Simon_Deboux is a tall, thinly built man with longer brown hair combed back, and light grey eyes. He speaks with a New Orleans accent and smiles often for seemingly no reason.
Michael_Teese is the kind of researcher that spends time in the gym to get a body to pick up chicks, but is still the weird kid who got picked last in spirit. He's a little unnerved by the prospect of this run.
<Agent_Nielson>: Richard Nielson is a tall, broad man. With close-cropped light brown hair, and a heavily weathered face he looks more like a farmer than an agent. Still, his brown eyes look determined and ready, if a bit nervous.
Agent_Nikodem shows no outward signs of nervousness. He is of medium height and armed to the teeth. He is clearly of European descent, and is well muscled. He constantly checks his surroundings.
* Heiden is now known as Heiden_GM
<Agent_Helgason>: Reynir Helgason stands quite tall, himself, but lean and wiry. His complexion hints that sunburn's a concern, but he obviously doesn't care in the slightest.
<TimJohnson>: Agent Tim Johnson is a Caucasian man. At a little over 6' and strongly built, he looks a bit weathered and like as if he's been through his share of missions. His face doesn't seem like it had smiled in a long time but his eyes are still sharp, looking around, paying attention to detail and the other agents
<TimJohnson>: Despite his very American name, he looks like he is actually of Russian descent
<Heiden_GM>: Okay, more like 10:20
<Heiden_GM>: but it begins.
<Simon_Deboux>: no worries :-D
<Heiden_GM>: Few ground rules: we're going to use a turn-based system since I may be running three separate rooms concurrently
TimJohnson quietly sits at a table, cleaning his detonators and other maintenance
<Heiden_GM>: Do something, and wait for response.
<Heiden_GM>: Don't do something… get bored because I'm taking too long, and do something else.
Simon_Deboux sits next to Tim Johnson, going over his bag of gear.
<Heiden_GM>: ANYWAY.
<Heiden_GM>: The flight in was uneventful, as expected, as was the half hour it took to truck you on-site. You're currently in a small temporary building about 500 yards from the entrance to the Fault itself, filled with electronics and other equipment.
Agent_Nikodem almost mechanically takes out and checks over every single one of his weapons. Pistol. Rifle. Knife. Other knife. Knife hidden in boot. Other pistol hidden in boot.
<Heiden_GM>: It is 11:00 AM when a clean-cut older man comes in. The insignia on his shoulder indicates a member of MTF-Upsilon-18, "Stonewallers". Security specialists.
<Heiden_GM>: "Ladies. Gentlemen."
<Heiden_GM>: "Attention, please."
Agent_Li stands in the back, arms folded, frowning.
<Heiden_GM>: The man waits for everyone to finish what they're doing and come to attention.
Agent_Nielson looks up from double-checking his gear.
Simon_Deboux looks up and pulls out a small notebook and pen.
Agent_Nikodem continues examining his weapon, turning his head slightly to watch.
TimJohnson puts the detonators down and stares
Agent_Helgason gives the man his attention.
Michael_Teese looks up.
<Heiden_GM>: "I'm Agent Don Cather, with the Stonewallers. We're responsible for keeping 947 locked down - people out, and /it/ in. Because of our unique experience dealing with the place, I've been requested by your superior officers to provide a briefing."
Agent_Helgason listens as he adjusts his helmet.
<Agent_Li>: "Please do, Agent Cather."
Agent_Nikodem *chk-click*
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Continue."
<Heiden_GM>: He rubs the bridge of his nose for a moment before continuing. "This… I'm not going to lie, Agents, 947's an ugly place. Command wants more paradimensional space, though, so they're bringing you in with two goals in mind."
<Heiden_GM>: "First, determine whether 947 is suitable for establishing a Site within, if we are capable of rendering it safe. It's limitless as far as we can determine, but if they're all tiny rooms and corridors, it's going to be not worth the effort to set up."
<Heiden_GM>: "Second, attempt to contact and pacify, or simply eliminate the presence within 947."
Simon_Deboux raises a hand.
<Heiden_GM>: "Sir." He gestures towards Deboux's hand.
<Simon_Deboux>: 'Begin your pardon suh, but which would ya'll prefer? Contact or elimation?"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Just would like to know how much effort we should make to talk to whatever we find down there."
<Heiden_GM>: "No preference. As long as the location's rendered safe for further operations, we're happy."
<Heiden_GM>: "But… speaking from one Agent to another - this thing is malignant. I doubt any contact will be conducive to actual dialogue."
Simon_Deboux nods and takes a note. "Thank ya Suh"
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Good."
<Heiden_GM>: "That… that brings me to the next part of our briefing."
<Heiden_GM>: "We suspect that the entity may be seeking a host. Standard Class G elimination protocols are in effect. It is currently confined to this location. I cannot emphasize this enough - it /cannot/ be allowed to escape 947 under any circumstances."
<Heiden_GM>: "If you suspect a fellow Agent of being under its influence, your orders are to shoot to kill."
TimJohnson glances around briefly at all of the other Agents
<Heiden_GM>: "And along with that…" Even Agent Cather looks a bit pale as he reaches under a nearby table and slides out a briefcase.
Agent_Li closes her eyes and let's out a tired sigh.
<Michael_Teese>: "…Because suitcase nukes are for people you absolutely trust."
