,6)
<Nala> pooryoric, yoric defense: 3d6+2=15 (6,6,1)
<Alias> !roll 4d6 ow my head
<Nala> Alias, ow my head: 4d6=16 (3,2,6,5)
<DrMann> roll 3d6 My mind is my own.
<Heiden> Alias, Yoric, Wilt. Something seems /off/.
<Nala> DrMann, My mind is my own.: 3d6=11 (5,2,4)
<Heiden> Everyone else? You notice nothing.
<Laito> 2d6 ~_~
<Heiden> Minus one die, as well.
<Laito> Roll 2d6 ~_~
<Nala> Laito, ~_~: 2d6=9 (5,4)
<Mr_Wilt> "Something seems … just wrong."
<Gnosis> "Wrong? What're you talking about?"
<@pooryoric> "…are you guys okay?"
* pooryoric looks around apprehensively
<Mr_Wilt> "I mean, not right. Wrong."
<Gnosis> "I feel fine. KILL YORIC. No clue what you're talking about."
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 4d6
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow: 4d6=14 (1,3,4,6)
* Alias rubs his temples. "Goddamn my head."
<Gerald> "…..Alright, everyone on full alert from here on out, we're walking into a goddamn emergency."
<Alias> "Something is weird."
* Gerald strides into Site 17, pistol at the ready.
<Gnosis> "
<@pooryoric> "don't even joke, gnosis."
* Mr_Wilt pulls out his pistol.
<Gnosis> "Right, sorry."
<DrMann> "I wonder if my old laboratory is still functional.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Hm. We might have to check."
* Mr_Wilt looks around, checking to see if anything is out of the normal.
<Gnosis> "After we figure out what the hell's going on." He walks in and starts looking for people, as well as connecting to the Site network to check the news.
* Gerald looks around the hallways for people.
* pooryoric steps in and looks around. "we should start in the breakroom. that's where all the cool kids hang out."
* Alias nervously clicks his goggles to infrared and scans for heat sources.
<Heiden> Mann's cell phone buzzes.
<Heiden> …he has one, right?
* DrMann checks his communications device.
<@pooryoric> he does now
* Laito follows the group casually, keepin' an eye on things.
<Heiden> « I need you. Room 205. Bring your equipment. »
<Heiden> « - Raelin »
<DrMann> "Hm. It appears Ms. Raelin is still working onsite."
<@pooryoric> the hair on the back of yoric's neck prickles
<Alias> "Who?"
<DrMann> "She seems to want me at room 205 with my equipment. Anyone care to give me a hand?"
<Gerald> "WhadkjdsajkfjfWHATT!"
* Gerald freezes, eyes as wide as hell."
<Harley_Glasgow> "My, Gerald should certainly go. Unless, you two had a falling out again?"
<Gnosis> "Who?"
<@pooryoric> "raelin was amnesiaced out nearly a year ago, mann. and room 205 is where you…" he grits his teeth.
<DrMann> "She was? How peculiar."
<DrMann> "That must have been during the quarantine."
<Harley_Glasgow> "My. Was it something you said?"
<DrMann> "I missed a great deal, you know."
<Alias> "…really?"
<Gerald> "They….They…"
<Gerald> "…."
<@pooryoric> "anyway, I suspect a temporal anomaly."
<DrMann> "Hmm. Quite possible."
<Gnosis> "Or a memory-based reconstruction."
* pooryoric begins walking briskly in the OPPOSITE direction of room 205
<DrMann> "Well, let's go. Whatever it is will be most interesting to examine."
<Alias> "I am not so sure."
<Alias> "We should try to figure out what is going on here first."
<Heiden> « Bring Yoric. »
<Gnosis> "Where's your sense of adventure, Alias?"
<DrMann> "Hmm. The message says to bring Yoric. However, I'm not sure that's wise, especially if it is a temporal anomaly."
<Gerald> "Alright, first order of business is to find out whether this is time travel or just mindfuckery."
<DrMann> "Besides, his behavior of late has been exemplary. I see no need to correct it."
<Alias> "It is carefully tempered by a spirit of bodily integrity."
<Gnosis> "I'm with Gerald here." He checks the network to see what time the Site thinks it is.
* DrMann begins heading towards room 205.
* pooryoric stops. "it says WHAT?"
* pooryoric rushes to follow mann
<DrMann> "Are you certain you want to acompany me?"
<@pooryoric> "but back when you… I was already there!"
<@pooryoric> "it…" yoric shakes his head, confused. "whatever. let's go."
* Harley_Glasgow follows.
* Gerald goes along, still breathing heavily."
* Alias swears and goes after them.
* Laito follows.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Maybe Gerald should stay back. I mean, we don't want him to get squeamish and hurt her feelings."
<Gerald> "No splitting up, no matter what."
* Gnosis follows after them.
* Wilt does so as well.
<Gnosis> "Hm. Site network seems to be a bit erratic."
* pooryoric stops at the door to room 205
<Gerald> "Tell me if anyone here sees a calendar or clock."
<@pooryoric> "uh…"
<DrMann> "Hmm. Something seems a bit off…"
<Heiden> The internal network, if accessed, displays a simple, bright yellow smiley face. Nothing else.
* pooryoric squirms
* DrMann opens the door.
<@pooryoric> "someone else go in first."
* Mr_Wilt is disturbed by this.
<Alias> "That. That is a problem. Probably not a timefuck, then."
<Gnosis> "All I see is a smiley face. Something's definitely up."
* Alias infrared scan through the door.
<Heiden> Alias: nothing.
<Alias> "…no heat sources…"
<Gerald> "Alright, we'll need to go in. Mann first, Yoric last."
<Alias> "There shouldn't be anyone inside."
<Heiden> The door swings open, and Ms. Samantha Raelin is on the other side. "Everett! Get Yoric in here." She's twiddling a syringe.
* Alias what the hell is that real infrared scan.
* Laito paces a bit in the hall outside.
<@pooryoric> "fuckfuckfuckduckfuckfuckfuck"
<Heiden> Nothing, Alias.
<Alias> "…Are you some kind of fucking ghost or what?"
* pooryoric stops in the doorway and tries to back out again
<DrMann> "Hmm. Ms. Raelin, are you aware of the date?"
<Heiden> She snaps at the group, "This is above your clearance -" but her face softens as she sees Gerald. "Rodney, I- you need to go get some work done. This isn't something you need to see."
<Alias> "Mann there's no one in the room."
<Harley_Glasgow> "My. Gerald, it's almost as if she's able to care about another human being."
<Alias> "We're hallucinating or something."
<Gnosis> "Alias, there quite obviously is something in the room."
<Gerald> "S-Sam."
<Heiden> Gerald, Mann, defense.
<Gerald> roll 5d6 D:
<Nala> Gerald, D:: 5d6=22 (6,4,3,5,4)
<DrMann> roll 2d6 gonna fail.
<Nala> DrMann, gonna fail.: 2d6=3 (2,1)
* pooryoric shoves pash harley and darts out of the room
<Heiden> The reassuring platitudes don't do you much good, Gerald. You're not terribly convinced that this is Samantha at all.
<@pooryoric> *past
<Gerald> roll 4d6 Wait, no, lost a die.
<Nala> Gerald, Wait, no, lost a die.: 4d6=20 (6,6,5,3)
<Harley_Glasgow> "Ah!"
<Gerald> "….."
<Heiden> Mann… she sounds legitimate about this. You think this might be official business.
<Heiden> And Yoric /is/ running. Sounds like he knows he's in trouble.
* Harley_Glasgow makes a feeble grasp for Yoric.
<Harley_Glasgow> 1d4 AHAHA I HAVE NO MELEE
<Harley_Glasgow> [err]
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 1d4 AHAHA I HAVE NO MELEE
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow, AHAHA I HAVE NO MELEE: 1d4=4 (4)
<Harley_Glasgow> [!]
<DrMann> "I'm sorry, Ms. Raelin. However, I cannot follow your prescribed course of treatment."
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6+2 no, harley, fuck you right down to the floor
<Nala> pooryoric, no, harley, fuck you right down to the floor: 3d6+2=17 (6,5,4)
* pooryoric shoves past the group and dashes around the corner, where he slides down the wall shaking to wait for the screams.
<Heiden> Harley takes a step to bar Yoric with his stu- strangely metallic, bladed arm.
* Laito peers at Yoric, wondering what's going on.
<Heiden> Yoric dodges it quite deftly.
<Alias> "Mann, I'm serious. This person is /not real./ "
<Harley_Glasgow> "!"
* Mr_Wilt looks at Alias.
* Harley_Glasgow looks down.
<DrMann> "She looks real to me. Are you certain?"
<Harley_Glasgow> "Oh. Oh my."
<Gerald> "That's not Sam."
<Gnosis> "Alias's got infrared goggles on, Mann, and… what the fuck?"
* Harley_Glasgow rotates it.
<Harley_Glasgow> "This…is very peculiar."
<Heiden> [[Sorry, Gerald, forgot the luck penalty]]
<Gerald> [Retcon that last line]
<Gerald> "Sam? What's going on here?"
<Heiden> Gerald, she's… alive? Back at 17? And… dammit, what does she want with Yoric now.
<Gnosis> "Harley, why does your arm have blades?"
<Gerald> "Er…."
<Harley_Glasgow> "I… But…"
<Heiden> Samantha takes a step forward. "Everett, I know. I /know/. It's not easy, but it's the only option we have. Termination orders are sitting on Command's desk /right now/." She turns to Gerald. "Rodney, I…" she falters and looks away.
<Laito> "You okay in there, guys?"
<Heiden> Laito's comment sets her off.
<Heiden> "Get /out/! This is - this is private." She looks at Gerald, her eyes shimmering faintly with the beginnings of tears.
* Gerald looks dumbfounded. May or may not have the beginning of tears.
<Laito> "Sorry!" Alex calls back, no knowing what the fuck.
<Gerald> "W-what is this?"
* Laito wanders a bit further down the hall.
* Alias moans and takes off his goggles. "Gerald, try looking through these."
* Harley_Glasgow is slightly stunned by the arm. Otherwise he'd be being a dick. He LOST this. He woke up and it was gone. But. It's here. He can feel it.
* Gnosis takes a random cable out of his backpack and throws it at Samantha. "Catch!"
<DrMann> "Hmm. Ms. Raelin, you seem distaught. Let me give you something before we proceed."
<Heiden> "I'll - I'll tell you later." She sniffles, wipes her nose and eyes. "Can we talk later? In your roo-" the cable hits her across the face and drops to the ground.
<Heiden> She freezes.
<Gnosis> "Well huh."
<Gnosis> "Was expecting that to go through."
<Mr_Wilt> "Nice, Richard. Nice."
<Heiden> You just pegged a woman in the face in the middle of a tearful confession, Dr. Gnosis. The murder in her eyes is unlike anything you've ever seen before as she glares at you.
<Alias> "…unexpectedly solid."
* pooryoric leans back against the wall and tries to get his breathing under controll. he nearly freaked the fuck out back there.
<Gnosis> "Agreed. Whatever this is, it isn't a hallucination."
<Heiden> "Get. Out."
<Alias> "I… I still don't believe it's human."
<Mr_Wilt> "Alias, hand me those goggles."
<Heiden> "Rodney we'll talk later."
<Gerald> "Okay. Er, Gnosis, that was rude."
* DrMann walks towards Ms. Raelin.
<Laito> "Y'all right, Jack?"
<Heiden> "Everett - you need to get Yoric. She storms forward."
<Alias> "Wilt, I'd rather one of these two try them."
* Gerald nods. "Alright then."
<Heiden> [[er, shift that quotation mark.]]
<Gnosis> "Director, I had to figure out if she's physical. Seemed better than hitting her."
* Mr_Wilt frowns. "That's real nice, man."
<Alias> "Gerald? Look through these, she's cold as death."
<@pooryoric> "no. the bitch is some kind of ghost, and this is fucked up, and I don't want to remember what she did."
<DrMann> "One moment. I need to help you first."
* pooryoric shakes his head to clear it and looks at laito. "it's in my file."
* Laito thinks. "Oh."
<Gerald> "Alias, I know my own fiancee when I talk to her."
<Gnosis> "… the Director's gone crazy."
