Character Advancement

Characters are intended to grow and develop throughout the course of their careers with the Foundation. How this happens in terms of personality and behavior is up to you, of course. In terms of mechanics, though, a character advances in three ways: Experience, Equipment, and Factions.

I. Experience

Experience is perhaps the most traditional form of advancement: after completing a particularly grueling event, the GM may choose to award your character with experience points. These points can be spent to advance your skills at the rate of 4 XP to 1 point in a skill. Unlike character creation, the Health skills may be advanced at the same rate as the other skills.

II. Equipment

Standard equipment available in the armory is open to all characters. As a reward for excellent roleplay, perseverance in a difficult mission, or any number of factors, a GM may choose to award a character with access to special, unique pieces of equipment. These unique pieces of equipment are superior to what can be taken from the general equipment listings, but they take up a slot, the same as any other equipment.

III. Factions

Less tangible than the other two, factional gains are awarded to reflect whenever a character has made significant inroads into building alliances with a particular organization. Unlike experience and equipment gains, Factions can and will fluctuate in both directions as friendships and allegiances form and disintegrate.

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