Dr Schnitt

Name: Dr. Peter Marcus Schnitt

Position: Researcher clearance level ?


  • Defense: 2
  • Gun combat: 1
  • Electronics: 4
  • Mechanics and engineering: 4
  • Persuasion: 1
  • Sense motive: 2
  • Science (physics): 3

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

  • A silver locket containing a picture of his daughter

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

  • M1911

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

  • Loyal: Dr. Schnitt is unflaggingly loyal to the Foundation

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

  • Vengeful: Dr. Schnitt lost his daughter to an escaped humanoid SCP. because of this he takes pleasure in causing harm to humanoid SCPs. In his spare time he builds torture devices, then takes them apart again.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Dr Schnitt was a fairly established physicist, specializing in the assembly and maintenance of scientific equipment. He lost his family to an SCP related accident. After witnessing it he was given the choice of joining the SCP, or waking up on a street corner with no memories. He chose to join the SCP where he mostly works assembling research tools, and researching non-humanoid SCPs.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

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