Doctor Jade

Name: Doctor Gabriel Jade

Position: Security Level 2 researcher, SCP study and review of containment protocol.


  • Defense: 3
  • Science (Psychology): 4
  • Law: 2
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Thievery: 1
  • Medical:2
  • Melee Attack: 3

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

iPhone, empty flash drive, copy of the Oxford English Dictionary

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

Combat Knife, Brass Knuckles

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

He is quick to point out a weakness in others’ defense, whether in a conversation or in a fight. He is a sadist in the extreme.

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

He particularly enjoys forcing D-class personnel into experiments he knows are suicidal, simply for amusement. He is a sadist in the extreme.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Having spent much of his adult life in college, he holds a Medical License, as well as a PHD in law. He has taken to martial arts in his free time, namely Chinese Kenpo and Iaido. He has shown traits, since entering SCP employ, of malignant narcissism and possible paranoid schizophrenia, although not nearly extreme enough to warrant any concern. His extensive collection of knowledge quickly elevated him to level 2 researcher.

Most of his work before entering the SCP foundation was for a hospital in his hometown of ████ █████████, ██. He seemed quite content focusing his sadistic ways on helpless individuals when he could find them, but led a purely professional life when at work. He came into the Foundation's notice when he was discovered near SCP-███, displaying a surprising amount of knowledge about the item. He was put under review and hired the next week.

His first few weeks at the Foundation revealed his sadistic nature and love of sending test subjects to their death. At the same time, however, his expertise, especially in regards to sentient and sapient SCPs, has been shown again and again. He has even stricken up a quite polite conversation with SCP-███.

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