Liang, Sidney (gravityy)

Dr. Sidney Liang


Player: gravityy


Archaeologist — specialist in the ancient Near/Middle East


Ambiverted, personable, sanguine. Temperate as a spring afternoon. Usually easygoing (don't move his stuff).


5'7", slight build. Wears glasses to correct a bit of nearsightedness. Older than he looks.


Sidney was born in San Francisco to Taiwanese-American parents with whom he had a falling-out he refuses to discuss. He was educated at UC Davis, where he nurtured his interest in the beginnings of civilizations.

He served as a supervisor for a series of digs conducted in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. His papers on the unusual findings netted him a job offer from an organization in Chicago he'd never previously heard of. He jumped at the chance to leave California, and the rest is history.


Intellect: 4

Charm: 3

Battle: 1

Subterfuge: 1

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