<Heiden_GM>: "This isn't being recommended lightly, but, well, it can't be allowed to escape." He cracks the briefcase open, where eight large metallic bands with a small box attached are nested together.
<Michael_Teese>: "Are those neck collars?"
<Heiden_GM>: "I'm afraid so. You'll have an observation team monitoring them. They also have cameras built-in."
<Agent_Nielson>: "…"
<Michael_Teese>: "…"
Agent_Li clutches the bridge of her nose.
TimJohnson "…"
<Heiden_GM>: "The observation team will be selected from your unit. We don't want you to die, Agents - but you have to understand. If one of you gets separated from the group and the entity finds you, we cannot permit it to possess you."
Agent_Nielson sighs.
<Simon_Deboux>: Fils de pute…Wonderful…
Michael_Teese gives a 'What-the-fuck-dude' look to Cather.
Agent_Nikodem *Shnnk*
<Agent_Nikodem>: "A wise precaution."
<Heiden_GM>: "I'll let you decide which Agent will be observing now. I apologize, Agents- I fought this mission happening, but Command wouldn't listen."
<Agent_Helgason>: "The buddy system sounds good to me." Helgason murmurs. "I'm more useful going in, and I knew it was dangerous."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Not it."
<TimJohnson>: "We can flip a coin. I do not care either way."
Michael_Teese looks to the side.
Michael_Teese looks to the side.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I will be needed for the fighting."
<Michael_Teese>: "I, I'm just a researcher. I won't be much use. But, if you guys have families or anything, I'll go in your place."
Agent_Li says nothing, and simply sighs through her nose.
Heiden_GM shakes his head. "I apologize, that wasn't helpful. I'll pick."
<Heiden_GM>: Er. Cather does that.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Suh, If i may suggest, perhaps Miss Li would be best to stay?"
<Heiden_GM>: "Pick a number between one and two hundred, everyone. Closest stays behind."
<Agent_Helgason>: "No, no… Teese is a researcher, he should stay behind."
<Agent_Helgason>: "One."
<Agent_Nielson>: "77"
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Two-hundred"
<TimJohnson>: "One Seventy Three."
<Michael_Teese>: "42."
<Simon_Deboux>: "100"
umber." The Stonewaller gestures to a row of monitors in one corner with a seat and several numbered buttons with plexiglass covers. The numbers correspond to the collars. "Have a seat, once the cameras come online you'll be able to follow their progress on these monitors."
TimJohnson sighs and gets up. "I don't suppose I can pass it off to someone else?"
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Mister Cather, why do you not do this job?"
<Agent_Li>: "I'll do it."
<Agent_Li>: Her voice is quiet, and almost regretful.
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Cather nods. "It's settled, then. I've got to get back to my post, and Command thought it'd improve morale if one of you were watching rather than someone you hadn't met."
<Agent_Helgason>: "As much as it can be with a remote detonator." Helgason shrugs. "Well, here's hoping there will be sights to see."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Yes. Being worried of death by a friend is most calming."
TimJohnson sits back down
Agent_Li shrinks back a bit more into her corner.
Simon_Deboux gives a half grin, "I don't owe ya any money do I Miss Li?"
<Heiden_GM>: "At least you know they won't do it unless they have to, Agent. I can put in a request, should only hold us up by a half-hour or so if you'd prefer I do it." His apologetic tone has diminished, and the steel behind it is a bit plainer.
<Agent_Helgason>: "I'm good with the choice as it is, sir."
<Agent_Li>: "Let's just get on with it," Li says, trying to regain her composure like Cathers did.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Dead is dead. She is safe, that is better. There will be many for us to kill inside, I am sure."
<Heiden_GM>: "Good. Glad that's settled. Get the collars on, and split into teams of three. You'll be sent in on a five minute delay. The entry areas are pretty tight - navigating with a half-dozen is going to be a mess. One last thing - under NO circumstances be alone in that building."
Agent_Nikodem reaches out to take his collar.
<Agent_Helgason>: "It's all good for the Shining Fields, so that's fine." Helgason goes over to get a collar. "Right. Who wants me or should I choose?" He clicks the collar in place.
Agent_Li quietly takes her seat at the camera desk, facing away from the others.
Simon_Deboux sighs and reaches forward and picks number 7
Michael_Teese grabs a collar. ;-;
Agent_Nielson is just a second too late. He takes collar number 2 instead. Sigh.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Lucky 7…" He says as he clicks it on.
Agent_Nikodem walks over to Agent Li, and reaches into the the sheath at his side.
<Agent_Nielson>: It goes around his neck with a satisfying click.
Agent_Nikodem holds out a small knife, hilt first. "Is good blade. Should not be lost."
Agent_Helgason finishes checking his pack and gear, and nods, "All right, I'm ready."
Simon_Deboux stands up, picking up his satchel. "I'll just grab some gear, if that's al'ite suh?"
<Heiden_GM>: "That'll be fine."
<TimJohnson>: *click* Johnson attaches the collar with ease.
Michael_Teese just has a basic researcher's kit. D:
Simon_Deboux takes a number of chem lights and a flashlight, along with some various markers and chalk, along with nodebooks and whatnot.
Agent_Nielson checks his MP5 and medikit again, and then rescues a cigar from within the folds of his clothes. He lights it.
<Agent_Nielson>: oh, and he smokes it. That too.
Simon_Deboux sighs and also gets a 9mm pistol and two clips of ammunition. "I hate guns…but I suppose i've gotta…"
Agent_Nikodem doesn't seem to have much besides weapons. He has quite a /lot/ of weapons.
