Frequently Asked Questions

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I don't know anything about guns, but I want my character to carry one. What's the difference between the various starting guns available?

The difference between the guns listed, within the confines of the game, are as listed. If a gun has no statistics, it is identical within the system to any other non-bonus providing weapon: all it does is permit you to make ranged attacks.

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How does I get level?

Levels will be awarded at a GM's discretion at the end of an event. Players running an event may not award levels.

Wait, you mean we can actually die?

Short answer? Yes.
Long answer? Yeeeeesssssss.

Can I give my character a rocket launcher/giantrobot/superpower/psychic ability/whatever?


Why is the level cap set at four?

To promote a diversity of skills within the supposedly highly talented and often-tested employees of the Foundation.

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Take it elsewhere.

What's the deal with a skill list? can't we just make up our own?

You are more than welcome to make up your own skills, provided said skill is approved by a GM and added to the Skill List for other players to take. Predefined skills put all characters on an even playing ground.

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