Mac's Internal Computer

Mac's bio-nanotech implant

When the Chaos Insurgency recruited James Guffin as an agent, they performed experimental surgery upon him in order to give him a special edge. Hidden between the two hemispheres of his brain, nestled up to the hippocampus, rests a biotech wonder. A small nanotech factory and computer have integrated themselves with the rest of his mind, giving him the means to initiate telepathic communications to his CI Control. A side effect is that the device can also be used to heal mental damage more quickly than normal.

Recently, CI has given Mac greater access to the device in his mind, so that he can use it as a programmable computer as well. Mac is able to set up expert routines in his mind so as to assist him in various tasks, such as observation, perception, and technical knowledge. Presently, Mac has limited access, but over time the device will be an extremely powerful tool.

Since this is a device constructed and maintained by the Chaos Insurgency, there would likely be security measures in place, just in case Mac were no longer loyal, or if someone tried to remove the device from his skull.


Bio-Nanotech Implant (Unique Device): Grants Mac a Dice Pool that he may apply to a skill before a run. Skills that can be upgraded would be mostly mental ones, since the implant is a function of the mind, rather than of reflexes and muscle memory.
Dice Pool: +2 at present

Cost to improve: 2 XP for +1, up to 6 XP for +3 or a full die, requires rolls as for Crafting to upgrade. As a substitute for the Science Roll, Mac instead rolls his Faction for Chaos Insurgency to meet the DC. The Technologist roll is the same, to represent actually "coding" the device.

Other options may be purchased, pending approval from Bright and Heiden.

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