OLeary Dr. Charles


The field office is a smaller facility, but there remains plenty of work to be done. What position does your character fill? The out-of-character chat (#fledglingooc) is a good place to bounce ideas for positions if you're having trouble coming up with one!

A sentence or two covering basic personality traits exhibited by your character.

Less important to the game than the first two categories is your character's description - a brief summary of your character's physical appearance - but, it will be useful when searching for or requesting an image to represent your character.

This (optional) section is for a summary of your character's personal history. Keep in mind that encounters with the paranormal are almost certainly not going to be used by the Foundation as a point to encourage recruitment.

This section is how your character interacts with the world in high-stress situations. Allocate 11 points between your stats, with a minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 in any given score. The statistics are broken down as follows:

The use of your perception, wits, and understanding. Doctors typically have a high Intellect, as would researchers, and detectives. If you're trying to ferret something out - whether it's hiding in the bushes or in several thick, complicated tomes, you want to use your Intellect.

The ability to make friends and influence people - for good or for ill. Someone with a lot of Charm can play up whatever side of their personality they want, when they want. Whether it's to sweet-talk a judge into reducing your sentence, or to intimidate a wise guy into letting you have his table, you will need to use your Charisma.

This statistic covers one's ability to dispense violence on others, along with raw physical capability. A Battle-hardened individual focuses on entering conflict and coming out on top - with their opponent in a battered heap behind them.

This skill governs the various 'less-than-legal' skills that a Foundation agent may need to use in the course of their career. Slipping past a slavering dog, lifting something off of a guard, or jimmying a lock so your team can get inside - any of these would require Subterfuge.

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