Emil Dobrowolski Bouncl

Character Name

Emil Dobrowolski




Law Enforcement Liaison


Good natured, stubborn, choleric.


35 years old, six foot, dark hair, immaculate mustache, 2 earrings. easy smile, but has resting bitch face. Pictured: Emil while off duty.


The son of Polish immigrants who emigrated to Chicago, Emil grew up in the city and joined its police force soon after highschool. After several years as a patrolman, a promotion to detective and a series of undercover jobs cemented his place on the force as an ambitious officer. Despite being chased by a string of police brutality allegations, his familiarity with the area and track record working with both legal and criminal elements in the city saw him tapped for a spot on the Foundation for Study of Para-natural Phenomena.


Intellect: 3

Charm: 3

Battle: 2

Subterfuge: 1

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