<Heiden> "Everett, not now. Tell me why I shouldn't - I shouldn't /kill/ him." She points with a shaking finger to Gnosis.
<Mr_Wilt> "Because if you kill him, I'll kill you."
* Heiden barks out an unamused laugh.
<Heiden> Er.
<Heiden> Raelin does.
<Alias> "Wilt, that is unlikely to help."
* Gerald backs away slightly. "Er, I better be going."
<Heiden> "I worked for /Kondraki/."
<DrMann> "Because you are emotionally unstable, Ms. Raelin. You are not making good decisions right now."
<Gnosis> "My apologies, miss, ah, Raelin. We're currently investigating an anomaly in the site."
<Mr_Wilt> "Alias, considering how nicely you've been treating me lately, I'm not taking any advice from you."
<Heiden> "Then /go/."
<Heiden> She is literally shaking with rage.
* Gerald quickly walks down the halls away from Sam.
<Laito> "Guys, come -on-."
<Gerald> "Er, evening Yoric."
* Gnosis takes a few steps backwards.
<@pooryoric> "she tortured me, gerald. you never did believe…"
<Alias> "…Mann. Miss Raelin tests abnormally cold on my thermal scan. I'm worried for her, perhaps a medical examination is in order."
<Gerald> "She-she can be pretty forceful when she needs to be, but that…" Shakes his head. "Sorry I didn't believe you before."
<DrMann> "Hmm. Yes, that would explain her current irrational behavior. Hypothermia can be quite serious."
<Heiden> Raelin shoots a glare at Alias.
<Heiden> Defense.
<Alias> !roll 4d6 oshit
<Nala> Alias, oshit: 4d6=14 (3,5,1,5)
<Heiden> DC 13. No effect.
<Heiden> That glare was pretty mean, though. Your feelings may be injured.
* Harley_Glasgow is still standing in place. BSOD.
<Heiden> Yoric hears footsteps down the hall.
* Alias winces but glares back.
<Mr_Wilt> "I'm having trouble believing this actually some person."
<@pooryoric> "no, gerald. she used an autoscalpel to expose my organs and proceded to apply poison to the nerve endings."
<DrMann> "Let me help you, Ms. Raelin. This is not the situation it was a year ago. Yoric is no longer at odds with my good friend Strelnikov Dmitri Arkadeyavitch."
* pooryoric looks up
<Gnosis> "Obviously this place is inducing some kind of mental anomaly in all present."
* Gerald sits down by him. "….."
<Heiden> The door at the end of the hallway flies open, hitting the wall with a bang.
<DrMann> "Ah, that sounds like Doctor Kondraki."
* Laito turns toward the sound.
* Alias about face!
<Mr_Wilt> "Richard, throw something else at her."
* Gerald looks up towards the noisse.
* Gnosis turns around, but keeps one eye on Raelin.
* Harley_Glasgow looks. Kondraki is not someone you wanted out of your line of sight.
* Dr_Sorts bursts into the room with a determined scowl, laptop tucked under one arm and a flashlight in hand. For those who haven't seen him in awhile, he's a wreck. Bags under his eyes and about twenty extra stress pounds added to an already pudgy frame.
* pooryoric stands
<@pooryoric> "…sorts?"
<Gerald> "Oh. Hello Sorts."
* Alias if this is another ghost infrared scan.
<Dr_Sorts> "What the hell is going on with the site? Where's the power? … do you have power in here?"
<Gnosis> "Sorts, what do you think the date is?"
<Heiden> Raelin storms past Mann - as she exits his field of view, she is lost to sight.
<DrMann> "Ms. Raelin, please let me help you!"
<Gerald> "Dunno, just got here from 23."
<DrMann> "Blast. She's gone."
<Dr_Sorts> "Saturday, June 19th? 2010?"
* pooryoric sticks his foot out to trip sorts
<Gnosis> "Might be the 20th, I'm not sure what zone we're in. But close enough."
* Dr_Sorts doesn't stomp around any further now that he's here. He gives Yoric a dirty look he didn't have the balls to give the last time they saw each other, though.
<Alias> "That is the correct date, I believe."
<@pooryoric> "sorts. why is raelin here?"
<Mr_Wilt> "I'm not exactly convinced Raelin is here."
<Heiden> Sorts shows up quite clearly on the goggles.
<@pooryoric> "she's fucking here."
* Alias breaths a sigh of relief. "At last something with a damn heartbeat."
<Mr_Wilt> "Or you're fucking nuts."
<Gnosis> "Or she's temporally-displaced, or a manifestation, or something."
<Heiden> Oh, also, Light- you have a vial of deadly microbes in your pocket. You're rather proud of them.
<Dr_Sorts> "Ms. Raelin's been a vegetable for awhile. But shit is happening that is weird. I just woke up and you're the first people I've seen since then… except for one lady I'm not sure is real either."
<@pooryoric> [funny. alias says the same thing during sex.]
<Heiden> This seems quite normal to you.
<Gerald> "Er, what's going on, anyway?"
<Alias> [>.>]
<Gnosis> "I wish I could've gotten a sample to research, I do love experimenting on the temporally-misplaced."
* Laito nudges Light to pay attention.
<Dr_Sorts> "I don't know, I just woke up. Back there in the dark hallway I saw things, including a middle aged woman who got theatrically stuffed into a noose in a briefing room when I wasn't looking."
<@pooryoric> "gnosis, what the hell is wrong with you? you're a fucking computer technician." yoric snaps
* Doctor_Light is -very- proud of those microbes. She listens intently.
<Mr_Wilt> "Instead you threw something at her face."
<Gnosis> "I've got a physics Ph.D too, dipshit."
<Laito> "Down, children."
<Laito> "Simmer down."
<Alias> "Raelin isn't here in the flesh, I don't think, but /something/ is."
<Gerald> "Er. So Sam wasn't really here then? I was sure that was her. She was just like I remember her….."
<Mr_Wilt> "There's a reason this place was put on keter alert. Something must be fucking with our heads."
<Alias> "She was cold as a corpse."
* Gerald scratches his head.
* Gnosis walks up to Harley and smacks him on the head.
<Dr_Sorts> "Never take your perceptions for granted. People see things that they want to, or don't want to, see."
* pooryoric shudders. "that bitch is supposed to be -dead-."
* Harley_Glasgow whirls around. Gnosis! Try not to die!
<Laito> "I like this guy."
* Harley_Glasgow shimmering arc of death.
<Gnosis> !roll 2d6+1 fffff
<Nala> Gnosis, fffff: 2d6+1=7 (4,2)
<Gerald> "Oh….Hey!" To Yoric. "She wasn't dead, just mindwiped."
<Harley_Glasgow> [ahahha]
<Harley_Glasgow> [he fell for it]
<Harley_Glasgow> 1d4 I really don't have any melee skill. Nyoro~n
<Heiden> Harley, unfortunately, just has a razor arm and not advanced combat training.
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 1d4 I really don't have any melee skill. Nyoro~n
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow, I really don't have any melee skill. Nyoro~n: 1d4=2 (2)
<@pooryoric> "she -should- be -dead-."
<Gerald> "….I resent that….."
* Alias notices the goddamn razor arm.
<Alias> "What is /that?/
<Alias> "
<Dr_Sorts> "Gerald, why are you guys here? Is this another 'send whoever they can grab' operation? Aren't you like, big time now?"
<Harley_Glasgow> "Eh!? Huh!?"
* Harley_Glasgow seems geniunely suprised. TAKE A PICTURE>
* Gnosis does so.
<Mr_Wilt> "That's why it /isn't/ her, Yoric."
<Gerald> "Er, actually, we were each told to come specifically. And I am the Personnel Director of Site 23, yeah."
<@pooryoric> "it was her."
<Gerald> "And it was her."
<Gnosis> "Bullshit it was."
<Alias> "Honestly I'm starting to lean toward's Yoric's side here…"
<Dr_Sorts> "Congrats, Gerald. Too bad it's not a safer position." Sorts smiles wanly, "I think we should go back down this hall and see if there's still a lady in the briefing room."
<Gnosis> "You're walking into a known Keter-class situation and see someone who apparently should be a vegetable, and you assume it's her?"
<Harley_Glasgow> "Aagh. My head."
* DrMann looks around for Ms. Raelin.
<Gnosis> "With all due respect, that's moronic."
<Gerald> "Alright then, yeah. If we're going to find out what's going on here, we should go to that briefing room." He wasn't a /complete/ wimp back in the day, you know.
<@pooryoric> "it was -her-."
<Gnosis> "Yeah, and I'm 343."
<Heiden> Nowhere to be seen, Dr. Mann.
<Mr_Wilt> "Look. We walk into a Keter lockdown site, and we see somebody who shouldn't be here. And she's /here/. Does that not tip you off at /all/?"
<@Doctor_Light> "Look, look, we may find out exactly what it is later. For now, we can't tell, so just observe."
<DrMann> "How peculiar."
<Heiden> Just a metal operating table. A bit rusty - or is that blood?
<Dr_Sorts> "Guys, chain of command, listen to Gerald," Sorts motions down the hall with his flashlight, ready to lead the others to the checkpoint where he met the woman.
* Laito sighs, swiftly losing interest.
<Gnosis> "Yeah, let's go."
<Gerald> "Alright then." Heads to the briefing room.
* Gnosis walks towards the briefing room.
* Alias follows.
* Mr_Wilt follows behind.
* Doctor_Light follows Gerald, wary.
* Gerald is slouching slightly more than people are used to.
* Dr_Sorts leads the others down the dark, empty hall. Passing the security checkpoint by the breakroom, he shines his light on the counter to see if a purse is still there.
* pooryoric follows gerald. he seems to gain confidance the farther he gets from room 205.
* Harley_Glasgow follows. He frowns for a second, and then folds the arm up.
<Heiden> The purse is still there. The break room door is half open.
* DrMann follows.
* pooryoric 's usual grin slides back into place
<Gerald> "Hm. Could go for some coffee right about now."
<Dr_Sorts> "I met a civillian from … a whole county away from this location. She was lost and panicked, like she just wandered in here somehow. Then I looked away, and found her hanging in the briefing room over there… and the break room door was not open when I passed by, I do not think."
* DrMann opens the Breakroom door.
<Dr_Sorts> "I should probably mention the slithering sounds too."
<Alias> "Slithering? Wonderful."
<Gnosis> "Oh, that's just Yoric."
<Dr_Sorts> "Whatever it was, it didn't want to confront little old me so it couldn't be too bad."
* Mr_Wilt chuckles.
<Alias> "Some of my favourite things make that noise."
<@pooryoric> "not a snake."
<Gerald> "Couldn't be Lurker, could it?"
<Harley_Glasgow> "God I hope not."
* Harley_Glasgow seems very unnerved.
<Dr_Sorts> "I … I called for Lurker. It didn't answer. I haven't… seen Lurker for awhile."
<@Doctor_Light> "Hm…" Light listens. "Maybe, but he normally walked. Hrm."
<Heiden> The breakroom is rather quiet.
<Dr_Sorts> "Not since I got put back on active duty."
<Gerald> "Huh."
<Alias> "…ok, what is Lurker?"
* Laito walks into the breakroom.
<Heiden> Someone's sitting on a couch in the darkness, but you can't see who.
<Laito> "Hi." :|
* Dr_Sorts shines his light on the couch.
* pooryoric flips the light switch.
* Gerald goes in, looking around for the coffee machine.
* DrMann pulls out a jar of bioluminescent fungi.
<Gerald> "Lurker was a friend of ours."
* Alias reaches for his goggles and hits a switch. Then jiggles it. Then presses some other buttons, then swears.
* Mr_Wilt goes in as well.
<Dr_Sorts> "Non-human, but social. Had a thing with Dr. Rights."
* Doctor_Light checks the vial in her pocket- it -is- the same stuff, oh boy- then studies the figure.
<Alias> "Dammit, they won't respond."
<Gnosis> "Non-human and had a…. what>'
<@Doctor_Light> "Good man. Made me a cake once."
<Gerald> "Pretty cool dude."
<Heiden> [Sorry, I am slow.]
<Mr_Wilt> [It's cool]
<Laito> "Didn't afraid of anything."
<Alias> "It was that room in tamlin, the electronic breaking one. They're still in bad shape."
