Margot Allenby (Burns)

Margot Allenby

Player: Burns

Role: Security Consultant


Self-interested, greedy, smug, and above all else, cautious to a fault. Margot is concerned with three steps: find thing to get, get thing, get away with thing. If she was a little more aware she'd realize she likes the getting portion more than the having portion. While friendly enough, Margot is used to ensuring that no one knows enough about her to screw her over, a habit that she's finding hard to break. Might actually be friendly for a non-ulterior motive! Probably not.


Margot is a pretty but unmemorable woman, with a bob of brown hair, a slender nose, and a smile that tends more towards coy than beautiful. While she appears rather thin, there's a deceptive amount of strength in those wiry muscles, but not enough to make her stand out.


Margot has a long, sordid past of pretty things that she wanted and other people had. As she said in her written confession, the stealing wasn't really the hard part. It was the keeping that tended to get her in real trouble.

It could be argued that stealing the pearls of a mafiosi's mistress was a poor way to audition for a heist. Margot wouldn't deny you- she was too busy packing her bags when the feds busted down her door. The deal they struck was perfunctory and blunt. Roll over on your former colleagues, don't try to escape, and you don't go immediately to jail.

The unfortunate side effect of putting her out of paying work didn't strike her until she'd signed. Unwilling to try to hop back into a criminal career that had already proved fruitless, and worried about her old debts, Margot batted her eyelashes and talked her way into helping the Feds keep their precious files under a tighter lock and key. Who knows? It could be fun (it is not fun).


Intellect: 1

Charisma: 3

Battle: 1

Subterfuge: 4

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