Michael_Teese has no guns!
<Heiden_GM>: Cather nods grimly. "To 947, then. Follow me." He steps out of the building and crosses the short distance to the entrance of 947.
Agent_Nikodem when Agent Li does not reply, Nikodem drops the knife on the table in front of her. He then follows Cather outside.
Simon_Deboux follows, running a finger around the edge of the collar
<Heiden_GM>: It's… a house. A dumpy, poorly maintained house, but a rather generic-looking house nonetheless. The area in front of it is a plain-looking lawn. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary here, except the way that the Stonewaller Agents on security duty say nothing and refuse to meet your eyes, and the fact that there are no other buildings in sight.
TimJohnson joins the troup
Agent_Helgason walks out as well, his hands clear, but his shotgun is handy.
Michael_Teese walks like a man on his way to die.
Agent_Nielson smokes.
<Heiden_GM>: "Have you determined which team of three's going in first?"
Agent_Nielson looks around for people to pair up with. Anyone free?
<Agent_Helgason>: "I'll go in the first team. I'll take Nikodem and Nelson, if that's fine with them."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Of course."
Simon_Deboux cracks his neck and pulls out his small notebook and pen, making a few notes. "Alright, as ya wish."
<Heiden_GM>: "Excellent. We've had a pair go in and unlock the basement door ahead of you, so you should encounter no problems. Make a left in the dining room and head straight for the basement. The rest of the house isn't particularly notable."
TimJohnson looks at apparently his new team members, Deboux and Teese
<Heiden_GM>: "Whenever you three are ready."
Agent_Nielson takes one last pull on the cigar, and then extinguishes it. He holds open the door for Nikodem and Helgason.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Very good, thank you, sir." Helgason looks to the other two men, then steps inside of the house. His footing is sure as he walks inside and heads to the basement. "Thank you, Nelson."
Agent_Nikodem walks in. "We go."
<Heiden_GM>: The door to the basement opens with an obnoxiously loud creak.
<Heiden_GM>: Inky blackness. You can't see a damn thing.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Flashlight."
Agent_Nielson pulls out his handy-dandy flashlight! Click.
Agent_Helgason turns on his headlamp.
<Agent_Nielson>: Wait, disregard. Taclight on the gun.
<Agent_Helgason>: "I like keeping my hands free, although the LED Maglites make a nice club."
<Heiden_GM>: Other than the oppressive sense of dread that seems to settle over you, nothing exciting here. A wood-paneled room, roughly square-shaped, with a door on your left and a door on your right.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Li, we're going right. Make sure team two knows." Helgason then goes over to the right door and opens it.
<Agent_Helgason>: "I'll go first, you two keep me covered and check six, all right?"
Agent_Nikodem takes out his automatic and flicks on the taclight.
<Agent_Nielson>: "Gotcha."
<Heiden_GM>: The doorway swings open easily - none of the creaking before. It's brighter in the hallway you've opened up, somehow, but is the light… red-tinged?
Agent_Nikodem just nods
Agent_Nielson grunts.
Agent_Helgason steps inside, looking around carefully.
<Heiden_GM>: [Who's stepped in?]
<Agent_Helgason>: [I did]
<Heiden_GM>: The door attempts to slam behind Helgason.
<Heiden_GM>: [No one else, then.]
<Agent_Nielson>: [I'm last, still covering.
Agent_Helgason braces and slams back hard.
Agent_Nikodem tries to grab the door and force it open.
Agent_Nielson lends his weight to Nikodem's efforts.
<Heiden_GM>: The door holds open a crack, straining against your efforts for a few moments before giving out- the sudden disappearance of force causing you to stagger back into the entry room.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "This may be… difficult."
Agent_Helgason pauses. "Wait, did you hear that?"
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Hm? What?"
<Heiden_GM>: As the door flies open, you hear: "Team 1? TEAM 1, RESPOND!"
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Li sounds /quite/ panicked.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Something whispering… don't know what it's saying, but it makes me think of obscene phone calls." Helgason frowns. "Okay, it's playing games. Wish I thought to bring spikes."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "We are here."
<Agent_Nielson>: "I'm not hearin' anything. Where's the sound come from?"
Agent_Helgason replies to Li, "Team One here, all together. The door on the right tried to separate us, and I heard whispers. I believe I'm in my right mind, but best to keep track of me."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "A… voice. That is worrying. If it is presence, perhaps we should exit and question Mister Cather."
Agent_Helgason glances at Nielson, "I don't know, it's faint. And Cather's not going to be of use, Nikodem. He's not the hall monitor." Helgason nods, "All right, let's try that again, and this time keep together."
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Li comes in, after a long delay. "There was radio interference, status report?"
Agent_Nielson opens the door for the others, but stays put, keeping the door open.
<Heiden_GM>: Crossing the threshold this time… nothing.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Thanks." Helgason moves again, "Okay, it'll try something different next time."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Perhaps it would be wise to break down door first."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Door on ground cannot shut so easily."
<Agent_Nielson>: "That is true."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Pop the hinges. We might want the door later."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Anyone got a screwdriver?"
Agent_Helgason moves to quickly remove the door from its hinges. "This of course assumes the damned thing doesn't just mount itself again."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "You have shotgun. Perhaps door can mount again. If so, we try opening with shotgun."