<Heiden> The figure rises. It's strangely androgynous, and surprisingly attractive. It speaks in a husky contralto.
<Heiden> "Sophie. Gerald. Sorts. It's good to see you."
<Heiden> The light shines through the… thing's chest. Right on through.
<Heiden> To the wall on the other side.
<Dr_Sorts> "056?"
<Gnosis> "Fascinating. I really should collect a sample."
<Alias> "..well."
* Mr_Wilt blinks. "That isn't normal."
<Alias> "On the bright side, I don't need the goggles after all."
<Heiden> "Lothaire, Johannes. Don't you recognize me?"
<Heiden> The figure steps forward.
<Dr_Sorts> "F…. fraid not." Sorts hides behind Yoric.
<Gerald> "Oh, hello Dumount."
* Mr_Wilt takes a step back.
* Doctor_Light frowns.
* Laito scrutinizes the figure.
<Gerald> "Thought you died?"
<@pooryoric> "damn it."
<Alias> "Who is this?"
<Heiden> "Rodney… /Hot/ rod… how have you been?" He… she… it ignores Gerald's comment. The gaping crater in its chest says more than it ever could anyway.
* DrMann moves forward, and attempts to touch Dumount.
<Mr_Wilt> "Great, /another/ fucking person who died?"
<Gnosis> "Someone who should be dead, I believe."
* Harley_Glasgow reaches up and touches the side of his face. LBD is carved there.
<Alias> "Well, I see that."
<Gerald> "Pretty good, actually. Got promoted, now the Personnel Director for 23. Hey, what happened to your chest?" Is currently filling a mug with coffee.
<Dr_Sorts> "Dumount was a… psycho doctor. Heard they'd blown his chest out with a bomb. Surprisingly not as messy as I'd thought…"
* Mr_Wilt cocks his pistol.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Doctor Dumount! It's been a long time. Last time I saw you, parts of me were being cut up."
* Doctor_Light nods to Dumount and takes the moment to survey the breakroom. So many memories.
* Harley_Glasgow doesn't exactly look all too friendly. >:|
* Gnosis feels an odd compulsion to shit on a desk.
<Heiden> Dumount dismisses this with a gesture, speaking easily and with a tinkling, amused tone. "Just a cosmetic issue. Can't you just enjoy seeing me?" It looks at Wilt and winks.
<Heiden> Defense, Wilt.
* Alias takes a few steps back.
<Heiden> Roll 3d6
<Nala> Heiden: 3d6=5 (3,1,1)
<Harley_Glasgow> [We'll remember you as you were Wilt.]
<Mr_Wilt> !roll 3d6
<Nala> Mr_Wilt: 3d6=11 (4,4,3)
* Gerald sighs. "Just don't go telling me how to run my love life, alright?"
<Mr_Wilt> [Balls]
<Heiden> Wilt, you suppress the urge to vomit. Good job.
<@pooryoric> "dumount."
<Mr_Wilt> [Non-balls]
<DrMann> "You were always such… a conventional doctor."
<Gnosis> "Gerald, what the hell are you doing?"
* Gerald takes a sip of coffee. "Hm?"
<Gnosis> "You're talking with him as if he were real."
<Heiden> It rounds on Mann with a petulant expression. "Oh, don't be jealous of my work. I believe I left my mark."
* Dr_Sorts hides a grin at Mann's comment, then sobers up, "Dr. Mann, don't pick a fight with your old rival. The more we treat this as Dumount, the worse it will be. This is an artifact, not the real thing."
* Mr_Wilt aims his pistol at this Dumount. "I've fucking had it with this place. Some keter /shit/ is just fucking with us. This thing isn't /real/."
<Dr_Sorts> "'Sides you guys were bad enough fer real."
<Dr_Sorts> "I'd say it's real. It's just not Dumount."
<Gerald> "…Dumount, you know what's going on around here?"
<@pooryoric> "dumount!"
<Gnosis> "Who the hell is Dumount, anyway?"
<Laito> "Guys who have never been here: Stop talking, please."
<Dr_Sorts> "Gender changing mental case who could set a broken nose with a scalpel. Too unstable for Foundation work, and that's SAYING something."
* Harley_Glasgow unfolds his murder arm. He doesn't even appear to notice.
<Heiden> The creature turns to Yoric, that same easygoing smile on its face as it saunters towards him. It licks its lips.
<Heiden> Yoric, defense.
<Dr_Sorts> "Really, we could go on all day, but that's not going to help. I think we should keep moving, let the fake Dumount tag along if it wants"
<@pooryoric> 3d6+2
<Gerald> "Right, yeah. Even if something is messing with our heads, we gotta figure out the cause of it."
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6+2 oh god no not LBD
<Nala> pooryoric, oh god no not LBD: 3d6+2=12 (3,1,6)
<Heiden> roll 3d6
<Gnosis> "… even if?"
<Nala> Heiden: 3d6=7 (5,1,1)
<Gnosis> "… even if?"
<DrMann> "Do you know that you're dead, Dumount? I'm working on a way to revive the dead. But I suppose that that's entirely too… outre for you."
* Laito watches in amusement.
<Heiden> Yoric, you are repulsed. It keeps moving towards you, though, reaching forward to press a hand against your chest and slide it down "seductively".
<Gerald> "Could be a temporal problem, or something that's screwing with reality instead of our minds.
<Gerald> "
<Gnosis> "Ah, fair enough."
<Mr_Wilt> "I think we've gone past 'even if'."
<@pooryoric> "dumount, you're a doctor." yoric steps back but forces himself to look the thing in the eyes. "what happens to the brain when a large portion of the spinal chord is removed?"
<Dr_Sorts> "A time shift wouldn't leave a hole in Dumount, Gerald."
<Laito> "The brain suffers greatly."
* Mr_Wilt looks over at Laito.
<Laito> "UNable to send or receive responses from the body."
<Gerald> "Well, there was a bomb in his chest, and I've seen stranger things happen here."
<Heiden> Yoric, you notice dirt on the creature's arms - all over, actually. Bruising on the hands. This body looks like its been through a lot more hell than the torso would indicate.
<Heiden> No one else seems to pick up on this. Wilt might if he looks very closely.
<Heiden> "Does it matter, Yoric? I'm here now, and I'm fine. It can be like old times. Better than old times."
* Alias 's goggles flicker to life for an instant. He flinches and looks away. "Did /not/ just see that."
<@pooryoric> "of course, that's without even considering the infections from digging yourself out with that gaping wound."
<Gnosis> "Dumount, I don't know who you are, but if anyone's going to hit that, it's going to be me."
* Mr_Wilt continues to keep his gun trained on him, examining closely. "He's right. This motherfuckers some sort of /zombie/."
<Harley_Glasgow> "Zombies? I'm an expert at Zombies."
<Heiden> The thing finally loses it at Yoric's last comment. With a hiss, it lunges for him.
<Dr_Sorts> "Do you have clearance to be an expert on zombies, Harley?"
<Heiden> 4d6 I'm not hitting ON you, I'm HITTING you.
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6+2 oh god no not LBD fuck off
<Nala> pooryoric, oh god no not LBD fuck off: 3d6+2=14 (4,4,4)
<Heiden> roll 4d6
<Nala> Heiden: 4d6=14 (3,2,5,4)
* Mr_Wilt shoots at the creature.
* Gerald pulls a pistol out of his labcoat. It's odd, a bit heavier and bulkier than most guns would be.
* pooryoric narrowly dodges
<Mr_Wilt> !roll 3d6 God damn fucking zombies
<Nala> Mr_Wilt, God damn fucking zombies: 3d6=9 (4,1,4)
* Laito backs out, taking Light with him.
<Gerald> roll 4d6 FISTGUN
<Nala> Gerald, FISTGUN: 4d6=19 (3,5,6,5)
<Heiden> After Yoric narrowly dodges, the thing simply wilts, crumpling to the ground like a marionette with its strings cut. Unlike Raelin, however, it fails to vanish.
<@pooryoric> "granted, dumount, that we're doing you the favor of assuming you have some section of functioning lung remaining. there's nothing providing oxygen to your brain, dumount. then again, you've never had trouble operating brainlessly."
<Gerald> "The hell is that?"
<Harley_Glasgow> "…We should dismember it."
<Harley_Glasgow> "And burn the pieces."
* Dr_Sorts moves over to… shine a light on the body so that someone else could examine it. Ew.
<Gnosis> "I kind of want a sample."
* Alias wonders idly how long he had been holding his breath.
* Doctor_Light whips out her pistol as well, but merely keeps it at her side.
* Harley_Glasgow looks at Gnosis.
* DrMann examines it closely.
<Dr_Sorts> "Did anyone bring a spare sidearm?"
<Heiden> "Attractive" is far from what you'd use to describe this corpse. It's Dr. Lothaire B. Dumount, the scent of death quite strong.
<DrMann> roll 5d6+1 Medical Examiner
<Harley_Glasgow> "No."
<Nala> DrMann, Medical Examiner: 5d6+1=20 (4,5,5,1,4)
<Gnosis> "For bio research, mind."
<Mr_Wilt> "I'm not sure if it's just something fucking with our minds, now. There's got to be more than one keter threat."
<Harley_Glasgow> "/No/."
<@pooryoric> "STOP."
<@Doctor_Light> She moves forward a bit to peer at it, but figures she'll leave it to Mann. She looks at Yoric.
<Heiden> It looks like it clawed its way out of the ground, though. Nothing about it - other than the animated corpse - seems to indicate 008 contamination, Dr. Mann.
<Dr_Sorts> "If it was Keter we'd be dead already."
<@pooryoric> "that was most distinctively a zombie. it may be contaminated with 008."
<Gerald> "Er, anyone know any SCP that could screw with us like this."
<Gerald> *?
<DrMann> "Oh, no worries there."
<DrMann> "I'm… something of an expert in the field."
<Gnosis> "Yoric, 008 kills cognitive functions."
<Mr_Wilt> "What is 008?"
<@pooryoric> "I'm aware."
<@pooryoric> "dumount never -had- cognitive functions."
<@Doctor_Light> "Besides, if that were 008, it would be a little late for preventative measures."
<Gnosis> "No, I mean he'd be obsessed with sex and… ah."
<Dr_Sorts> "Gerald, permission to tell the others about 008?"
* Alias mental note 008=zombies.
* Laito put it together already.
* Gerald nods. "Sure. Though, 008 didn't actually kill them, it just made them flesh eating monsters and they died in under a day."
<DrMann> "Indeed."
<DrMann> "It also has no power to animate the long-dead."
<Harley_Glasgow> "We should still dismember and burn the body."
<Mr_Wilt> "I would like to know what this 008 is."
* Harley_Glasgow is adamant.
* Dr_Sorts actually brought that up to subtly point out that 008 is Not Something You Should Know About. The implication what it really was remains obvious, "008 is the actual zombie plague. As in eat flesh, shoot them in the head."
<Alias> "Burn it, at least."
* Gerald nods. "Sounds like a plan."
<Harley_Glasgow> "Allow me."
* Harley_Glasgow brandishes the razor arm.
* DrMann takes a few samples first.
* pooryoric opens the fridge
* Gnosis pulls out his lighter, flicks it on… and trips and lights Gerald's lab coat on fire.
<Dr_Sorts> "Guys, you're taking the wrong approach here. The corpse is a symptom, not a cause. We still have an otherwise entirely empty site, which means we are more likely dealing with mass hallucination or spatial displacement."
<Mr_Wilt> "Then he wouldn't have been able to talk, or resist attacking us as long as he did, right?"
* Gerald has the Tamlin Labcoat.
<@Doctor_Light> "It's one of the most lethal compounds we have access too." Light nods. Then. "Gnosis, what the fuck?"
* Laito sighs. "Did -all- of you forget how to be an exploration team upon landing here?"
* Gnosis redacts.
<Gerald> "Er…."
<@Doctor_Light> "Harley, remember to get the leg ligaments too."
* Dr_Sorts smiles half heartedly at Laito, "It's always been like this, man. Always. You know they shot me into space once."
* Gnosis feels a strange urge to light Gerald on fire.
* Harley_Glasgow nods and hacks.
<Heiden> The body is hacked apart.
<@Doctor_Light> "Can't take any risks," she says to Laito conversationally.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Lighter fluid."
