Janice Chambers

Character Name

Major Janice Chambers


Sophia Light


Field Agent


Righteous, quick-tempered. Doesn’t often pick fights, but can win one and knows it. In her free time, she likes boxing, novels, and playing with her dog.


A young but physically intimidating woman at 6’4”, broad-shouldered and muscular with a martial bearing. Long hair pulled back.


They wanted someone ex-military, with an impressive service history and extensive medical training. They had the funding for Janice.

Recruited out of nursing school at 20 into the military. Much of her three tours there were spent at evacuation hospitals, doing major surgeries in terrible conditions that she wasn’t trained for. Then, later, because of her physical size and strength, she did helicopter evacuations, carrying injured men through active warzones. Got along poorly with her colleagues, but got shit done.

Her fourth term was up in the air due to a disciplinary issue, when she was transferred to the burgeoning “Foundation.” She jumped at the chance for decent pay, more respect, and less horrible working conditions.


Intellect: 3

Charm: 1

Battle: 4

Subterfuge: 1

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