<Heiden_GM>: The door pops off its hinges rather easily.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Right. And I've got magnum loads. If I'm shooting, it stays down." Helgason sets the door down, "Allright, let's go in."
<Heiden_GM>: Crossing the threshold… again, nothing. Perhaps you should respond to Agent Li?
Agent_Nikodem keeps his rifle pointed forwards.
<Agent_Helgason>: "STatus is that we've encounted a bit of resistance, but we are still aware and together. I heard whispering. We're going right, and we removed the door before proceeding."
<Agent_Nielson>: "We ready to proceed?"
<Heiden_GM>: The hallway you're walking down is a fairly standard staple of paradimensional buildings you've encountered, the nigh-endless corridor. Doors stud the wall at fairly regular intervals - about every thirty or forty feet.
Agent_Nikodem continues forward, keeping an eye out for… well, anything.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Should we try door?"
<Heiden_GM>: It does seem a bit brighter in here, though all the light has a faint, almost imperceptible tinge of red to it. The air is still and dead here.
<Agent_Nielson>: "Probably. This corridor looks like it goes a ways."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Yes, we'll try the doors. WE're exploring after all." Helgason walks over to the first door and opens it to look inside.
Agent_Nielson covers down one end of the corridor.
<Heiden_GM>: The door swings open easily and reveals what appears to be a small studio. An easel sits facing away from you in one corner of the rather small room, and painting supplies litter the room. The room does look rather bare, though. No furniture… just paints, brushes, and the easel.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I will go first."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Please, hold the door. I do not wish to be trapped."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Sure." Helgason wedges the door open with himself, and takes the shotgun out.
Agent_Nikodem walks forward, keeping to the wall. He enters the room.
<Heiden_GM>: Nothing happens as you cross the threshold.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Looks like an art studio, Li." Helgason says. "Not really much to see here."
Agent_Nikodem walks slowly forward along the wall, looking in as many directions as he can. He circles to the other side of the easel and turns to face it.
<Heiden_GM>: The easel is covered in small, intricately detailed faces. They are all smiling.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Helgason, report."
<Agent_Helgason>: "I just did, Li. We've tried the first room, it's an art studio about four meters square."
<Heiden_GM>: The smiles are a bit too wide.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "There are many smiling faces. I do not know what to make of it."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "They are not… nice smiles."
<Heiden_GM>: It appears to be a study done by someone who does not know what a genuine smile looks like.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Let it lie," Helgason says. "Let's keep looking."
Agent_Nikodem takes a quick glance behind himself.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Yes, perhaps that is wise. I do not like this thing."
Agent_Nikodem heads for the door, keeping an eye on the easel. Anything?
<Heiden_GM>: Nothing from the easel.
Agent_Nielson keeps on peering down the corridor
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Whispers. I do not know what they say."
Agent_Nikodem speeds up to exit the room sooner.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Do they sound filthy?"
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "…copy."
Agent_Helgason keeps both men in sight. "Moving to the next room, Li."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I do not know. They not speak in a language I know of."
<Agent_Helgason>: "I heard something similar. This place is trying to fuck with us."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "This place /is/ fucking with us."
<Agent_Nielson>: "I'm not hearing anything. Maybe you guys are just crazy."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I thought I felt something on my shoulder. Nothing there."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Nielson, you may have the next room, then."
<Agent_Helgason>: Once they're back together, Helgason proceeds to the next door down, "I'm not about to be fucked, not here, thanks." He looks to Neilson, "This place is trying to play with our perceptions. Soften us up, most likely."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Yeah, yeah. I'm just joshin'"
<Agent_Helgason>: "Fair enough." Helgason smiles. "Okay, let's look in this one."
<Agent_Nielson>: "I'll take it." He opens the door, when they're ready.
Agent_Helgason steps back, shotgun in hand.
Agent_Nikodem stays focused, pointing at the door with his gun.
Agent_Helgason frowns, then checks the other two. "Okay, now something else is up. I just felt a push. More with the fuckings."
<Heiden_GM>: You hear a faint *THUMP*.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "It seems to be getting stronger, yes? What was that?"
Agent_Nielson pauses, and then opens the door.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Not sure. Don't open the door. I'll look around, but keep track of me." Helgason does a three-sixty to see what that sound was.
<Heiden_GM>: Nothing in sight. It sounded like it came from a ways back.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Too late for not-door opening."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Did that sound come from entryway?"
<Heiden_GM>: It did indeed.
<Agent_Nielson>: "…."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Shite."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Maybe, it was a ways back." Helgason nods, "What's in there, Nielson?"
Agent_Nielson checks.
<Heiden_GM>: [Checking the entry room?]
<Heiden_GM>: The oppressive sense of dread you've been feeling has changed in tone. There's an undercurrent of anger to it, now.
<Agent_Helgason>: Helgason speaks into the radio, "Li, we heard a thump from the Entryway."
<Agent_Nielson>: [I just opened the next door down from the art studio. I'm checking inside.]
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "1, team 2 has lost a man, and should be joining you. Proceed with caution."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Who?"
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson's door swings open and reveals what appears to be a nursery converted to storage.
<Heiden_GM>: A crib and baby toys pushed into a corner, a dining table with matching chairs stacked on it in another corner, and a pile of garbage with a tarp over it in another.
Agent_Helgason gives the room a look to estimate the measurement.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Johnson."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Shame. All right, when they get here we'll assess and continue."