<Gnosis> "… hey, Yoric?"
* Laito wanders out of the room.
<@pooryoric> "yeh?"
<Gnosis> "Why is my phone's background a picture of you?"
<Gerald> "Alright, we really need to find the source of this, then. "
<Dr_Sorts> "No, Harley. I'd not be surprised if you saw Dumount again despite all your trouble."
<@pooryoric> "because I'm a dashing motherfucker?"
* Mr_Wilt reholsters his pistol. "We need to find what the fuck is doing this."
<Gnosis> "Well, yes, you are. But it's a phone."
<Harley_Glasgow> "Lighter fluid."
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 3d6 Where's the damn flammables?
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow, Where's the damn flammables?: 3d6=16 (5,5,6)
<@pooryoric> "oh, was it not a picture of me before?"
<@Doctor_Light> "Don't light it. Should we keep moving?
<Gnosis> "No, it wasn't."
<@Doctor_Light> "
<Harley_Glasgow> [I SMELL IT]
<Gerald> "Yeah, let's get moving."
* Dr_Sorts exits the break room, "The briefing room is over here. When I left it there were four nooses and the woman was in one of them. Her purse was still here, so she may really be dead. But that means something brought her here to be used as a prop to scare us."
<Mr_Wilt> "Let's hope we don't get attacked by some other zombie doctor."
* Gnosis moves on to the briefing room.
* Alias follows.
* Mr_Wilt does so as well.
* Gerald follows them. "Wilt, the only other doctor who died here was….Doctor….Oh crap. That would be Magnus."
* Doctor_Light frowns and follows, making sure Alex is nearby at all times. She doesn't trust this place a bit.
<Mr_Wilt> "Who's he?"
<@pooryoric> "I haven't spoken to magnus for -ages-. he never died, gerald."
<Gerald> "No, he really did. Him coming back was just a product of 239."
<Gnosis> "Wasn't he, like, temporally displaced?"
<Dr_Sorts> "He was the typical Foundation nutcase like the rest of us. … I'm pretty sure he died, Yoric."
<Dr_Sorts> "Or got transferred."
* Harley_Glasgow frowns, looks around, and attaches C4 to Dumount's corpse. Ducktaped all together into a stack. Better safe than sorry.
* Harley_Glasgow makes sure it's all in order and leaves.
<Mr_Wilt> "That's just great. All the doctors have to be fucking nuts. I was really hoping not to lose a leg to surgery tonight."
<@pooryoric> "he didn't die." yoric is utterly confidant.
<Gerald> "He did." Just as confident, for once.
<Dr_Sorts> "If you say so…"
<Harley_Glasgow> "He didn't die. But, he did. It was confusing. I stopped paying attention. The man was something of an ass."
<Heiden> You see something slithering between doorways down the hall.
* Gerald holds the FISTGUN at the ready.
<Heiden> It's rather long.
<@pooryoric> "no seriously. I talked to him about a year ago. he joined up with the chaos insurgency."
<DrMann> "Hmm. Interesting."
* Dr_Sorts was about to open the door, but shines his light down the hall, "That's the slithering."
<Gerald> "Seriously. He's dead."
* Mr_Wilt pauses, and unholsters his pistol. "God dammit."
* Doctor_Light uses her Naturalist Skills (c) to identify it. She can roll if needed.
* Alias freezes and draws a knife. "Slithering…"
<DrMann> roll 4d6 cryptobiology
<Nala> DrMann, cryptobiology: 4d6=16 (6,2,2,6)
<Heiden> The light's horrible. You can't identify a damn thing 'til you approach.
* DrMann approaches.
* Gerald slowly approaches.
<Heiden> It's a rope. Looks like it's being dragged from one room into the other.
* Dr_Sorts follows Dr Mann and Gerald, happy to let others be in the lead.
<Gnosis> "Fascinating."
* Mr_Wilt approaches. "Oh god dammit."
* Alias 's goggles won't fucking work so he edges closer.
<Dr_Sorts> "Whatever is doing that left me alone earlier."
* pooryoric hangs back a little. he grabs wilt. "wilt."
<Dr_Sorts> "So, you know, don't be too … wait. The nooses.:
<Dr_Sorts> "*
* Mr_Wilt stops. "What's up, Yoric?"
<Alias> "Animate rope?"
<@pooryoric> "listen. something's wrong with the others."
* Mr_Wilt frowns. "So you're confident enough to talk to somebody who's a 'sick murderous fuck' about people having something wrong with them?"
<Gerald> "What about the nooses, Sorts?"
<Gnosis> "Alias, did you prep Dispel Magic today?"
<@pooryoric> "stop wanking. you're a bastard, but you're a sane bastard. you know as well as I do that harley didn't have a robotic arm when we stepped off the plane, and gerald wasn't carrying a fist shaped gun."
<Alias> "Ooo, must have forgot that one."
<Dr_Sorts> "When I woke up I passed this way, power was out, no one was here. Something slithered by, but didn't bother me so I just kept going… then I got to the security checkpoint and met the woman."
<Gerald> "Who was she?"
<Dr_Sorts> "Emmaline, was her name. She ran out of my sight and I lost track of her… when I went to find her, she was hanging in a noose."
<Dr_Sorts> "Something set those nooses up, probably whatever is dragging that rope around. And it had three empty nooses."
<Mr_Wilt> "I do. I'm still worried people are talking to people who're suppose to be long dead like they're alive and it's all good times."
<Dr_Sorts> "Emmaline was a civillian," Sorts adds, depressed. "She didn't know who we were or where she was. She just got pulled in here. To get hanged in a haunted house trick."
* Dr_Sorts is rambling, "I mean, whatever could hang her that quickly could have done that to me at any time. But it decided to do it to her, so that I'd find her that way…"
<@pooryoric> "so. keep an eye out. and if I start acting strangely, get me out, fast."
<@Doctor_Light> "Nooses, nooses… 701 comes to mind, but…" She says quietly, and shakes her head. "Hm."
<Mr_Wilt> "Promise. Make sure you do the same."
<DrMann> "So, we must look to the purpose behind this."
<DrMann> "It seems to me that it's trying to draw us onward."
<Laito> "We could just leave."
<Dr_Sorts> "Whatever hung her has a flair for the dramatic. I mean, she was a perfect throwaway extra, innocent, but stupid and hysterical enough to run off into danger…"
* Laito shrugs.
<Gnosis> "Clearly we're actors in some kind of play."
<Dr_Sorts> "Leave the site? We have to get the site back online! There's worse stuff in here than rope and memories of obnoxious dead staffers."
* Laito suddenly laughs.
<Laito> -Loudly-
<Gnosis> "Laito?"
<Gerald> "Er, this couldn't be 701….."
<Gerald> "….Could it?"
<Alias> "…is something funny?"
* pooryoric jumps. "laito, what the -fuck-?"
* Laito calms down. "Ahem, sorry, just, uhm… -really- funny thought."
* Doctor_Light hits Alex on reflex. Lightly. But not very lightly.
<Dr_Sorts> "701 works differently. It could not be 701."
<Gnosis> "What was it?"
<Gerald> "How do we know? Do the actors in 701 know they're in a play?"
<Dr_Sorts> "701 is a -play- that conjures -weird effects.- No one put the play on… recently anyway."
* Laito waves his hand, as if it didnt matter
<Dr_Sorts> "Yes, they practice the play for weeks. What they don't know is that the play gets weird the more they practice it."
<Gerald> "Oh, okay."
<@Doctor_Light> "It was put on -here-. Before I left. Not sure how that turned out." Pause, okay, she's freaked out. "Right. Anyways."
<Dr_Sorts> "And 701 being a memetic entity, it has to follow a set pattern. Memes are informational patterns, not just… 'magic.' Change the play, change the meme, change the result. I remember Heiden was going to run a … test on that…"
<Dr_Sorts> "I can't remember either, Sophia."
* pooryoric gets tired of the wanking and off topicness and simply steps on the end of the rope
<Alias> "…so you were messing with it. So this /could/ be 701?"
<Heiden> The rope stops.
<Doc_Zomburns> "Oh. Oh dear."
<Dr_Sorts> "Look, that was months ago. I was in the psyche ward for something unrelated after that so I don't know."
* Gerald pauses. "Careful, now."
* pooryoric tugs on the end of the rope
<@Doctor_Light> "Just don't discount-" She freezes as the rope stops, then realizes Yoric stepped on it and relaxes a bit. Uneasy.
<Heiden> A noose slides out the door. Roll defense, everyone.
<Heiden> 2d6+3 bad ideas
<Harley-Glasgow> Roll 4d6 Defense
<Heiden> roll 2d6+3
<Nala> Harley-Glasgow, Defense: 4d6=7 (1,4,1,1)
<Nala> Heiden: 2d6+3=12 (6,3)
<Laito> 1d6
<Alias> !roll 4d6 whyyyy
<Nala> Alias, whyyyy: 4d6=16 (5,4,3,4)
<Laito> Roll 1d6
<Nala> Laito: 1d6=6 (6)
<@Doctor_Light> roll 2d6 Fuck fuck fuck
<Nala> Doctor_Light, Fuck fuck fuck: 2d6=5 (3,2)
<Gerald> roll 3d6 DD:
<Nala> Gerald, DD:: 3d6=7 (1,2,4)
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6+2 yoric defense
<Nala> pooryoric, yoric defense: 3d6+2=12 (2,6,2)
<Gnosis> !roll 2d6+1 wat
<Nala> Gnosis, wat: 2d6+1=10 (3,6)
<Heiden> Light, Harley, Gerald, Gnosis: vaguely suicidal thoughts cross your mind, and the noose takes on a very useful significance in your head.
<Heiden> Laito: PM incoming.
<Gerald> "….."
<Gnosis> "… god, I hate this fucking job."
<Dr_Sorts> roll 2d6
<Nala> Dr_Sorts: 2d6=6 (4,2)
<Heiden> Sorts: ^ that.
<DrMann> roll 1d6 couldn't pass if I wanted to.
<Nala> DrMann, couldn't pass if I wanted to.: 1d6=6 (6)
* Doctor_Light stares at it.
<Heiden> Ooh. Mann, you too. PM incoming. [ PMs here: Suicidal Whispers ]
* Harley-Glasgow looks at it. What's the point? None of it is real anyway…
* pooryoric tugs on the rope again, harder, dragging it along the floor
<Gerald> "….."
* Gnosis shakes his head. "Dammit, no. I can't kill myself."
* Alias rubs his head. "Yoric what are you doing?"
* Laito reaches for the noose.
* Dr_Sorts sighs miserably.
* DrMann runs forward and places the noose around his neck.
* Doctor_Light blinks, then scratches her head. Then stops. "Alex. Mann!"
* pooryoric starts reeling in rope. "I'm trying to preven- oops."
<Gerald> "Er, what are you guys doing?"
<Laito> "I'm -so- bored…"
<Alias> "Get a hold of yourselves.:
<Alias> "
* pooryoric pulls out alias' knife and steps forward to cut the loop of the noose.
<Laito> "Mann, give me that! It's -mine-!"
* Doctor_Light grabs Alex's collar, and pulls him back.
* Harley_Glasgow rushes foward.
* Laito tries to take the noose from Mann.
<Gnosis> "Laito, if you kill yourself, we're going to have to deal with Light."
* Dr_Sorts just stares at the action stupidly.
* Gerald tries to pull both of them away.
* Harley_Glasgow grabs at the noose.
* pooryoric cuts the noose
<Heiden> Yoric, that'd be an attack roll.
* Laito RIPS himself away from Sophia. "LET GO OF ME!"
<DrMann> roll 3d6 It's Mine!
<Nala> DrMann, It's Mine!: 3d6=10 (2,3,5)
<Gerald> roll 4d6 Acrobatics to grab the nooses away from them.
<Nala> Gerald, Acrobatics to grab the nooses away from them.: 4d6=8 (5,1,1,1)
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6 cut the rope
<Nala> pooryoric, cut the rope: 3d6=9 (3,1,5)
<Heiden> roll 3d6+2 Puppet's defense
<Nala> Heiden, Puppet's defense: 3d6+2=15 (5,4,4)
<Laito> "Mann, go ahead then, here, I'll give you a boost."
