Delivery Agent 'Roadrunner'

Name: S██ ‘Roadrunner’ T█████

+++ Position: Clearance level 2; Foundation-wide courier (objects, agents, whatever needs moving)

+++ Skills

* Driving: 4 (Currently 3, due to the 'shitty room' in the Tamlin house) Roadrunner is a skilled wheelman. He can perform challenging maneuvers with little difficulty.

* Piloting: 3+1 Upon joining the foundation, he found that he had a knack for non-ground vehicles, as well.

* Gun Combat: 3 Roadrunner was- and still is- a gun nut. He's a good shot, but not a champion target shooter.

* Stealth: 4 Stealth comes naturally to Roadrunner. He often sneaks up on others unintentionally. He walks, breathes, and exists quietly in general.

* Defense: 3 Roadrunner is more difficult than the Average Joe to take down in combat; he has a good tolerance for pain.

+++ Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

Desktop Computer (will provide specs if needed)

Small amount of clothes

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (approved by Director Strelnikov)
This vehicle is Roadrunner's primary method of transport and delivery. It is fully bulletproof, has a covered undercarriage, and has an engine upgraded to V8 for heavy-duty shipments. For capacity purposes, the trunk has been expanded to three times its normal size with the use of SCP-184. It also has two tanks of 'nitro', for emergency use.

+++ Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

Saiga-308 w/ “17 barrel (stored in armory when Roadrunner is not away from the base or using it at the range)

CZ-97 .45 pistol (kept on Roadrunner’s person at all times)

If at all possible, Roadrunner would like to retain his previously-owned firearms. He’s used to them, and his job will involve taking classified materials/documents all around the world, between various Foundation sites; undoubtedly, other organizations will be on the lookout for couriers such as him. We have reason to believe that the IRG has a price on his head, as well, but cannot confirm this at the time of writing.

Roadrunner is in possession of the PLANK OF TAMLIN. Besides the fact that it's indestructible, it's just a plank.

+++ Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Roadrunner is a relatively young member of the foundation. He is almost always on the go, taking various items between Foundation installations, as well as to and from the field; he’s normally only at one base for a few days before he needs to move something to somewhere else. He has a great affinity for vehicles, thus his excellent track record. 92% of all his deliveries arrive on time, 7.6% arrive early, and 0.4% arrive late. He also possesses an above-average IQ of 125, and a love of computers.

Let's go, already!: Roadrunner has a compulsion to always be on time, resulting in him leaving at the assigned time or earlier, nearly every time.

I got the music in me!: Roadrunner's iPod seems to always shift to an appropriate song for whatever driving situation he's in, when connected to his car.

+++ Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

Roadrunner is easily distracted from all but the most important tasks. In addition, he will never be getting an office. EVER. His organizational skills are below that of a mildly retarded chimp.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism's most prominent symptoms are a constant feeling of cold, and lethargy. Roadrunner will be wearing heavier clothing around him at all times, most likely a hoodie, or underarmor.

Pedal to the medal: Roadrunner has a compulsion to be on time, resulting in him beginning to become reckless, as a driver, when he feels he could be late.

Nearsighted: Roadrunner's eyes are 20/120 (He sees at 20 feet what a person with normal (20/20) vision would see at 120 feet). As such, he is always wearing glasses.

+++ Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

‘Roadrunner’ was recruited into the Foundation after an incident involving SCP-███. Agent ████████ was fatally wounded in the line of duty, and before he expired, had instructed Roadrunner (being the only other living person in the vicinity) to take SCP-███ to Site 19 with all possible haste. He has been with the Foundation for 3 years now, and conveniently has no immediate family to speak of. Normally, he can be found at Site 17, but he has been temporarily assigned to Site 23.

+++ Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

Roadrunner always wears some sort of hoodie, with full-length synthetic cargo pants. Despite such a violation of dress code, an exception has been made, due to his case of hypothyroidism and the effects it has upon the temperature that he perceives his body to be at.

-Professor ███████████

+++ Addendum 3-C: Notable Quotes

"Roadrunner get this, Roadrunner get that! Somebody give this jerk a banana!"
-In response to 4 deliveries in a row, all from the same researcher, to four different locations. Investigations are being made to whether this was Dr. Bright.

"An O5 actually made me deliver SCP-458 once. So that's what I am now, hm? A glorified pizza delivery boy."
-When asked about one of the late deliveries he made.

+++ Addendum 3-D

From this point on, Roadrunner must keep two keys to his vehicle on his person at all times. The ███████ incident could have been averted, should this policy have been in place earlier.

Roadrunner, 1 day before the event that caused him to join the Foundation occured.
Roadrunner's vehicle. Photo taken in Site 17 parking lot.
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