Simon_Deboux gives a slight grin to Johnson and Teese. "Good to meet ya'll"
<Michael_Teese>: "I guess."
Michael_Teese seems withdrawn. D:
TimJohnson tosses Teese a canteen
<TimJohnson>: "You look like you can use a drink."
<Heiden_GM>: Cather says, "You can all head in when you're ready. They've had enough of a head start. Just don't want you two stumbling over each other in there.
Simon_Deboux nods, and turns to the team. "Shall we?"
<TimJohnson>: *ka-click* Johnson loads a round and unarms the safety. "Yes."
TimJohnson looks at Teese. "Are you done drinking?"
Michael_Teese slugs back some of the canteen.
<Michael_Teese>: "Lets go."
TimJohnson takes point and walks into the house
Simon_Deboux follows the two, glancing around as they walk to the basement.
Michael_Teese hunches up and skulks.
<Heiden_GM>: The basement is inky black. You can see nothing. You may be eaten by a grue.
TimJohnson stops in front of the basement entrance and looks inside to see if it's clear.
TimJohnson can't see anything so he slowly enters
Michael_Teese follows. Nervously.
<Heiden_GM>: [No one has any lights.]
<Heiden_GM>: [Really.]
<TimJohnson>: [ Can I say I have a flashlight? ]
<Simon_Deboux>: (I do)
<Heiden_GM>: [You all have flashlights. You're going into an evil basement.]
<Michael_Teese>: [I might have a pen light.]
<Michael_Teese>: [:D]
Simon_Deboux pulls out his flashlight and flicks it on
Michael_Teese does the same.
<Heiden_GM>: You see a plain-looking basement. Wood-paneled. You'd call it homey, if a horrible sense of dread hadn't just settled over you.
TimJohnson turns on his flashlight and holds it under his pistol
<Michael_Teese>: "…"
Simon_Deboux glances at the open door. "Ah guess that's where we go…"
Michael_Teese outlines the room with his flashlight.
<Heiden_GM>: Pretty plain. The door on your right's open - presumably where the first team went. The door on your left remains closed.
Michael_Teese nods at the door on the left.
<TimJohnson>: [ We should be following the first team as back-up. D= ]
<TimJohnson>: "Left or right?"
<Heiden_GM>: [Backup? You split up for a reason.]
<Simon_Deboux>: "suppose follow the last team, unless the house switched open and closed doors…"
<TimJohnson>: [ Oh, okay ]
TimJohnson stands in front of the left door and waits for the other two to be ready
<Simon_Deboux>: "Miss Li, can ya'll hear us clear?"
<Heiden_GM>: [PAUSE]
<Heiden_GM>: [RESUME]
<Heiden_GM>: The door on the right is not only open, but neatly propped against a wall, having been removed from its hinges.
<Heiden_GM>: The door on the left remains sealed.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Clear, Team Two, I read you."
TimJohnson motions Deboux to the side of the door and to Teese to stay back
Simon_Deboux moves to the side of the door, pulling out his postol, checking the safety
TimJohnson opens the door!
<Heiden_GM>: The door swings open easily. A stench from Satan's lavatory greets you, and the light you flash inside shows the reason: mold. Good /god/, what water damage can do.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Blarh…smells like merde"
<TimJohnson>: "Ugh." Johnson grunts and scans the inside with his flashlight to clear it.
<Heiden_GM>: A door on the far wall, a single chair with a broken leg tucked into a corner, and garbage on the floor. Nothing notable except the door, as far as you can tell.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Through the door, I suppose?"
<TimJohnson>: "Clear." Johnson slowly walks into the corridor, keeping an eye out for anything unusual or dangerous
Simon_Deboux follows carefully
<Heiden_GM>: As you trod over the mold, you hear a faint sizzling sound.
Simon_Deboux looks down, "You hear that?"
TimJohnson stops and looks down and around
<Heiden_GM>: The mold seems to be slowly eating away at your boots.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Gah!"
<TimJohnson>: [ Is the whole floor covered in the mold or are there safe spots we can walk around? ]
Simon_Deboux jumps back out the door
<TimJohnson>: "The mold! Back! Back!" Johnson shuffles the two back out the door
<Heiden_GM>: [There are empty points.]
<TimJohnson>: "Okay, there are empty spots we can tread on. I'll go first and check that it's safe to walk on them. When I give the signal, you guys follow."
TimJohnson checks to see how much of his boots are worn
Simon_Deboux wipes his boots as best he can on the floor. "Bon chance"
<Heiden_GM>: Not particularly much. If you'd stood on the mold for five or ten minutes, they'd be chewing away at your feet, but you've plenty of rubber for a quick crossing of the room.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Team 2, report."
TimJohnson makes sure it's clear and then starts crossing the corridor
<Heiden_GM>: The door slams shut behind Tim.
<TimJohnson>: "FUCK!"
<Heiden_GM>: [Taking it to PMs] [READER NOTE: see Raw Johnson Dialogue
<TimJohnson>: "Agent Li, this is Agent Johnson and the door just slammed behind me." He hopes that it's Li on the other side getting this.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Miss Li, we ran into some crososive mold, nasty, but they're some…Oh Viens m'enculer…"
Simon_Deboux tries to pull the door open
<Heiden_GM>: The door resists your attempts to open it.
Simon_Deboux turns to Teese. "Shall we try to break it down?"
<Heiden_GM>: You hear a thump as something impacts the door heavily.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Team Two?"
<Michael_Teese>: "Something's already trying."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Miss Li, we're seprated. I think Johnson is trying to break the door down."
<TimJohnson>: [ I'm never teaming up with Deboux's owner again. ]
<Heiden_GM>: You hear a shriek. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" comes through the door, loud and clear.
<Simon_Deboux>: ((Aw…))
<Michael_Teese>: "Shit, shit shit"
<Heiden_GM>: Bullets erupt through the door, narrowly missing the two of you.
Simon_Deboux dives to the side of the door. "Shit…what are we going to do now?"
<Michael_Teese>: "Run?"
<Simon_Deboux>: [are there any hinges or anything visible?]
<Heiden_GM>: Silence.
<Heiden_GM>: Then a muffled explosion.
<Michael_Teese>: "…oh shit."
<Simon_Deboux>: "God damn it…What the hell happend to the door?"
<Heiden_GM>: Faintly, Agent Li: "… … Team Two?"
<Michael_Teese>: "Li."
<Michael_Teese>: "It's Teese. Simon and I are alive."
<Michael_Teese>: "Did you just blow up Johnson?"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Oh, very tactful…" Simon rolls his eyes.
<Heiden_GM>: "…continue exploration, Team 2."
<Simon_Deboux>: "How? The Door's sealed. should we follow Team 1?"
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "S-stand by, Team 2."
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Proceed to Team 1's location."
<Michael_Teese>: "Copy that."
Michael_Teese nods to Simon.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Rodger wilco"
Simon_Deboux seems much more dour "Lets go then…"
Simon_Deboux heads to the open doorway, looking down the hall.
Michael_Teese sticks close to Deboux since the other bodyguard just blew up
<Heiden_GM>: You see down the hallway… Agents Helgason, Nikodem, and Nielson. Go to #explore1 .

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