<Gnosis> "… this is 701. It's the only thing that makes sense."
<Dr_Sorts> "Keep saying that and it might as well be true."
* Doctor_Light steps back, changing her stance a little, subtly.
<Alias> "Dammit what is that?" Alias draws his other knife.
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 1d4 grab for it
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow, grab for it: 1d4=1 (1)
<Heiden> Down the corridor, a shrouded figure watches.
<@pooryoric> "a little help here, guys?"
* DrMann pulls the noose over his head, and lets it take him.
<Gerald> "I'm trying!"
<Alias> !roll 4d6+1 die rope die.
<Nala> Alias, die rope die.: 4d6+1=12 (6,1,3,1)
* Dr_Sorts shines a light on the figure.
* pooryoric looks up and spots the figure. "you! get over here!"
<Gnosis> "I don't carry knives, Yoric."
<Heiden> Unfortunately, the noose isn't /suspended/ from anything. You've got some work to do.
* Doctor_Light blinks at the flare of light and looks up at the figure.
* Gerald looks up, and shoots at the figure.
<Heiden> The figure doesn't move.
* pooryoric continues sawwing at the rope untill someone stops him
<Gerald> roll 4d6 Why bother?
<Nala> Gerald, Why bother?: 4d6=12 (1,4,5,2)
* Laito waits patiently for Dr. Mann to get done.
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6 cut the rope
<Nala> pooryoric, cut the rope: 3d6=14 (6,2,6)
<Heiden> roll 3d6+2 Puppet's defense
<Nala> Heiden, Puppet's defense: 3d6+2=15 (5,6,2)
* DrMann hangs.
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6 cut the rope
<Nala> pooryoric, cut the rope: 3d6=10 (5,2,3)
* Gnosis grabs Mann and lifts him up.
<Alias> !roll 4d6+1 what is with this rope
<Nala> Alias, what is with this rope: 4d6+1=12 (2,3,4,2)
* DrMann kicks at Gnosis. He doesn't understand the experiment!
* Dr_Sorts drifts away from the crazy people doing crazy things, and approaches the shrouded figure.
* Laito pulls Mann down by the legs.
<DrMann> roll 3d6 My Life, For Science!
<Nala> DrMann, My Life, For Science!: 3d6=7 (1,1,5)
* Doctor_Light looks up. Oh, hey, that's her co-bio-experimental-director- wait shit
<Heiden> !roll 2d6+2 Puppet's defense (interference is hard : ( )
<Nala> Heiden, Puppet's defense (interference is hard : ( ): 2d6+2=10 (3,5)
* Harley_Glasgow pulls.
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 1d4 PULL
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow, PULL: 1d4=1 (1)
<@Doctor_Light> She tackles Laito to push him away from it.
<Heiden> Alias pulls off a goddamn crack shot and shoots the rope in two.
<Heiden> Gain 1 Defense, Laito and Mann.
* Laito blinks.
* pooryoric runs at the figure at the end of the hall
<Heiden> As Sorts approaches, the figure turns and walks off.
* Mr_Wilt follows after Yoric.
<Laito> "What the…."
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6 sneak up before it turns the corner
<Nala> pooryoric, sneak up before it turns the corner: 3d6=11 (4,5,2)
* Gnosis drops Mann. "You okay there?"
* Dr_Sorts hears Yoric running up behind, and just shrugs, "Don't bother…"
<DrMann> "I… I say, something is rather peculiar."
<Gerald> "Er, how do we stop a 701 outbreak?"
<@Doctor_Light> "No," she tells him with a significant look. She looks up to see wilt and Yoric running.
* Harley_Glasgow stops and stares at himself.
<@Doctor_Light> "We leave, I imagine. We're really not equipped."
<Dr_Sorts> "By not ASSUMING anything, Gerald!"
<Alias> "Is there any equipment for such a thing?"
<Gerald> "Er, right. We should go."
<Dr_Sorts> "This is NOT a 701 outbreak!" Sorts whirls upon the others, ranting and raving. The depressed gloom that was hanging over him shatters angrily.
<Mr_Wilt> [Whoops]
<Gerald> "What is it, then?"
<Mr_Wilt> "Something bad."
* pooryoric still trying to sneak up on a thingy, heiden :|
<Heiden> (Sorry!)
<Mr_Wilt> [Leave poor Heiden alone]
<@pooryoric> [rolled an 11]
<Dr_Sorts> "It is your freaking assumptions. It is in your head. That is how these things work, they play on the …stupid tropes you've been trained to work with. That's why mysterious figures turn corners and vanish impossibly."
<Heiden> As you near it, something feels terribly, terribly wrong. Roll Defense, Yoric.
<Gerald> "Oh….Okay then, how would we stop it?"
<@Doctor_Light> "Sorts, that doesn't help us at all."
<Dr_Sorts> "Plus, 701 outbreaks are marked by a mass suicide followed by a violent riot among the observers of said suicide. None of that has happened here!" Sorts is sweating profusely, however, not quite believing himself
* Mr_Wilt is following Yoric, should I roll?
<Mr_Wilt> [ Heiden ]
<Heiden> !roll 4d6 It is unamused.
<Nala> Heiden, It is unamused.: 4d6=16 (3,6,2,5)
<Dr_Sorts> But Sorts has the persuasion skill and is gonna use it on yall
<Heiden> [yes.]
<Dr_Sorts> roll 4d6 persuasion
<Nala> Dr_Sorts, persuasion: 4d6=17 (5,5,5,2)
<Mr_Wilt> [I regret telling you]
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6+2 defense for yoric
<Nala> pooryoric, defense for yoric: 3d6+2=12 (4,3,3)
* Gnosis is feeling awfully fuckin' persuaded.
<Mr_Wilt> !roll 3d6 Please god please
<Nala> Mr_Wilt, Please god please: 3d6=9 (1,5,3)
<Laito> Roll 5d6 Sense Motive
<Nala> Laito, Sense Motive: 5d6=18 (1,2,5,5,5)
<Harley_Glasgow> roll 3d6 sense motive
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow, sense motive: 3d6=11 (6,2,3)
<Harley_Glasgow> [D:}
* pooryoric is running full tilt, and may actually reach it unless his 12 stops him
<Laito> "Sorts, was it? What's the matter, really?"
* Dr_Sorts sneers "I just saw the Hanged King. THANKS FOR INVOKING HIM, GUYS."
<Gnosis> "Sorts, all due respect… two people just tried to kill themselves, and I felt the urge."
* Laito laughs. "Was it as good as I'd heard?"
* Doctor_Light shrugs. Makes enough sense to her. She starts to move after the ones that were following the figure, unless they're still in sight, moving incredibly slowly.
<DrMann> roll 1d4 sense motive
<Nala> DrMann, sense motive: 1d4=2 (2)
<Heiden> Yoric, blind, crippling fear makes it impossibly difficult for you to continue your approach as it rounds the corner. Same for you, Wilt.
* Dr_Sorts sits down on the floor, hard. "It doesn't fucking matter, I've not been able to get myself killed for months now."
* pooryoric stumbles, but tries to continue.
* Alias rushes the figure.
<@pooryoric> !roll 2d6+2 defense for yoric
<Nala> pooryoric, defense for yoric: 2d6+2=14 (6,6)
<Laito> "It's gotten loose somehow?"
* Mr_Wilt stumbles back, and runs after the group. "Fuck that shit.."
<Gnosis> "Sorts. Look. From what little I know of memetics, it doesn't make a difference whether you think they're real."
* Gerald moves behind the group, thinking.
* Laito ponders to himself.
* Mr_Wilt will leave Yori to it.
<Mr_Wilt> Yoric*
<Heiden> !roll 4d6 It is /angry/.
<Nala> Heiden, It is /angry/.: 4d6=13 (3,2,3,5)
<Laito> "No. It's -trying- to make us afraid…" Alex is in full calculation mod.
<Laito> mode.
<Dr_Sorts> "I don't disbelieve memetics. I just think they are stupid."
<Heiden> Yoric finds a knife on the ground in front of him.
<Alias> (Should I roll defense too?)
<Gnosis> "They work just the same."
<Heiden> (Yes.)
<Mr_Wilt> "They seemed to work on Nioki."
<Alias> !roll 4d6 I can do this!
<Nala> Alias, I can do this!: 4d6=17 (5,5,5,2)
<Dr_Sorts> "Tell that to Schaffer…" Sorts leans his head back on the wall in resignation, "If this is 701, this is all staged for your benefit. Stop playing along. Just sit down and give up."
<Gerald> "….The only winning move is not to play. Guys, I think we might need to sedate ourselves. The only way through this is not to die."
* pooryoric picks up the knife as he runs at the thing
<Laito> "Then that's precisely what I'll do."
<Gnosis> "Have any of the 701 victims ever known that they're influenced?"
<@pooryoric> !roll 3d6 attack the thing with a knife
<Nala> pooryoric, attack the thing with a knife: 3d6=9 (1,3,5)
<Gerald> "We don't know, we've never had a chance to interview them."
<@Doctor_Light> "…Then it'll just kill us."
<Dr_Sorts> "I haven't seen any records of interviews with survivors."
<Gnosis> "So maybe if we know what we're going up against it'll break the effect."
<Gerald> "No. The reports state that the only thing that kills the actors are themselves."
<Heiden> Alias and Yoric manage the final charge. It rounds on them , and it turns its might against them.
<Dr_Sorts> "Victims of the play, which didn't happen here, those victims attack each other. I recommend ditching your weapons."
<Gerald> "Light, er, do you have any sedatives on you? Mann?"
<Dr_Sorts> "The audience riots, Gerald."
<DrMann> "Please, Gerald."
<DrMann> "I /always/ have sedatives."
* Gerald looks around. "What audience?"
<Mr_Wilt> "Well, if we are in 701, what act are we in?"
* pooryoric attacks!
<Dr_Sorts> "We're not. I've studied the play. The entity must have broken free of the play itself."
<@Doctor_Light> "…" Light nods. "Wait, hold on, Alias and Yoric are…"
* Mr_Wilt refuses to take any sedatives or ditch his weapon. He's not insane.
* Gerald is. "Mann? Could you sedate us?"
<DrMann> "If necessary."
<Heiden> The Hanged King retaliates, but not physically.
* Gerald nods. "I…think it is."
<Mr_Wilt> "I'm not taking any sedatives."
* Mr_Wilt backs off from the group.
<Gnosis> "…"
<Dr_Sorts> "I'd rather not go to sleep either. Been having bad dreams. Worse than the waking stuff."
* pooryoric staggers and falls over backward, dropping the knife
<Gnosis> "If it's broken free of the play, how do you know it won't kill us?"
* Gerald sighs. "We're going to die, either way. Might as well be by our own hand, eh?"
<Heiden> The… /thing/ looms over you for a brief moment, before the body seems to evaporate. Its rags crumple to the ground.
* Alias yelps as if physically struck and steps backward.
<Dr_Sorts> "Because it would have killed us already… no, just… all it wants is for us to suffer. So suffer quietly."
<Mr_Wilt> "Fuck that, Gerald. You're fucking /nuts/."
* Dr_Sorts sits in the hall like a dog that's been kicked one too many times.
<Gnosis> "Maybe it likes to play with its food, Sorts."
<Gerald> "And didn't someone say that the point of memetic things is that they don't change? 701 never directly killed anyone."
<Gnosis> "The… influence doesn't change. The thing doing the influence might."
<Dr_Sorts> "Tell that to the actors who committed suicide, like you keep suggesting."
* Alias staggers back toward the rest of the group.
<Gerald> "I'm not saying suicide, only forced sleep."
<@Doctor_Light> "On the other hand, we do use the phrase 'viral' a lot wit memetics, and viruses mutate all the time… Wilt, if you have something we don't know, tell us, but otherwise, we're going to need your cooperation."
<Dr_Sorts> "I don't want to have any more nightmares. Everything's burning in them."
<Harley_Glasgow> "Perhaps we could just leave."
* pooryoric sits on the floor, looking at the knife he's found
* Gerald chuckles. "I'm burning all the time."
<Mr_Wilt> "You specifically said, "We're going to die anyways, why not be by our own hands?" You need some help, Director."
<DrMann> "Hmm. But when we wake up, won't we be in the same boat?"
