Jebediah Angus Nolan

Name: Jebediah Angus Nolan

Position: Clearance Level 1, Janitor


  • Defense: 4
  • Melee: 2 (Unarmed Combat and Improvised weapons {Cleaning Instruments} only)
  • Firearms: 2 (Hunting Rifles and Shotguns only)
  • Electronics: 2 (Cleaning/Upkeep only)
  • Mechanics: 2 (Cleaning/Upkeep only)
  • Wilderness Survival: 3
  • Acrobatics: 2 (Only while cleaning)

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

  • One (1) grey cloth patch with "Jeb" stitched into it in red
  • One (1) brown leather wallet with embroidered eagle containing:

One (1) driver's license for the state of West Virginia
One (1) Lifestyle-brand condom
One (1) non-descript silver dollar

  • One (1) non-standard dark grey set of coveralls with "Jeb" patch (Kept for "sentimental reasons")
  • One (1) Case-brand pocket knife
  • One (1) whetstone

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

Not Applicable

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Jeb, despite his age and beer gut, is in exceptional condition thanks to his work ethic and love of the outdoors. While he is in no way superhuman, he rarely seems to tire after long work days and is well rested with the usual amount of sleep the next day.

While "lost in thought" Jeb's ignorance of the surroundings does not affect his sense of self-preservation and he has been shown in the past to be able to perform strangely athletic feats while not disturbing the flow of his work. One particular incident occured when Jeb was mopping and a fist fight broke out in a bar in West Virginia. Although he showed no signs of recognizing the danger, he mopped directly between three men and managed to avoid various blows that went wide and ended up directed at him, showing no knowledge of what had happened when he finally finished mopping twenty minutes after the fight was broken up.

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

One of the most noticeable things about Jeb aside from his physical appearance is the fact that whenever he begins to clean, whether it be dusting a shelf or mopping a floor, he tends to "get lost in thought" and become completely unaware of his surroundings. While this does not prevent him from protecting himself he is still caught off guard as easily as any other normal human being.

Jeb's skills revolve almost exclusively around either hunting or maintenance work, both of which are passions in his life. Understanding the workings of things doesn't seem to be a concern, nor does he express the interest in learning how to build things from scratch, just have enough knowledge to keep them running and in good condition. All skills except Wilderness Survival are marked with requirements or limitations that show the extent of Jeb's skill set. Anything outside of these that he attempts (Like using a firearm other than a hunting rifle or shotgun) should be considered to have no skill points allocated.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Jebediah was born in rural West Virginia on August 13th, 1957 and raised as most would expect someone of low income in such an area. Hunting was a way of life in the "holler" where he and his parents lived and Jeb, as an only child, was taught everything they both knew about trapping and surviving off of the land until he was old enough to get a job and began to work in a coal mine with his father and uncle, only receiving a formal education to Grade 3 before it was considered unnecessary by his parents.

A few years at this vocation and Jeb began to understand that it wasn't the work for him. His tendency to lose focus when working caused more than a few accidents ending in his termination and a great deal of disappointment from his father when he showed no signs of shame over it. Jeb went to work shortly after this sweeping up in a barber shop in the nearest town, taking on multiple jobs cleaning up messes in order to pay his bills and provide for himself.

One mundane job led to another, always in custodial services and almost always until either laid off due to cutbacks or because businesses were shut down for whatever reason and while Jeb had witnessed more than his own share of financial misfortune it never seemed to dampen his mood while doing his job or looking for another. Even though many people would not understand just how dangerous many bars and other locations constantly in need of new janitors may be, Jeb has devised his own combat techniques for those who get out of hand when he is on the job and not cleaning. These techniques follow into the strange "lost in thought" combat style as well, though his lack of true mastery of any kind of martial art is apparent to anyone with proper training.

This cycle of jobs continued well into his adult life and indeed until he posted the application for Clearance level 1 with the Foundation for custodial services.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

Jebediah is 6'4" and 310lbs with a protruding beer gut but otherwise well built with the obvious look of muscle beginning the decline to old man flab. Long, silver hair is constantly pulled back into a ponytail with a faint thinning on top becoming obvious as he progresses in years, though his beard is quite full and curled like the typical "santa beard" one would expect to come out during the holidays. With dark brown eyes and various wrinkles from smiling and deep thought obviously on his features, he never really was a looker and age certainly hasn't given him the dashing "Silver fox" look that many receive.

While not an alcoholic, Jeb does drink on his time off but rarely ever to excess, though excess for him seems to be quite high compared to other casual drinkers, leaving him capable of drinking one to two dozen standard cans without obvious signs of intoxication.

Two things almost completely compose Jeb's life: Work, and the Outdoors. Though he has no objection to sitting and watching television for hours on end, most often it involves westerns or outdoor channels where he can watch other people hunt and fish.

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