Character Creation Phase II

Or, So You Want To Be A Hero

All players wishing to enter into conflict situations with their characters (containment breaches, SCP capture attempts, away missions) must complete a Phase II sheet. Mechanically, the game relies upon the Savage Worlds system. While the system can be somewhat daunting, it was selected to rectify many of the balance concerns seen in previous incarnations of Active Duty when homebrewed rulesets were adopted. For an explanation of the core mechanics of Savage Worlds, please see the Introduction to Savage Worlds.

You'll need to register an account on . From there, click 'Sheets' at the top, then 'New Sheet'. Select 'Savage Worlds' from the drop-down menu and make the sheet visible to the public. With that sheet open, move to the Attributes tab.

All information in the Phase 2 section was derived from the Savage Worlds Lite ruleset, available freely at . Players, feel free to mine the stuff at for ideas, but realize that anything not actually on the site (Powers especially) is subject to GM approval prior to introduction.

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