00:18 Heiden_GM You hear an obscene screaming in your ears, words you cannot comprehend.
00:18 TimJohnson "AAARRRGGGH"
00:18 Heiden_GM Your vision tinges red as you come face-to-face with The Entity of the Fault.
00:19 TimJohnson "FUCK!"
00:19 TimJohnson maintains visual and runs backwards into the wall
00:19 TimJohnson *into the door
00:21 TimJohnson "What do you want?"
00:21 Heiden_GM It shrieks with glee as it begins to feast on your psyche. The door bounces, but doesn't give.
00:21 TimJohnson "AAAGGH!!" Johnson shoots at the Entity
00:22 Heiden_GM Again, a series of discordant, incomprehensible messages bombard you. The only thing you can comprehend is "NEW TOY".
00:23 TimJohnson "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!" Johnson screams
00:23 TimJohnson pulls out his second pistol and tries to shoot a passageway through the door while continuing to fire at the Entity
00:24 TimJohnson "OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR"
00:24 Heiden_GM You feel your own will being shunted to the side as the Entity impresses its will over yours.
00:24 TimJohnson "NOOOO!! GET OUT!! GET OUT!! GET OUT!! GET OUT!!"
00:25 TimJohnson "OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!!"
00:25 TimJohnson smashes his head onto the door to get it out
00:25 Heiden_GM As you feel the Entity assume control of the last vestiges of your motor functions, you feel another, blissfully freeing sensation.
00:25 Heiden_GM Three beeps in rapid succession.
00:26 Heiden_GM The collar detonates.

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