<Heiden_GM>: Twelve feet by ten feet. Not much of a room.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Things are covered. I do not like when things are covered. They may contain something sharp that explodes."
Agent_Nielson enters slowly. "Checking the room out. Looks like a nursery."
<Agent_Helgason>: "We're just looking, though. I'm not interested in looking closely."
<Heiden_GM>: Agents Deboux and Teese are coming down the hallway, if their flashlights are any indication.
Simon_Deboux walks down the hall, flashlight shining on the walls
* TheComputer is now known as Bright
Michael_Teese follows close behind
Simon_Deboux nods to the other team. "Hello…"
Agent_Nikodem quickly points his rifle in the way of the approaching figures, letting it down when he realizes who they are.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Simon. Hello."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "We have heard about Johnson. How did it happen?"
Agent_Nielson returns from the Nursery, and shuts the door behind him. He waves.
<Simon_Deboux>: "I don't know if you guys have noticed it yet, but let me say, apparently this place can close and seal doors on it's own."
<Agent_Helgason>: "We noticed. It tried it on me."
<Simon_Deboux>: "We ran into some corossive mold, but there were some blank spots. he said that he'd try to find a path, and we should stay behind. then the door closed…and then there was screaming, and gunfire…then nothing."
Agent_Nielson grimaces.
<Simon_Deboux>: "What have you guys found?"
Agent_Helgason nods his head, then considers a second, selecting one of the codes for verification. "Deboux, Alpha Sierra Niner." The reply should be Victor Foxtrot Four.
Michael_Teese nods to Deboux's description
<Agent_Nielson>: "Not much."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Victor Foxtrot Four"
<Agent_Helgason>: "Teese, Charlie X-Ray Seven." Tango Zulu Six should be the reply.
<Michael_Teese>: "Tango Zulu Six."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Okay, let's keep going, then." Helgason nods, "Next door down, then."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Have ya'll found anything intresting?"
<Agent_Helgason>: "Creepy painting and a nursery with junk. Not much."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "We have not checked what is in the nursery. I do not know if it would be wise to."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Very well, lead onwards then."
<Agent_Helgason>: "All right. I'll take point." Helgason moves to the next door. "Li, we're all together and verified." He speaks into the radio.
Simon_Deboux moves to the side of the door
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Say again, …gason."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Teams One and Two have combined and identities verified." Helgason replies. "Okay, I'll open the door."
Agent_Helgason slings his shotgun and opens the door.
Agent_Nielson covers
<Heiden_GM>: A rickety looking wooden staircase goes down about thirty yards then makes a ninety degree turn.
<Agent_Nielson>: "…"
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Copy, proceed."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Not it."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I will go."
<Agent_Helgason>: "I'm point, I'm it."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Hah"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Heh.."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Nielson, hold the door open. Me first, and the rest follow. We all stick together."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Will do."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Congrats, Neilson, you've got Six."
<Agent_Nielson>: "Fantastic."
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Then I will go second. If I say to duck, Helgason… duck."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Someone's gotta have it. And right, Nikodem. I'm good at that."
<Simon_Deboux>: "I'll go next then"
Agent_Helgason proceeds while Neilson holds the door open, then starts toward the stairs.
Agent_Nikodem follows behind.
Simon_Deboux goes behind Nikodem
<Heiden_GM>: Each step creaks uncomfortably loudly. More unnerving is the faint perception of glee replacing the anger you felt earlier as you trudge down the steps towards the turn.
Michael_Teese follows closely last
<Agent_Nikodem>: "This feels bad."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Yah…I feel happy or something…this is strange."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Of course it does. It's not going to feel good until we're out of here, safe and sound. And this place will fuck with you, Deboux. Which is why Cather thinks this is a really bad idea." Helgason keys the radio. "Li, we're going down a stairwell in room Three-Right."
<Heiden_GM>: You're approaching the turn.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Copy."
Agent_Nielson is still at the door, covering the corridor.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Be careful at this. There may be something behind corner we cannot see. Or inside walls. Or stairs."
<Simon_Deboux>: "I grabbed a bunch of Chemlights, we can crack em and toss, might light up things a bit."
Agent_Nielson blinks a little, and peers down the corridor again.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Neilson, get over here. No splitting up, remember?"
Agent_Helgason shines his headlamp past the turn.
<Agent_Nielson>: "Yeah, yeah. Maybe we wanna take the door off it's hinges though?"
<Agent_Helgason>: "Go for it."
Agent_Nielson uses his multi-tool to do so, tossing the door into the corridor. Then he slowly makes his way down the stairs backwards, gun still up.
<Heiden_GM>: Another ten yards down, then a door.
<Heiden_GM>: *CRACK*.
<Heiden_GM>: The staircase gives way.
<Agent_Nielson>: [Under who?]
<Heiden_GM>: A brief impression of triumph as the staircase under Nielson falls out.
<Agent_Nielson>: "Shit!"
Agent_Nielson falls [READER NOTE: see Raw Nielson Log ]
<Simon_Deboux>: [is he close enough for anyone to try and grab him?]
<Agent_Helgason>: [Teese would be if anyone]
<Heiden_GM>: [No, you're all down by the turn.]
<Agent_Helgason>: "Li, we lost sight of Neilson." Helgason speaks into the radio. "Neilson! Can you hear me?"
