Log 234b

Blotting out the high noonday sun of the Australian Outback, the insectile form of the chopper glided towards its destination. The pilot checked his readings, noted the position of the rocks dotting the landscape, and tried very hard not to think about the man in the back.
A routine transfer they had said. Some electrical equipment. And another agent heading to Site 23, in response to the increased activity that Site had been seeing. No reason to worry. And then he had met the man he was transporting, all laughter and smiles and cold killer's eyes. He had seen worse in his time with the Foundation, but always contained, never just walking about, unbound by anything but rules and restrictions. He'd made his excuses and beat a hasty retreat. Plane needed refueling, and he had to prime the left hand gear shaft… The usual lies. The agent had nodded and smiled at the appropriate cues. And those cold eyes had followed him as he retreated out the door.
The next time the pilot had seen him, he was unconcious. A medical condition. Nothing to be worried about. Their constant re-assurances had done nothing to make him less nervous. Even in his sleep the man seemed to be grinning faintly. The idea that the scars were pulling his lips back never crossed the pilot's mind. He'd hopped into the helicopter and started his journey, eager to be parted with his cargo.
With such thoughts weighing heavily on his mind, he can be forgiven for not being able to dodge the missile until it had punched through his cockpit, detonating into a blossom of fire, pressure and electromagnetic energy.
The man in the back, strapped into one of the seats in the back, didn't even notice as the steel mechanism connected to his shoulder was torn away by shrapnel and spun off into the night. The sparking remains burning small holes into the side of his uniform. Had he been awake, his thoughts might have mused on the fact that this was another point in favour of his beliefs on how the world worked. As it stood, he simply slept on, as the helicopter crashed into the earth below.
It would be hours before a search party would be sent out, rescues performed, and a file labeled "Agent LeRoyce, Jean" would be opened, and a notation of a successful recovery slid inside.

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