<Heiden> The lights flicker on for a split second and then flick back off.
<DrMann> "That is, I don't see that sedation will actually solve the problem."
* Dr_Sorts smiles at Gerald, "Heh, I've missed you, man."
<Gerald> "No. If you make it past act V, you make it."
* Mr_Wilt looks around, his gun still unholstered.
* Harley_Glasgow winces.
<Gnosis> "So which act is the one where it breaks free of its play?"
<@Doctor_Light> "We'll need to make sure that no one else enters the site under any circumstances until they wear off."
<DrMann> "But does the play continue while we're unconscious?"
<DrMann> "Or will it pick back up when we wake up?"
<Gerald> "I could call someone. And the King appears in Act Five, I think."
<Mr_Wilt> "We need to call for backup, or something."
* Gnosis looks up at Alias. "You look like shit…. wait, where's Yoric?"
<Alias> "Ha ha, guys, the king is gone. Didn't you see?"
<Dr_Sorts> "I like the idea of leaving, but who says we -can-?" Sorts looks over at Yoric.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Who says we cannot?"
* Laito goes out into the hall to find the others.
<Alias> "I thought he was right behind me…" Alias turns.
* pooryoric is sitting on the floor looking curiously at a knife. "hey guys? whose knife is this?"
* Mr_Wilt backs up a bit to the wall. He can't trust anybody.
<Dr_Sorts> "You ever try to run away in a dream? … nevermind." Sorts pulls himself up off the ground and shuffles over to Yoric.
* Gnosis walks over to Yoric and looks at it curiously. "Oh good, you're okay. And… it's not mine."
<Mr_Wilt> "I have, Sorts. It's called /waking up/."
<@pooryoric> "I'm a little beat up…" he holds up the knife. "I just found this on the floor back there."
<Alias> "Odd. Where did that come from?"
<Gnosis> "The play."
<Gerald> "We survive act V, we survive it all. The only thing that kills the actors are themselves. We survive ourselves, we survive act V."
* Gnosis picks the knife up and throws it as far away as he can into the distance.
<Mr_Wilt> "Why haven't we just tried flying back home? There's a door. We can just leave."
* Dr_Sorts looks at Yoric and his knife, then wanders over to the security station, away from the others. He picks up Emmaline's purse if it is still there.
<@Doctor_Light> "Guys, perspective. We're in a facility with a semi-known hostile entity and we need a course of action. Is it safe for us to leave?"
<Heiden> It is.
* Alias sheaths his own knife quietly.
<Gerald> "….Where is the King, anyway?"
<Alias> "The king went away."
<Harley_Glasgow> "In the darkness inside of all men."
<Gerald> "….'
* Dr_Sorts pulls out the twenty bucks from the purse, and sticks it halfway out of his pocket. Then, he returns to Yoric and just stands there, with money all hanging out of his pants.
* Laito eyes Yoric and Alias.
<Mr_Wilt> "Harley, shut up."
* Harley_Glasgow is cracked.
<Gerald> "Oh goddammit. I think we did survive it, then."
<Alias> "I think we changed the ending, maybe."
* Dr_Sorts knows how to tempt Yoric's attention away from a knife.
* Laito eyes Harley.
<@Doctor_Light> "For -now-." Irritable Light is irritable. "Look, we don't know it's still following a narrative structure. If it's left the play, it could easily have left that too. We need a fucking plan."
* pooryoric steals sorts' money
* Harley_Glasgow eyeballs Laito.
* Gerald sighs, standing up. "Let's go, then."
<Gnosis> "We're not equipped to deal with a threat of this nature."
* Harley_Glasgow never sat.
* Dr_Sorts picks up Yoric's knife.
<Mr_Wilt> "I asked Gerald for a bigger gun."
* Gerald shakes his head. "Let's get the hell out of here."
* Mr_Wilt looks over at Sorts. "What'cha doin' there?"
* Gnosis threw the knife away already.
<@Doctor_Light> "Assuming we manage to leave, we'll all need full memetic quarantine for however long." Still, she gestures everyone up.
<Gnosis> "I'm no stranger to quarantine."
* Dr_Sorts does not pick up Yoric's knife, instead he clears his throat, "Yoric, you okay buddy?"
<Gerald> "I don't think any of us are."
<@pooryoric> "gnosis, why did you do that? yeh, sorts. I'm a little beat up but I'm okay."
<Mr_Wilt> "I think I'm fine. I'm the only one /not being fucking nuts/."
<Gnosis> "I think one of the actors in the play kills themselves with a knife. Just making sure."
<@Doctor_Light> "Let's walk." She tilts her head towards wherever they came in from.
<@pooryoric> "oh. that would explain why it wasn't there before."
<Dr_Sorts> "Better to not have any weapons, and Gnosis is right. The King makes people hurt themselves and others, anyway. He never attacks others."
<Harley_Glasgow> "Maybe he'll start."
* Mr_Wilt still has his gun, isn't attacking himself or anybody.
* Laito sticks near Light.
<Gerald> "That's what I've been saying the whole goddamn time." Starts heading towards the exit.
* Dr_Sorts follows Gerald. Chain of command.
* DrMann follows.
* Gnosis flips the safety on his gun and returns to the exit. Entrance.
* Harley_Glasgow follows.
* pooryoric follows gerald. "maybe we should go seal the doors on 701's containment unit?"
* Gerald pauses at room 205, glancing in.
* Mr_Wilt follows behind last, not trusting anybody. His gun isn't on safety.
* Doctor_Light holsters her pistol for now, grabs onto Laito just to be sure, and follows Gerald.
<Dr_Sorts> "It is a play, it doesn't have a containment unit."
* Alias is following.
<Heiden> There's something obstructing the exit.
<Gnosis> "What about where the copies of the play are stored?"
<Dr_Sorts> "Technically, we are dealing with the result of 701. 701 dash 1"
<Heiden> A big, boxy-looking thing. Middle of the hall.
<Gerald> "The containment was a box they kept the stuff in."
<Heiden> SCP Knowledge check.
<Laito> roll 6d6
<Nala> Laito: 6d6=20 (4,4,4,1,5,2)
* Gerald looks at it.
<Mr_Wilt> !roll 4d6
<Nala> Mr_Wilt: 4d6=14 (3,6,4,1)
<Dr_Sorts> 4d6 level 2
<@Doctor_Light> roll InfiniteD6
<Nala> Doctor_Light: I don't understand what you want. :| (Parse Error)
<Gerald> Well, infinite minus 10.
<Harley_Glasgow> Roll 2d6
<Nala> Harley_Glasgow: 2d6=10 (5,5)
<Gnosis> !roll 2d6 what the hell is that
<Nala> Gnosis, what the hell is that: 2d6=8 (4,4)
* Gerald knows it.
<Dr_Sorts> roll 2d6
<Nala> Dr_Sorts: 2d6=9 (3,6)
<@pooryoric> [WRONG ROOM, KIDS]
<Harley_Glasgow> [woop]
<Dr_Sorts> [arrgh rolled wrong dice anyway]
<Heiden> [5 seconds prs]
<Heiden> Yoric is nowhere to be found. How odd.
* Gerald goes to it.
* Mr_Wilt just stares at it
* Gerald doesn't, not yet.
<Gnosis> "… the hell is this thing?"
<Heiden> It looks like a television!
<Heiden> An old one.
<Gerald> "…."
<@Doctor_Light> "Get the hell back. Other exit. Is there another exit?"
<Dr_Sorts> "Stop running. Just … stop running."
<DrMann> "Oh my goodness gracious."
<Heiden> The knob twists.
<Mr_Wilt> "What is it?"
* Doctor_Light pulls out her gun. Just in case.
<Heiden> It appears to be coming on.
<Gerald> "How many goddamn times am I going to be putting up with this shit."
<Dr_Sorts> "It looks like a television." Sorts helpfully explains.
<Gnosis> "Gerald, what is it?"
<Gerald> "Worst game show in the godddamn world."
<Laito> "Oh man, I've always wnated to see this…"
<@Doctor_Light> Wait, no, she considers, that would be a bad idea. She looks at Alex, figuring it's just starting to be way too late.
<Gerald> "Fucking 'Cash Or Ash."
<@Doctor_Light> She stows the pistol.
<DrMann> "Gerald, I think you should probably handle this one."
* Gerald sighs.
<Gnosis> "… Ahaha."
* Dr_Sorts rolls his eyes miserably, and looks to Light, "Put the gun down. Everyone, don't be hostile. This SCP will kill you if you try to cheat, or attack it."
* Mr_Wilt checks it on his PDA. "Fuck tits."
* Alias groans.
<Alias> "Why couldn't have been something I could stab?"
<Mr_Wilt> "Gerald, you're the highest rank, and used to burning."
* Gnosis attempts to link to the main Foundation network.
* Gerald walks up to it. "Goddammit."
<Dr_Sorts> "I've been smelling a lot of burning lately, in my dreams…"
<Mr_Wilt> "You know more about SCP's than anybody here."
* Dr_Sorts sits down, opens up his laptop and starts typing into a word processor.
<Heiden> The music begins. It's starting!
* Harley_Glasgow sits down and sighs. Worst day in a long time.
<Heiden> That smarmy host that you remember so well, Dr. Gerald, is stepping up the podium.
* Gerald sighs. "Remember getting to see the live version of the show, before."
* Gnosis looks over at Sorts. "What're you doing?"
* Mr_Wilt watches.
* Dr_Sorts types slowly, as if he was entering exactly what he is currently saying "Yeah, I remember that night, Gerald. When Bright was on the stage."
* Laito watches,
<@Doctor_Light> "Everyone, if he starts asking questions, none of you under any circumstances are to answer for him."
<Gerald> "…."
<Gerald> "You know what, I don't give a shit any more. Why the hell not."
<Gnosis> "Got it, Light."
* Doctor_Light grips Alex's hand and watches the TV.
* Laito grips back. He whispers an apology in her ear.
<Heiden> The Hanged King seems to be lurking at the back of the set.
<Laito> "I see you there," Alex mutters to him.
<Gnosis> "… God, I hate this place."
<Gerald> "See, now this is why we don't cross-test the Items."
* Dr_Sorts notes this, and writes it down in his document. He refers to the King as the Ambassador from Alagadda.
<Gerald> "Can we start the show, please?"
<Heiden> The host goes through his initial chatter. "Good to see you folks, and good to see /you/, Dr. Gerald, for your second round!"
<Gerald> "Evening."
<Heiden> As he chatters, the Hanged King periodically sidles off set, only to sidle in from the edge of the screen, just a /little/ closer.
* Dr_Sorts notes this, but then adds the following:
<Heiden> "I'm sure you're ready for the game, another round of - say it with me, everyone!"
<Heiden> "CASH!"
<Heiden> "OR!"
<Heiden> "ASH!"
* Laito mutters.
* Dr_Sorts types "DR. SORTS looks down the opposite end of the hallway, to meet the gaze of the ever-present AMBASSADOR OF ALAGADDA before it steps around the corner out of sight."
* Dr_Sorts looks down the hallway, opposite from the television…
* Gerald yawns.
* Mr_Wilt watches.
* Gnosis looks over Sorts's shoulder and catches on.
<Heiden> "Doctor. Rodney. Gerald. For your first question - two more after this? What is the name of the location of our last live performance - oh, this should be an easy one for you, Doctor, you were /there/!"
<Gerald> "Oh, that's it? Ashton's."
<Heiden> The King flickers from sight a moment. It is as was written.
<Heiden> Sorts, defense.
<Heiden> Tinny, pre-recorded applause. "Very /good/!"
<Heiden> The Hanged King sidles ever-closer to the host.
<Heiden> Sorts, you feel like you've done something filthy and wrong. Indescribably vile.
* Alias looks over Sorts shoulder at what he's written and nods.
* Gerald narrows his eyes. "That place had some crappy fries, too."
* Dr_Sorts feels like this every day, pretty much. Only this time it is so much worse. With tears straining at the corners of his wincing eyes, Sorts spends the next few moments writing his tortured internal monologue.
<Heiden> "Okay, okay," the host says as the applause dies down. He doesn't seem to notice /it/ creeping up on him. "What former Foundation employee currently resides in Pleasant Springs, California after an unfortunate accident involving - oh, my - amnesiacs ended her career as a torturer?" The grin on his face is as cruel as they come.