Michael_Teese looks shaken. He tries to stand on his toes to see how far Nielson fell
<Heiden_GM>: You can hear the staircase cracking.
<Agent_Helgason>: "Up, now!"
Simon_Deboux lays out on the stairs, trying to spread out my weight. "Everyone get down! Act like it's ice!"
<Agent_Nikodem>: "We cannot go back up, that is where it has broke!"
Michael_Teese follows Deboux's advice and gets down
<Agent_Helgason>: "Then we go down!"
<Heiden_GM>: You hear a pained shout.
Agent_Nikodem takes out a knife, ready to stab it into a wall to try to keep himself up.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Nielson!?"
Agent_Helgason starts moving down. "Stick together! We'll last longer."
Agent_Nikodem follows quickly.
Agent_Helgason keeps his hands free as he moves down along the wall.
Simon_Deboux starts to slide down the stairs, trying to keep my weight distrubited on the stairs
<Heiden_GM>: Nielson shouts back in a strangled tone, "I'm - I'm f-fine! I'll be there in a m-moment!"
<Heiden_GM>: Li: ""Nielson's camera feed is giving me nothing. Proceed with caution."
<Agent_Helgason>: "STay where you are. Turn on your light, we'll come to you."
<Heiden_GM>: The oppressive feeling of mixed dread and glee seems to have lifted somewhat.
<Heiden_GM>: A few moments. "I dropped it - when I fell. Give me a second to find it."
<Agent_Helgason>: "No, stay where you are, we'll come to you."
<Simon_Deboux>: "I'll toss you a light, hold still…"
Simon_Deboux pulls out a chem light and cracks it on, then gently tosses it up into the hole of the stairway, trying not to move too much"
<Heiden_GM>: Another shout from Nielson. "Toss it down, yeah- STAY AWAY -" The voice is shifting from tone to tone.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Oh frelling hell."
Agent_Helgason comes down to the door, frowning. "Li, detonate Neilson's collar."
Michael_Teese clears his throat. "It thinks we're all toys."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Yeah, it does. And it's likely we're already dead at this point, we just haven't stopped moving." Helgason sighs and shakes his head. "Well, we'll keep trying." He nods, then prepares. "I'm opening the door, cover me."
Simon_Deboux stands and pulls his pistol, clicking off the saftey
<Heiden_GM>: A muffled explosion is heard. The Entity is no longer bothering to conceal itself. The return of the palpable feelings of dread is coupled with sharper cracks as the rest of the staircase begins to disintegrate. The feelings of fear it attempted to foster have mostly been replaced by the palpable sensation of the Entity's rage.
<Michael_Teese>: "Though it is interesting behaviour that it only attacks us when we're isolated. It did the same to Johnson. Shut the door and prevented us from reaching him. I wonder if another person present prevents it from…doing what it does to people."
<Agent_Helgason>: "Possible. It's also trying for a host, remember."
Agent_Helgason opens the door. "Li, we're cut off. If we lose radio contact, hit the switches, and I'll see you in the Shining Fields."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Perhaps we should tie ourselves together or something…Do we have a mission end goal? If this entity can't be reasoned with or removed?"
* Agent_Nikodem_ is now known as Agent_Nikodem
<Heiden_GM>: The door swings open, revealing what appears to be a classroom.
<Agent_Helgason>: "I have rope, but I'd rather not lose mobility.
<Heiden_GM>: As the staircase is falling apart, you should probably enter.
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "…R-. *Ahem* "Report?"
Simon_Deboux follows the group into the room.
Michael_Teese follows behind the group, trying to not get separated from them
<Agent_Helgason>: "Okay, inside." Helgason continues at point stepping in. "Helgason here, Li. We're together, the four of us."
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "I-…t-team?"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Li? Can you read us?"
Agent_Helgason looks around the classroom. "You're breaking up, Li."
<Heiden_GM>: Helgason's head erupts in a fountain of gore.
<Agent_Nikodem>: [Really?]
<Heiden_GM>: [I… yes, I'm not kidding.]
<Michael_Teese>: "AHHH!" Teese freaks out at the sudden explosion of flesh, clinging to the nearest agent
<Simon_Deboux>: "Shit!"
<Simon_Deboux>: "LI! Can you read us? Do you Copy?"
Agent_Nikodem does not seem as surprised as the others. "Do not use your radios!"
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "I-…I didn't…It…it sounded like he was…."
<Simon_Deboux>: "No, Don't worry, We read you. Something happened, we're alright."
Agent_Nikodem looks all around the room.
<Simon_Deboux>: "There's signal problems, is the video working?"
<Heiden_GM>: The room appears to be a standard classroom, minus the mess now decorating the walls. On the chalkboard is written in large letters, "RECESS"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Geeze…maybe we can start class or something? Write Math, and that'll keep it busy?"
Agent_Nikodem closes his eyes and listens carefully for any sound.
Michael_Teese is very much not in the mood for math
<Simon_Deboux>: "Me either, but it may delay or keep whatever it is busy…"
<Heiden_GM>: Dead silence, Nikodem.
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I am not hearing the whispering now."
* Agent_Nielson is now known as Imants
*** Agent_Helgason is now known as MisterFlames
<Simon_Deboux>: "Well, any ideas guys?"
<Michael_Teese>: "Are there any exits other than the stairwell?"
<Heiden_GM>: [Oh, uh. There's a door in the corner of the room.]
<Heiden_GM>: [I'm a terrible.]
