Makoto Yamazaki

Name: Yamazaki Makoto

Position: Agent (espionage)


Agility: 0

Deception: 2

Technologist: 2

Perception: 2

Sociability: 2

Mental Defense: 3

Physical Defense: 3

Ranged Weapons: 3

Simple Weapons: 2

Medical: 0

Science: 0

Academia: 1

Health: 7

Mental Health: 7



Public Security: 2

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

Yamazaki Family Sword

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

H&K Mk23

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Very polite, he uses the honorifics -san and -sama unless he is very close to the person.

I'm A Man Of Wealth and Taste: Has a very sophisticated and respectable look to him when he is not in the field.

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

Call Me Lucifer: Piss him off enough and you're about to see the Devil himself.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Raised on spy comics and James Bond movies, Mokoto wanted to be a spy since a young age. Despite the economic depression of the 90's claiming the lives of his only financial support, he made it through college and was accepted into the Public Security Intelligence Agency. After working for them for several years, and several successful black ops, Makoto was recruited into the Foundation for his talents in espionage. He conducted several successful raids against Foundation enemies including the COBG, MC&D; as well as counterintelligence ops against the GOC and Chaos Insurgency.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

Languages: Japanese, English.

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