Moishe Rose McClery

Player: yoric

Role: Field Agent


Loyal, upstanding goon.


McClery's a big guy. Strapping, you could say; tall and broad, but not musclebound. He has short cropped hair with a bit of a pompadour in the front he's never been able to make go away. Tends to have his sleeves rolled up and collar undone at all times; he comes to work in a tie every morning, and gives up on wearing it before lunch.


The son of an Irish immigrant liquor store owner and a Jewish secretary, Moishe grew up picked on, so he grew up tough. His deeply religious parents agreed to disagree and raised him to be honest to a tee, loyal to a fault, and punctual to a, uh, timetable. He does not smoke or drink without making sure his mother won't find out, does not work on saturdays, and is sometimes late on sundays because he drove his dad to mass. On a whim, he applied for a government job as an alternative to manning a counter in his father's store, only to find that the pencilneck he'd saved from a back alley mugging the day before was his interviewer. La ti freakin' da.
McClery does not like people he doesn't know well using his first name, and doesn't like them knowing his middle name. He eschews the tattoos and tough guy antics of some of his contemporaries in favor of a clean cut and respectful presentation. "After all," he'd say, "you never know when your rabbi will walk around the corner and find ya slappin' a palooka." For all that, he can't resist the urge to peacock a bit. Does that knuckleduster match his watch?


Intellect: 1

Charm: 3

Battle: 4

Subterfuge: 1

"Don't let my ma see this photo."
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