<Gerald> "……You son of a bitch. Samantha Raelin."
<Heiden> "Manners, doctor! I know these are some tough ones, but it'll all be worth it in the en-"
* Doctor_Light watches distantly.
* Dr_Sorts fails to completely transcribe the question what with his current emo behavior, but at least gets the gist of it. He's having a hard time with this plan.
<Heiden> The Hanged King steps /through/ the host.
<Heiden> Its normally languid posturing stops as its head snaps up to glare - if it has eyes at all - directly at Gerald. [ Dialogue here - Demands
* Dr_Sorts types "The AMBASSADOR takes center stage…"
<Laito> "Oh shit…"
* Alias shudders.
<Gnosis> "Fuck."
* Harley_Glasgow eyes widen.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Damn."
<Mr_Wilt> "Dammit."
<Gnosis> "Sorts, you look like shit thrice warmed over. Let me take over."
* Dr_Sorts grabs Gnosis' arm, "The Ambassador… when he comes into the play, it is to collect his payment. He is here to collect a sacrifice. We… have to pay him. Heiden didn't put the play on!"
* Gerald pauses, eyes widening.
* Dr_Sorts slides out from under his laptop.
<Laito> "Shut up, Sorts."
* Gnosis continues transcribing, fingers flying over the keyboard. "What does Heiden have to do with anything?"
<Laito> "Oh shit… It all makes sense.."
* Laito epiphany.
<Gnosis> "… wait, what does? Oh shit."
* Dr_Sorts stammers, "We were going to have the D class put the play on but the test was canceled. We need to… give the Ambassador his due. The D class. The play."
<Laito> "Mann, sedate, Sorts. Now."
<Gnosis> "Sorts, get ahold of yourself. Nobody's going to die here today."
<Laito> One less comma
<DrMann> roll 5d6+1 Goddammit cat get out of the way so I can goddamned type fuck it all
<Mr_Wilt> "Sorts, calm down."
<Gnosis> "We don't know where the fucking D-class are right now!"
* Gerald staggers back a couple of steps. "No!"
* Gnosis is, yes, transcribing all this.
<@Doctor_Light> "We can promise him double if he holds on for a bit."
<Gerald> "Y-You're a play! A memetic infestation, a mind-virus! Nothing more!"
<Gnosis> "Shit, the director's gone crazy!"
<Mr_Wilt> "Sedate him!"
<Gnosis> "Do that and the fucking game show might get him!"
<Heiden> The King vanishes from view, then reappears. Its face fills the entire screen.
* Laito backs up.
<Gerald> "The Foundation!"
* Mr_Wilt jumps.
<Gerald> "That's my answer, The FOundation!"
* Laito stares at the King.
* Gnosis flinches. He's going to need that vacation.
<Gerald> "Fine! Nowhere!"
* Dr_Sorts is sedated by Dr Mann. He staggers, throwing his hands out at Gnosis dramatically, before keeling over like a bad opera actor. "The play's the… thing."
<Gerald> [Er, can I retcon that?]
<Gerald> [Didn't mean to say it TT.TT]
<Heiden> [Which?]
<Gerald> [The nowhere part]
<Heiden> […okay]
<Gerald> "Er, The Foundation! They've contained you! No matter how hard you try, we control you! If we don't let you in, leave it contained, you can do /nothing/!"
* Dr_Sorts smells something burning in his sleep. Again.
* Gnosis transcribes faithfully, but adds the line. "And the AMBASSADOR was forced to concede that DOCTOR GERALD had a point."
* Laito pulls out his phone and fiddles with it, without taking his eyes off the screen.
* Mr_Wilt stares at the screen.
<Heiden> Gerald's arm shoots forward, grabbing a knife and bringing it up to slash himself across the throat.
<Heiden> The knife on top of the TV wasn't there earlier. Odd.
<Gnosis> "S-shit!"
* Harley_Glasgow rushes fowards, and blocks the knife with his own arm.
<Heiden> Harley flunked the roll by 3, so he doesn't do that.
* Gnosis gets the feeling he did something fundamentally wrong, and stops typing.
* DrMann moves forward to close the wound as soon as it's made.
<Heiden> The TV flicks off as Gerald drags the knife across his throat.
<Heiden> He slumps to the ground but is caught by Mann, who immediately begins to stifle the flow. It's a deep cut.
* DrMann makes certain the trachea is intact, then uses 098 secretions to close the veins.
<Gnosis> "Let's get the hell out of here."
* Doctor_Light pulls out her pistol again, and watches down the hallways.
* Dr_Sorts snores.
<Harley_Glasgow> "Yes. Lets."
<Heiden> A message seems to be burned into the screen.
* DrMann constructs a crude stretcher.
<Heiden> Anyone going to read it?
* Gnosis reads it.
* Harley_Glasgow reads it.
<@Doctor_Light> Light sure as hell is.
* Mr_Wilt_is_Sorry reads it.
<Heiden> It reads, simply, "NOWHERE"
<@Doctor_Light> "Gnosis, drag Sorts. Laito, help Mann carry the director out."
<Gnosis> "Yes, Director." He picks Sorts up and drags him towards the exit.
<Laito> "Yes, /Light/." Silly face.
* Harley_Glasgow heads for the exit.
* Laito assists in getting Gerald out.
* Gerald has officially sworn off of theater for the rest of his life.
* Doctor_Light takes up the rear, aiming down the hallways, as they back out towards the door.
* Dr_Sorts dreams of being stuck on a conveyor belt that is rolling him towards a hideous piece of factory machinery.
* Harley_Glasgow HAET 17.
* Mr_Wilt rushes out the door, and looks around.
<Gnosis> "Mann, do you think he'll last the trip back to 23?"
* Gerald is dreaming of a mindraping voice screaming WHERE ARE YOU SAFE FROM ME? over and over again.
<@Doctor_Light> "Glasgow, radio the site, hospital bed for Gerald and psych scans for possible memetic infection for everyone.""
<Heiden> Things seem hazier, more indistinct.
<Heiden> Sorts is gone.
* Harley_Glasgow radios.
* Dr_Sorts vanishes.
* Gnosis looks behind him. "Shit!"
<@Doctor_Light> "Keep moving."
* Mr_Wilt keeps going. "Fuck. Fuck."
<Heiden> The world seems to begin disintegrating around you.
* Gnosis just flat-out fucking sprints for the exit.
* Harley_Glasgow finishes radioing, and grabs his detonator off his belt.
<Harley_Glasgow> CLICK
<Heiden> Nothing, Harley.
* Laito repeats a mantra in his head. ~Nothing is real but what you make of it.~
<Heiden> Canny, Dr. Laito.
<Heiden> The blackness enfolds you.
* Mr_Wilt continues to run.
* Laito lets it
<Heiden> You lose consciousness.
<Alias> Blah so tired T-T
<Harley_Glasgow> [BAD END}
<@Doctor_Light> "Mm… Uh…." She sighs as the world goes black.
<Alias> [Erm]
<Heiden> As you come to, your world is one simple thing.
<Heiden> Pain.
<Heiden> Your eyes drift open - the roof of the cargo plane. Something smells awful. Like burning.
<Heiden> Scorched across the roof of the plane is one simple word. "NOWHERE"
<Gnosis> "Uggh…"
<Harley_Glasgow> "Aghhhh"
* Laito sits up suddenly.
<DrMann> "Oh my!"
<Gerald> "…."
* Gerald sits up.
* Gerald vomits.
* Gnosis looks up and reads the message. He looks around for Sorts and Yoric.
<Alias> Uhg…
* Mr_Wilt just lays there.
<Gerald> "……."
<Heiden> Yoric is there. Sorts is not.
* Gerald is shaking rather badly.
<Gnosis> "Shit shit shit.
<Heiden> You hear a faint whupwhupwhupwhupwhupwhup in the distance.
<Gerald> He feels his neck.
* Laito stands up.
<Mr_Wilt> "Fuck, please tell me it's over."
<@Doctor_Light> Light squeezes her hands into fists, which really, really hurts. Her eyes water, but she gets up on her knees to look around.
<DrMann> "Careful. You don't want to upset the resin."
<Heiden> You're bleeding. Whatever's lodged in it is preventing you from bleeding out, though - looks like a thin sheet of metal.
<Gerald> "Mann, help."
<Heiden> Nioki's there too. Director Strelnikov is unconscious on the floor of the airplane, as is Agent Blue.
<Gnosis> "Where the hell is Sorts?"
* Gnosis stands up, fighting the pain, and searches the plane
* Mr_Wilt rolls onto his side, and gets up.
<Nioki> "My head. Fuck."
<@Doctor_Light> "Mann, do… Whatever. Fix him." She struggles to her feet. "Alex, uh… Whoever, check if the others are alive." Can she get out of the plane?
* Mr_Wilt rubs his face, and looks around. "Shit.."
<Heiden> The whupwhupwhupwhup sound is getting closer. Helicopters.
* Alias rises shakily to his feet… then passes out.
* Laito just… looks around kind of curiously, then goes to Sophia, smiling through his wincing. "Come on, love."
* Gnosis looks up at the helicopters. Are they Foundation?
* Nioki is standing up, trying to make sure everybody is there and alive.
* Harley_Glasgow hobbles out.
* Mr_Wilt resists the urge to vomit, remembering the walking corpse of the doctor. "Fuck me."
* Harley_Glasgow gazes.
* Laito helps Sophia out of the plane.
* Doctor_Light grits her teeth, nods- her left hand appears to be stuck in a fist now- and opens the door, assuming they're not in flight and all.
<Heiden> They have a huge Foundation logo emblazoned on the side as they fly through broad daylight. Probably Foundation.
<Heiden> ^sarcastic
<Heiden> They're unmarked.
<Heiden> You have no idea.
* Gnosis was looking for marks of anything else, he supposes.
<Gerald> "I'm putting in an order to destroy any and all copies of 701."
* Mr_Wilt rushes out of the plane and pukes.
<Nioki> "…What? Why?"
<Laito> "Not yet, Rodney. There's more to this."
<Gnosis> "Good idea, Gerald. That way when the next instance shows up we haven't done any more research."
<Heiden> The three helicopters land - medical personnel rush out to bundle you up, immobilize your neck, et cetera.
<Gerald> The sheet of metal?
<Nioki> "What are you talking about?"
* Mr_Wilt rubs his face again. "We must have been called there for a reason, other than to suffer that."
<@Doctor_Light> Where are they?
<Heiden> The man in charge quickly identifies himself as Site 17 medical personnel - Mobile Triage Unit 3, actually.
<Nioki> "Okay. What did I miss."
<Gnosis> "Okay, good."
* Gnosis looks around and checks his phone. Where the hell are they?
* Laito greets the triage team. "Howdy boys."
* Gerald would say something, but he's a bit busy being cared for.
* Harley_Glasgow is just too damn tired
* Mr_Wilt starts to stumble over to the helicopters. "I just want to go home."
* Gnosis also walks up to the triage team. "Wait. How did you know we needed assistance?"
<Heiden> The team leader just stares at Gnosis for a moment.
<Heiden> Then he points at something behind him.
* Doctor_Light looks.
* Harley_Glasgow looks.
* Laito smiles.
* Gnosis looks.
<Heiden> There's a plane there.
<Heiden> It's on the ground.
<Heiden> Like, not landed.
<Nioki> "Will /someone/ please explain what hell is going on here? The plane crashed, fine, yes."
<Gnosis> "… oh godfuckingdamnit"
* Gnosis tries to contact Site 17.
<Heiden> "We need to /clean this shit up/." The lead barks. "I don't know what the fuck a bunch of Aussies are doing here, but I hope you'll understand that a Foundation plane can't just /stay/ here. Let's /go/, gentlemen."
<Mr_Wilt> "I doubt we all just had the same fucking dream."
* Laito takes Gnosis' phone, with a stern look, and hands it to Sophia.
<Gnosis> "Hey!"
<Nioki> "Dream?"
<Heiden> Apparently Wilt hasn't noticed the "NOWHERE" emblazoned on the roof of the plane that they awoke in.
<Gnosis> "The hell was that for, Laito?"