<Heiden_GM>: [No you aren't trapped in RECESS forever]
<MisterFlames>: [Helgason takes time out from wenching to point and laugh at Heiden]
<Agent_Nikodem>: "I am the best combatant. I will go first."
Agent_Nikodem walks for the door.
Simon_Deboux follows behind
<Agent_Nikodem>: When he passes Helgason's body, Nikodem reaches down and picks up the shotgun.
Michael_Teese sticks with the group not heading to the door
<MisterFlames>: [Alas, poor shotgun, I knew you well…]
Agent_Nikodem puts his rifle back on his back.
<Heiden_GM>: Er, Teese, there's /no/ group not heading to the door.
<Heiden_GM>: Just you.
<Michael_Teese>: [ There are 4 people left. ]
<Michael_Teese>: [ Oh right, Li isn't here ]
<Heiden_GM>: [Feel free to hang back though]
<Michael_Teese>: [ You'll kill me! D= ]
<Heiden_GM>: [Yes.]
<Simon_Deboux>: [hehee]
Michael_Teese hurries to the other two when he realizes they're all that's there
<MisterFlames>: [Dave's not here, man]
Agent_Nikodem talks into his radio. "Li. This place is not suited to our use. Tell them that. We will try to kill the whatever it is that is here. We cannot go back."
Michael_Teese sighs in resignation
<Simon_Deboux>: "Unless we can find another stairway up, looks like we're stuck."
Agent_Nikodem speaks quietly so that the others cannot hear. "Also, I love you. Stab the one who planned this, please."
<Michael_Teese>: [ wtf man. cyb3r wit l41t0 3753\/\/h3r3 ]
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Are…you -" a burst of static "- PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY"
<Heiden_GM>: The voice clearly changes to something maddened and obviously not Li halfway through. It's also /quite/ loud.
Agent_Nikodem flicks off his radio as quickly as he can.
<Heiden_GM>: [Er, scratch that.]
<Agent_Nikodem>: "Either the radio is taken, or Li is."
<Simon_Deboux>: "I doubt Li is taken, Radio's pretty likely"
<Heiden_GM>: [Just replace "Are… you -" with "I-…I don't…". Laito redacted the last thing he said.]
<Agent_Nikodem>: "It is what I was afraid of when Helgason died. From now on, we use only if we must."
<Simon_Deboux>: "Alright. What's the plan"
<Michael_Teese>: "We could use Helgason's radio to try and talk with the Entity. It clearly has a childish personality and if we can satiate its pleasure enough without getting ourselves possessed or killed or releasing it, it might be worth a shot."
<Simon_Deboux>: "That may work…but kids are a bit…unpredictable."
<Michael_Teese>: "Or we could continue to try and explore this place until it whittles us three down and kills us."
<Heiden_GM>: [Helgason's radio no longer exists.]
<Heiden_GM>: [Since it was built into his neck unit, as all of yours are.]
<Michael_Teese>: [ OH, Helagson's collar was blown up! I thought his head just blew up without help from the collar. ]
<Simon_Deboux>: "Well, we could try to talk to it, Want to turn on the radio and see what happens?"
<Heiden_GM>: [oh god, I'm arbitrary and cruel, but I'm not THAT arbitrary and cruel]
<Michael_Teese>: [ Can we take like a 10 minute recess? I have to leave campus and get home. ]
<Heiden_GM>: [ffff go for it]
<Michael_Teese>: [ Sorry! I'll be back as soon as possible! ]
<Heiden_GM>: Li comes in, somewhat subdued."Should I…request extraction?"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Extraction? If we can get it, yes."
<Simon_Deboux>: "We're stuck here, and don't know if we can make it back to the entrance."
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Your location?"
<Simon_Deboux>: "We're in a schoolroom, down a set of very unstable stairs."
<Michael_Teese>: "Extraction would be very, very much appreciated." Teese chimes in
<Heiden_GM>: Li: "Extraction team is in the hallway, which door?"
<Michael_Teese>: "The right door, the one with the door taken off of its hinges."
<Heiden_GM>: You see a light shine down the staircase corridor. Practically a searchlight.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Hello? This is Simon Deboux! Can you hear me?"
<Michael_Teese>: "Hey, they might be another trick by the Entity! We need to confirm their identity like Helgason did with us."
<Heiden_GM>: "Agent Cather, Stonewallers, you're coming in loud and clear."
<Simon_Deboux>: [heh, how sould we do that? just like he did?]
<Michael_Teese>: "Confirm your identity! What was the closest number for radio duty?"
<Michael_Teese>: If it was Cather, he'd know that 173 was the closest to his 167
<Heiden_GM>: "…one seventy three, Agent. Quit fucking around, we don't have time for this."
<Simon_Deboux>: "And we don't want to get killed! The entity can break into radio cominucations."
<Heiden_GM>: "… lower me and Jonas down. You three stay up here, and lay down as many grenades as you've got if we lose contact."
<Heiden_GM>: [They're shouting.]
Simon_Deboux opens the door and looks out at the stairwell.
<Heiden_GM>: You can see a light shining on the wall, but the ninety degree turn in the staircase makes it impossible to see your (hopeful) rescuers.
<Heiden_GM>: "We're on the ground. It's soft, it's - oh god, oh /god/. Shine the light up, Jonas. Don't look at that. Just keep walking. Ignore the writing."
Simon_Deboux turns to Teese, "What do you think?"
