01:19 Heiden_GM Your vision tinges a shade of red.
01:19 Heiden_GM Very faint.
01:20 Heiden_GM Nothing in sight out of the ordinary.
01:24 Heiden_GM You fall. Twenty feet or so, landing painfully on an a surprisingly somewhat-padded floor. Your light, unfortunately, has gone out.
01:24 Heiden_GM You can hear Helgason's calls. Respond here.
01:25 Agent_Nielson "Yeah! I'm fine! No light though! Can you toss down a chem-light?"
01:25 Heiden_GM The red tint to your vision has reasserted itself, and you can feel pinpoints of pressure over your body.
01:25 Agent_Nielson He pulls himself to his feet, MP5 up and tracking. [Should I leave the other channel?]
01:26 Heiden_GM No, keep listening.
01:27 Heiden_GM The whispers they spoke of earlier? No. Screaming. Shouting. A blasphemous torrent of noise that begins with no prelude.
01:27 Agent_Nielson "Argh!" He doubles over, hands over his ears.
01:28 Heiden_GM The Entity begins impressing its will over yours, the MP5 landing on the floor with a moist thump.
01:29 Heiden_GM It's assuming control of your motor functions, you begin to realize.
01:29 Heiden_GM Your lips part and with a strangled cry, you reply to the Agents above.
01:30 Agent_Nielson Inside his head, Nielson is horrified. He tries to reach for his side-arm.
01:31 Heiden_GM Nothing. The feeling of joy, triumph, victory is all you can sense from it. Of all the messages it continues to spew at you, this is the only one you can understand, repeated as an endless mantra: "NEW TOY NEW TOY NEW TOY"
01:32 Agent_Nielson He tries again. "No! Stay away!" he endeavors to yell to his comrades.
01:33 Heiden_GM It's a testament to your strength of will that it comes out as it does."
01:35 Heiden_GM Rage.
01:35 Heiden_GM The Entity cannot comprehend this rebellion, and it renews its efforts to quash your will.
01:36 Agent_Nielson Hate, right back at it. "Get out of my head, GODDAMNIT!"
01:37 Heiden_GM You can feel the last vestiges of what you are - once were, anyway - losing to the onslaught of the Entity.
01:37 Heiden_GM Then…
01:37 Heiden_GM BEEP
01:37 Heiden_GM BEEP
01:37 Heiden_GM BEEP
01:37 Heiden_GM And you feel nothing.

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