* Mr_Wilt hasn't.
<Laito> "You're not in charge. Don't go making calls."
* Doctor_Light takes a picture from the ceiling of their vessel, then contacts Site 17.
<@Doctor_Light> "Hm? What's that?"
* Gnosis sighs. "Fine, fine. Probably have a point."
<Mr_Wilt> "Well, I don't understand how we could have just gone there, left and reached the plane, and then it suddenly crashes."
* Gnosis mutters. He's really protective about that phone, dammit.
* Doctor_Light is using her own.
* Nioki looks back and forth at the others. He gives up.
<Laito> Alex merely gave it to ophia so -she- can talk to 17.
<Laito> Sophia
* Gnosis is just trying to establish basic contact, see if the site's network is still fucked.
<Heiden> Light gets in contact with a Clearance 3 bureaucrat who seems to be impatient that their time is being wasted.
* Gnosis is going to assume that he has his phone, given that Sophia has hers out.
* Laito hands it back.
* Gnosis gives Laito a rather annoyed look.
* Doctor_Light demands information on very recent containment breaks, and the status of 701, and that they check /right now/ if they're not sure.
<Heiden> There have been no recent containment breaks, and 701's status is classified, and /what/ is your clearance again?
* Gerald is being politely told that no, he cannot have a cup of coffee with a slit throat.
<Laito> Not for weeks.
<Gnosis> "Don't take my phone away from me." he snaps.
* Laito is ignoring him now.
<Heiden> Gerald is bundled onto a stretcher, as are the non-walking wounded.
* Mr_Wilt rubs his hands through his hair. "Can we just go home and call it a day?"
<Gnosis> "Director Light, can you ask them if Sorts is there?"
<Nioki> "…How did we all survive a plane crash, anyway?"
<@Doctor_Light> "Level four god dammit. Sophia Nietzche Light, site director at 23." She will cut through the red tape with her teeth if she must.
<Mr_Wilt> "Fucking miracles."
<Heiden> Sophia cuts through the red tape and with it, bureacrat's chances of advancement as they wilt under her onslaught.
<Heiden> There have been no issues with 701.
<Heiden> Also, you were all in the back of a large cargo plane whose nose plunged into the ground.
<Heiden> The pilot is a fine red paste.
<@Doctor_Light> "Also. Is a Johannes Sorts employed at your site?"
<Heiden> They've moved the unconscious - Strelnikov, Blue, Yoric - onto stretchers.
<Heiden> Er, onto the helicopters.
<Laito> me fiddles with his phone.
* Laito fiddles with his phone.
<Heiden> You are being herded onto helicopters.
<Heiden> They don't know. You're getting transferred to Human Resources.
<Heiden> Please hold.
* Gnosis gets on the helicopter. "I really want that vacation now."
* Mr_Wilt gets on as well. "I'm with you there, man."
* Doctor_Light is herded, but stays on the line. Now she just has to know.
* Gerald doesn't really geet a choice in the matter.
<Heiden> The helicopters lift off and begin travelling towards Site 17.
<Heiden> They explode.
<@Doctor_Light> Rocks fall, the GM dies
* Dr_Sorts wakes up "What a dream!"
<Heiden> I mean, uh, Light's finally connected to HR. Can I help you?
<Mr_Wilt> Fuck you Heiden
* Dr_Sorts didn't wake up ;)
<@Doctor_Light> "Doctor Johannes Sorts. Is he employed at your site?"
<Nioki> "At some point, someone is going to have to explain what the fuck is going on. Went on. Whatever the hell happened that EVERYONE BUT ME SEEMS TO KNOW ABOUT."
<Heiden> Clacking on a keyboard. Quick passing of codewords to confirm Light's clearance.
<Gnosis> "Nioki, I don't have any fucking clue either."
<Heiden> "Yes we do, he's currently in Medical. Do you need him for something?"
<Mr_Wilt> "We supposedly went into site 17, and 701 had escaped containment. And then Cash or Ash was there, and some guy infected with 008, some psycho doctor."
* Dr_Sorts is currently laying in the infirmary at Site 17. He can smell something burning. His eyes are sunken, and the doctor is reminding him to get his diet under control.
<@Doctor_Light> "Why is he in medical?"
<Nioki> "…Was this a common delusion of a sort? Inside your heads, that is?"
* Gerald is, presumably, rushed to Medical.
<DrMann> "It would seem so."
<Heiden> They aren't sure. Transferring you to Medical.
<Gnosis> "Didn't you see the 'NOWHERE' burned onto the plane roof?"
* Doctor_Light grinds her teeth.
<Heiden> Please hold!
<Mr_Wilt> "I remember when everybody went insane." He curls up a bit. "You were doing crazy shit, and Yoric was sane, then crazy, and Mann tried to kill himself. I just want a vacation."
* Laito gently squeezes Sophia's thigh. "I know, love. I know."
<Heiden> Click. "Medical."
* Gnosis is on his phone, slumped over in his chair with his headphones in.
* Dr_Sorts is glad the doctor has been distracted. Time to get to work on his laptop. Aww yeah solitare.
<Nioki> "Huh. Mental SCPs tend to go a little haywire with me. Maybe that's why I didn't get in. Too many minds in one brain, all that crap."
* Doctor_Light repeats the question.
<Heiden> "Johannes? Yeah, he's got a hell of a fever. Really burning up, you know? Brought him in today, found him fainted out in the hallway. Been working through it, I guess. Why do you ask?"
<Heiden> The nurse on the other end seems only mildly concerned.
<@Doctor_Light> "Um… Nothing, much, really. Can you mark on his file that I'd like to be updated if his condition significantly changes?"
<@Doctor_Light> "Or if the cause is discovered?"
* Dr_Sorts hollers at the nurse. He'd heard his name, "If that is Doctor Snorlison, tell him I'll have the report ready by five!"
<Heiden> "Noted, doctor. Seems like a simple rhinovirus along with stress-compromised immune system, though."
<Gnosis> "Hey, Gerald. Cass is going to be fine."
<Heiden> They land at Site 17.
<Gnosis> Wait what.
<Gerald> "I cut my own goddamn throat, and just had my mind invaded by The Hanged King, you think I care right now?"
* Mr_Wilt steps out of the helicopter.
* Laito steps out with Sophia.
* Gnosis gets out of the helicopter. Why would he think a chopper could take him across an ocean? That's silly.
* Dr_Sorts gets some Jello in the infirmary, awww yeah.
<Heiden> Security checkpoint is manned, but once they see who's unloading you, everything's unlocked. You're all being urged towards Medical.
<Gnosis> "Just thought you might want to know." he murmurs.
<@Doctor_Light> "…Right, okay." Gerald can manage interviews later; right now, Light figures she's done her job. She follows everyone to medical.
* Laito is tempted to wander off and go talk to Dr. Rights.
* Nioki gets out favoring his left leg.
<Heiden> If Rights were on, this would be quite possible, Laito.
<Heiden> …is she?
<Laito> Nope.
<Heiden> She's asleep or something. Don't be rude. :|
* Laito won't be. Just thinking about it for later.
* Dr_Sorts is all just laying there in medical with his laptop whenever people show up or something. He's pretty chill at the moment, being well fed and awake enough to ignore the burning smell.
<Heiden> You're in medical, being looked over. The smell of oil and burning picks up quite significantly as the team is led into the ward.
* Dr_Sorts pales noticeably when he sees the exact people he had just dreamed about marching in, injured.
* Laito waves.
* Mr_Wilt looks over at Sorts.
* Gnosis sighs and mutters to himself, still using his phone.
* Dr_Sorts chooses his words very carefully, "So. You guys get a call about a Keter level breach?"
* Doctor_Light nods, slowly.
<Dr_Sorts> "…Just have Mann sedate me again next time. That changed the dream."
<Mr_Wilt> "Yeah.."
<Gnosis> "Did it?"
* Laito whispers something to Sophia, then wanders out of Medical.
<Dr_Sorts> "I remember hamming it up at you. Gnosis, right? Yeah anyway after that I dreamed about a conveyor belt. What triggered it for you guys though? Lots of nightmares lately?"
<Gnosis> "Yeah, that's my name. And… I haven't been having any nightmares. Beyond the usual, I mean."
* Mr_Wilt shakes his head.
<Dr_Sorts> "So what happened? Why are you guys /here/? Hell I don't even know half of you. Something has to explain the shared experience."
<Dr_Sorts> "… what happened to Gerald?!"
<Mr_Wilt> "He almost killed himself. Would have had Mann not saved him."
<Dr_Sorts> "When?" Sorts asks, having been sedated at that point for some reason
<Mr_Wilt> "After you were sedated."
<Gnosis> "We got a call that there was a Keter breach, so we all went over to 17."
<@Doctor_Light> "We're not really sure. Alex is calling Heiden, I believe, who did the most recent research at Site 17 with 701."
* Mr_Wilt sends a quick text on his phone.
* Dr_Sorts puts these pieces together. "Sophie, please don't say that number. We need to be very careful what we say about this from now on."
<Dr_Sorts> "Also, nice to see you again. Er, ma'am."
<@Doctor_Light> "…Right. Yes, good to see you too, Doctor."
<Dr_Sorts> "I've been having recurring nightmares about what we just experienced for months. Even before that go— before an unrelated incident. If you've been pulled into these dreams then that means this could be contagious information."
* Mr_Wilt offers Sorts a shaking hand for a handshake.
<Gnosis> "If it's contagious information, how the hell would it have spread to me?"
* Dr_Sorts stares at Mr Wilt like this is some kind of joke.
<Dr_Sorts> "We don't know yet, Gnosis. Because we'd never met. But… Dr. Light, Yoric, Dmitri… they were all my friends who transferred over to 23. I've been missing… I mean… You know. Thinking about them. And now they're here and all beat up."
<Dr_Sorts> "It might be me."
<Mr_Wilt> "I know, bad circumstances in meeting and all, I'm sorry."
<@Doctor_Light> "I've requested memeti- Wait, no, I didn't. Damn. Well, okay, I will request memetics testing for all of us, see if it could be something contaigious." She says the last part pretty quietly.
* Dr_Sorts shakes Mr. Wilt's hand.
<Dr_Sorts> "Sure thing, Dr. Light. I thought these were just dreams, but there's a bright side. For a few seconds we were in control."
* Mr_Wilt smiles lightly. "Pleasure to meet you, Doctor Sorts."
<@Doctor_Light> "Yes. And that's highly significant." She nods thoughtfully.
<Dr_Sorts> "It's fucking Nightmare on Elm Street is what it is" Sorts sighs. "Anyway, I've had zero actual sleep and probably you guys haven't either. So I think we should take some sleepy fun pills and call it a day."
<@Doctor_Light> "Yeah, I should go get this fixed." She gestures to her left hand. "Talk to you later, Sorts."
<Dr_Sorts> "Bye Sophia."
* Mr_Wilt sends another text through his phone, and walks off.
* Doctor_Light wanders off to go find a doctor. The one who ends up fixing her hand is the same one that operated on it after she got back from Somalia, who is somewhat confused by working on the same injury a year apart. Light doesn't say much to him.
* Laito wanders back in to find Sophia.
<Laito> "Hey, Gorgeous," he says casually, as if they didn't just have terrible nightmares.
<@Doctor_Light> "Hey there." She forces a smile at him, as the doctor cleans up.
* Mr_Wilt wanders around the site, wondering when they can just go home and he can get some of those fucking brownies.
* Laito wishes it were easier for her to smile. Her forced ones are no where near as pretty. "He's a bit freaked… but I told him we'd be putting something together for this. Honestly, I'm less worries about Jager right now."
<Laito> Worried*
* Mr_Wilt exits the site and boards a plane. Fuck this place, there's no place like home.
<@Doctor_Light> "Well. Yeah. Same. In the same way that I'm less worried about the expansion of the sun right now." Bitter grin that fades quickly. "What do you want to do?"
<Laito> "We should get a small group together to figure this shit out, and we should probably take 701 with us." He says that with a bit of regret.
<Heiden> [Copies of 701 are stored at more than a few Sites at the moment. Containment Vault 227 at 23 is currently host to 4 copies.]
<@Doctor_Light> "Well, yeah. But. Now."
<Laito> Edit, "Probably gather all copies of 701."

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