<Michael_Teese>: "Can't let our guard down. Though, I'd like to leave this place alive."
<Heiden_GM>: The sense of dread is returning. The Entity is reasserting its presence.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Can you see where they are? are they under the stairs or something?"
<Michael_Teese>: "I don't see a thing."
<Heiden_GM>: A massive spotlight illuminates the doorway you stand at. "We're down here, Agents." Through the staircase, you can see two Security Agents: Cather and Jonas (presumably), armed to the teeth and standing on what looks like a floor paved in corpses.
<Simon_Deboux>: "God damn…Um…There's only three of us left. What's the plan for getting out of here?"
Michael_Teese shields his eyes from the sudden light and then tries to get a good look at Cather, Jonas, and the corpses (e.g. what state they are in)
<Heiden_GM>: "I'm going to throw a rope and grapnel up there and try to pull the rest of the staircase down. Come down, walk back to the other end of the hall, and there's a team waiting to pull us up.
<Heiden_GM>: "Stand back."
Michael_Teese stands back
Simon_Deboux takes a step back
<Heiden_GM>: A few experimental swings, then a throw. Admirably done by Agent Cather, who manages to sink the hooks into the old wood of the staircase without much effort. A few sharp yanks from Jonas and Cather and it rips out of the wall, coming tumbling down on the corpses below.
<Heiden_GM>: "Okay… okay, we can do this. Twenty minutes left. I'm going to throw the grapnel up there, try to secure it to something.
<Michael_Teese>: "Wait, what do you mean 20 minutes? Is it that close to midnight?"
<Heiden_GM>: "'til sundown, Agent. No time for chatter."
<Heiden_GM>: The grapnel comes sailing through the doorway.
<Heiden_GM>: It lands on the ground with a faint thump, but it finds no purchase on the tile.
<Simon_Deboux>: [wait, which doorway? the schoolhouse, or the hallway?]
<Heiden_GM>: [The schoolroom-staircase doorway]
<Simon_Deboux>: "Ok, got it!"
Simon_Deboux picks up the grapnel and looks for anywhere secure to hold it.
<Michael_Teese>: "Door frame is probably the best bet."
Simon_Deboux hooks it ont the frame and gives it a tug "Alright, secured."
<Heiden_GM>: *CRACK CRACK CRACK* The crisp, distinct sound of gunfire fills the air.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather's tone is distinctly stressed, now. "Get /down/ here, Agents." He glances back the way they came. "Hurry."
Simon_Deboux quickly grabs the rope and slides down fast, trying not to look down
Michael_Teese takes a deep breath and slides down the rope after Deboux
<Heiden_GM>: "This way. This way."
<Heiden_GM>: Cather and Jonas hurry back towards the neverending hallway, a rope waiting for you.
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux slides down into the staircase room. The floor is covered in bodies - it's actually not clear whether the floor is built from bodies or merely obscured by them. Etched deep into the wall is "BROKEN TOYS".
<Heiden_GM>: Agent Nielson's remains are splayed against the wall near Deboux.
Simon_Deboux follows them quickly, and then follows up the rope
<Heiden_GM>: Etched on the brick wall is "BROKEN TOYS", and the ground gives strangely as you run.
<Heiden_GM>: You hear a grunt of pain, and a Stonewaller staggers through the doorway and tumbles down, landing with a sickening crack.
<Michael_Teese>: "Ahh! What's going on?!"
<Simon_Deboux>: "Ask when we're out!"
Michael_Teese grabs onto the rope and quickly tries to follow
<Heiden_GM>: As Deboux nears the top, he can see - no, not see, sense - something there. Something inhuman, and something very glad to see him. The rope snaps.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather can't hold the faint moan of terror in.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Ahh!"
<Michael_Teese>: "AHH!"
<Heiden_GM>: Deboux manages to grab onto the side of the wall and pull himself up. A lone Stonewaller eyes him with a lazy grin.
<Heiden_GM>: The rest of you tumble into the pit.
Simon_Deboux lets go
<Heiden_GM>: "Wh- why did you drop down?!" Cather demands.
<Heiden_GM>: Simon similarly tumbles back into the inescapable pit.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Only one left…he's possessed."
<Heiden_GM>: "Fire everything up there. Fire it /now/, Jonas."
<Heiden_GM>: A pair of grenades go up at once, and the Entity is many things, but good with its toys, it is not.
<Heiden_GM>: The sense of rage renews itself, but it's more pervasive than it was before. Hungrier. More powerful.
<Heiden_GM>: The sun has set.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Plans?"
Michael_Teese makes a big sigh
<Michael_Teese>: "It has been a pleasure working with you gentlemen and I cannot thank you enough for coming down to retrieve us."
<Michael_Teese>: "What happens after sunset?"
<Heiden_GM>: Cather has pulled a grenade from the corpse of his fallen Stonewaller. He bows his head. "I apologize, gentlemen." He looks at Jonas and nods once. They shake hands, then embrace for a moment.
<Heiden_GM>: Cather's pulled the pin, and you can feel It descend upon you. It doesn't need to separate you anymore.
<Simon_Deboux>: "Hold on, there's gotta be a way out of here?"
<Heiden_GM>: There is a way out. The grenade explodes.
<Michael_Teese>: Teese briefly recovers for a moment and before goes out for the final time, "…..Butts."
<Heiden_GM>: The collars have been detonated.

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