Jason Dodridge

Name: Jason Dodridge

Position: Site-23 Director of Security/Level 3 Agent/Special Task Force Omega-23 Assault Specialist


Agility: 2
Deception: 0
Technologist: 0
Perception: 3
Sociability: 0
Resilience: 4
Fortitude: 5
Ranged Weapons: 5
Simple Weapons: 5
Medical: 0
Science: 0
Academia: 0
Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

3 Held EXP
23 Used EXP


Military: 3
Armory: 2
Heiden: 1

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

•Highball glass, from Doctor Heiden
•Ornate custom revolver, from Directors Janus/Hela
•US Marine Corps combat, utility, service, and dress uniforms
•Collection of devices, badges, ribbons, and medals awarded for service
•NCO sword
•Promotion warrants
•Toughbook ruggedized laptop
•Android cellular phone
•Dog tags
•Leatherman multitool

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

•MCCUU/Underarmor Desert Digital Uniform
•Indian Armor Concealable Vest w/NIJ IV Strike Plates
•Oakley M-Frame Ballistic Sunglasses
•Blackhawk Cartridge Belt w/Thigh Pistol Rig, Thigh Magazine Rig
•Utility Pouches, Tazer Holster
•Mk68Mod2 Combat Rifle w/HB25 Red Dot Sight, AN/PEQ-16B Target Illuminator (ACR revision)
•Mk45Mod1 Service Handgun w/X400 Target Illuminator (BE revision)
•M26 Tazer w/X400 Target Illuminator
•OKC-Det1 Folding Knife
•ASP Collapsible Baton
•AN/PRC-148 V4 JEM2.2 MBITR Radio w/Remote Mic
•Loadout Bag w/MTS XT Ballistic Armor w/TC-2002 MICH, LANX MOPP4 Hazard Suit w/M40 FPM

•Mk1 TRAVIS "Oxide"
•CWU 27/PA2 Power Suit Undergarment
•MCCUU Desert Digital Uniform
•BH LBE Tactical Suite
•Mk21Mod3 OSWS Heavy Machine Gun w/Surefire Hellfighter Heavy Gun Weaponlight (M2 revision)
•Mk17Mod3 ICWS Battle Rifle w/Mk25Mod2 OIWS Grenade Launcher, 552.XR338 Holographic Sight, AN/PEQ-16B Target Illuminator (SCAR-H/AGL revision)
•Mk12Mod2 CAWS Combat Shotgun w/Mk26Mod2 Contact Tazer, HB25 Red Dot Sight, AN/PEQ-16B Target Illuminator (SPAS-12/M26 revision)
•Mk19Mod2 OHWS Offensive Handgun w/X400 Target Illuminator (DEP revision)
•Mk1Mod1 BH Tatang Fighting Knife (Tatang Revision)

Custom-Manufactured Equipment
Mk1 Titanium Reinforced Armed Vanguard Infantry Suit: A powered assault suit originally prototyped for the US military, this functional revision is fully armored, buffered, and environmentally sealed. It includes a Telekill-threaded internal spall liner, undersuit Goretex seals, and low-profile titanium disulfide external plates. It magnifies the operator's strength by several orders, and has expansion slots for further modification. Jason's named the one-of-a-kind suit "Oxide", and it hosts many of the same "tattoos" he does.
Bonus: The suit provides a +3 to Resilience, +3 to Fortitude, and vastly increases the wearer's strength.

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Hard Corps: Exhaustive training and grueling combat experience have left him hardened to pain and trauma that might otherwise break others.
One Mind, Any Weapon: By gun, by blade, or by bare hand, if it needs killed, he'll kill it. Possessing multiple expert-level qualifications on nearly any infantry weapon system imaginable, and rounding out a black-belt level of MCMAP with Krav Maga, he can stand against nearly any combatant in armed or unarmed combat of any sort.
Get Some: Energetic and active, he is usually looking for an outlet on which to focus his time and effort.
Battle Buddy: A strong sense of personal honor and the stark realities of his profession ingrained in him the meaning and value of sacrifice. Those who earn his trust will never find themselves standing alone.
Whole Nine Yards: Motivated and dedicated, once he is set upon a task or objective, it gets done, period.
1775: He is fiercely and vocally proud of his warrior heritage, and has cultivated an abiding respect and camaraderie for those he has deemed to be able to take care of themselves.

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

Condition One: Although friendly and jovial by nature, he is impatient in the extreme, and quick to anger. The count to ten rarely makes it past one.
University of Science, Music, and Culture: A whirlwind tour from high school to the Corps to the Foundation didn't exactly leave a lot of time for correspondence courses. Anything more nebulous than high school science may go over his head.
Noise Discipline: A brash attitude, distaste for red tape and bureaucratic protocol, and a near non-existent sense of self-censorship often leave him at odds with more fastidious, conservative minds, or those at the brunt of his ire. Situations requiring tact and diplomacy are better left to others.
Identification Friend or Foe: A pronounced affinity for conflict and mobilization have given him a world view in which there are few neutrals. Anyone not on his side or obviously uninvolved one way or the other are often viewed as muddling, obstructive bystanders at best, or obstacles to be dismantled in any way possible at worst.
Hammerdown: Want to see a cool explosion? Mess with Dr. Alice Erdrich Dodridge.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Jason Dodridge was born in rural Appalachia in ██████████, ██ in early 1986. After barely graduating high school due to a perceived pointlessness in academic pursuits, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, spurred by his uncle's service in Vietnam. He completed three tours of duty in Iraq as a rifleman/reconnaissance Marine (0311/0321), and achieved the rank of Corporal prior to discharge. In between tours, he attended numerous special schools, and held a number of billets in his platoon. Before EAS, his exemplary service record and noted dedication to mission accomplishment caught the eye of Foundation recruiting personnel serving as USSOCOM liaisons, and he was offered a position with the Foundation. After accepting, he was transferred to a black unit serving as a dedicated front for US military personnel under direct Foundation authority.

Originally assigned to Armed Mobile Task Force Nu-7 in mid-2008, he operated out of Armed Bio-Containment Area-14 as a fire team leader in the Most Dangerous Game's assault section, during which time his primary mission was the suppression, recovery, and eradication of wild instances of SCP-███. Following the infamous wide-scale SCP-███ population surge and subsequent breakout in Johannesburg, South Africa in early 2010 that nearly overwhelmed Nu-7, his tactical proficiency and exemplary kill record against the rampaging Keters during the sustained engagement were noted and flagged by the Task Force's commanding officer, leading to his transfer to Site 23's Special Task Force Omega-23 in early 2011.

Shortly after his transferal to Site 23, he applied for a senior position there, citing his extensive combat experience across the full spectrum of conflict and familiarity with internal security, threat mitigation, quick response, and counter terrorism operations. Over complaints of Director Janus, he received the appointment, and currently serves as the Director of Security for Site 23.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

Jason stands at 173 centimeters, and weighs 75 kilograms, with an athletic build. He has green eyes, and brown hair cut into a high and tight, and wears his uniforms to Marine regs, with the sleeves neatly folded and the trousers bloused over his boots. He has a host of identifying tattoos on his arms and upper body, all of a patriotic/military nature, including an EGA, a US flag, a Grim Reaper, a Death's Head, and the text's "USMC" and "0321". Married to Director Alice Erdrich Dodridge.

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