Creating an item with a bonus generally requires a Science and Technologist check to be performed by a player character, as well as an expenditure of experience points by the character for whom the item is being crafted. Collective bonuses provided to any single skill are capped at +3. Depending on the sort of item to be crafted, the checks and costs may be altered at an administrator's discretion. Difficulties and bonuses are as follows:

Science Technologist XP Cost
+1 DC 06 DC 06 1
+2 DC 09 DC 09 2
+3 (cap) DC 12 DC 12 3

Crafting checks may be made once per character per day. A character may make separate crafting checks in the same day if they are different skills.

Special Effects:

Creating an item with a nonstandard benefit that provides no immediately identifiable mechanical benefit is possible, but it will be a lengthier process than standard bonuses, as an administrator must approve the item and set appropriate crafting difficulty checks as well as experience costs.


A team of researchers may create a blueprint (pooling their experience to do so) for an item intended for common usage, such as an upgrade to the standard medical kit or a new grenade for general issue. Prices and difficulty will vary with the item to be created. When the blueprint is completed, it will be added to the equipment listings and be available to all players at no cost.

Character Death / Loss of Items:

If a character with crafted equipment dies, their equipment is lost with them. Other PCs may claim their equipment by spending an equivalent amount of experience as the original owner spent on the item.

If equipment is lost via the course of regular roleplay, and the character remains alive, the character will generally be recompensed for the lost item in terms of XP. A GM or administrator may decide to make an exception to this policy at their discretion.

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