Bixby Hunting

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#01[20:59] <MisterFlames> MacKay shows up with his gear, curious as to what's going on.
[21:00] <Cole> Cole's there to. He glances curiously to Mackay. "Any idea…?"
#06[21:00] * Li arrives.
#03[21:01] * Agent_Mason (~moc.rr.ser.ynts.5BA42DEC-CRInys|lewxamoud#moc.rr.ser.ynts.5BA42DEC-CRInys|lewxamoud) has joined #307ale
[21:01] <~O5-6> The chopper is waiting for them to board.
#06[21:02] * Agent_Mason arrives and immediately boards the helicopter.
#02[21:02] * Nioki (~PI.EB91A8C3.C6EC9755.BFAFE37B|alliztahc#PI.EB91A8C3.C6EC9755.BFAFE37B|alliztahc) Quit (Ping timeout#)
#03[21:02] * Li is now known as Agent_Li
#01[21:02] <MisterFlames> MacKay makes himself comfortable. "Nope, we'll find out, though."
#06[21:03] * Cole gets in as well. "I suppose so."
#06[21:03] * Agent_Mason sits quietly.
#03[21:03] * Nioki (~PI.EB91A8C3.C6EC9755.0D6B9869|alliztahc#PI.EB91A8C3.C6EC9755.0D6B9869|alliztahc) has joined #307ale
[21:04] <~O5-6> The chopper takes off quite smoothly. Once airborne, a voice comes up in thier headphones. "Greetings operatives. You have been assembled to deal with a possible SCP."
#06[21:05] * Agent_Mason focuses on the screen.
[21:06] <Nioki> Agent Nioki is siting towards the back of the chopper, listening.
#01[21:06] <MisterFlames> "What do we know about the Scip, sir?"
#06[21:06] * Cole blinks surprised. "…" Speechless.
[21:07] <~O5-6> "Three days ago, we lost contact with our agent in Sansdale, Nebraska. We sent two agents in to investigate, and lost contact with them. We then sent in a team…and they vanished as well."
[21:08] <Nioki> "Hm. Any groups of interest possibly involved in this one?"
[21:08] <~O5-6> "This is the extent of our knowledge. Our Agent in town was investigating a lead on a Factory item."
#01[21:10] <MisterFlames> "Nebraska, huh? Okay, so they're sending us halfway round the world. This should be interesting."
[21:11] <~O5-6> The trip is quick, and easily done. So, we'll fast forward to when your new chopper is flying towards the town. As you approach, it looks like a normal little town, in the middle of the night…except…the closer you get, the more off it feels.
[21:11] <Cole> "Hmmm…wish I'd brushed my teeth before I left…" Says lance, more to ease his own tension than anything.
[21:12] <Nioki> "Oh, great. Heebie-jeebies. We should bottle and sell the damn things."
#01[21:13] <MisterFlames> "Bet you someone already has." MacKay says.
#06[21:14] * Agent_Mason is still quiet.
[21:14] <~O5-6> The weirdness soon becomes obvious. The town looks like a matte painting. the chopper swerves back and forth a little, but the view of the town doesn't change no matter what angle you look at it from.
[21:14] <Cole> Cole blinks several times taking in the town. "Well…"
[21:15] <Agent_Li> Li shuts her eyes. Not again, no, not again, why, why me, oh god, the fear is sweeping over her again, please, no, why…
#06[21:15] * Agent_Mason examines from the window.
[21:15] <Nioki> "Huh. Spacial distortion, or just perceptive distor… Hey, Li, you all right?"
#01[21:16] <MisterFlames> MacKay starts taking pictures with his PDA. "Let me send these off, and we'll see what the boss has to say."
[21:17] <~O5-6> The chopper keeps flying closer… then suddenly stops. The pilot frowns, and backs up. "Hey, folks, the bird ain't getting any closer."
#06[21:17] * Agent_Li takes several deep breaths to steady herself.
[21:17] <~O5-6> The edge of the town is still a good fifty feet off.
[21:17] <Cole> "Right…" Cole pries his eyes away fromt he town at the pilots speech.
#01[21:17] <MisterFlames> "All right, then, find a good spot and take her down." MacKay says.
[21:17] <Agent_Mason> "It's possibly an optical illusion. Don't get closer."
#06[21:17] * Agent_Mason speaks.
[21:18] <Nioki> "We can test that. Easy enough to, say, throw rocks at two different parts, and see if they hit it like a level surface."
#01[21:19] <MisterFlames> "I don't have my whole Sixty-Seven kit, but I did bring a few things."
[21:20] <~O5-6> The Chopper ssets down 15 feet from where it couldn't get in.
#01[21:20] <MisterFlames> "Pilot, do you have cameras running and telemetry?"
[21:24] <~O5-6> "Yes."
[21:27] <Cole> "So…." Cole scratches his cheek. "We ready for this?"
#01[21:28] <MisterFlames> "All right, when we disembark, I want you to circle around and send data back to the Site, then return here, please. We're going to investigate on foot, thank you." MacKay disembarks. "Okay, time to get moving."
#06[21:28] * Cole gets off the chopper.
[21:29] <~O5-6> Up close, the town really does look like a painting.
#06[21:29] * Nioki hops off, and walks forward.
#06[21:29] * Agent_Li follows
[21:30] <Cole> "Same way we do tamlin? People who fight well go first?" Asks Cole following.
#01[21:30] <MisterFlames> "Great, why am I remembering Star Trek?" MacKay nods, "Yeah, Li, Nioki, you're on point, please. Mason, you've got our six."
[21:31] <Agent_Mason> "Alright."
#06[21:31] * Agent_Mason covers the back. Rifle at the ready.
#06[21:31] * Nioki walks forward, drawing his gun. Looks a bit like a bear wielding a water pistol.
#06[21:32] * Cole pulls out his nightstick, and twirls it nervously a few times before slipping it back.
#06[21:32] * Agent_Li draws her own pistol.
[21:32] <~O5-6> When they get to the point where the Chopper stopped, there is a feeling of resistance in the air.
#01[21:32] <MisterFlames> MacKay walks. "Lance, stick near me, please. You're the medic."
[21:32] <Cole> "I have no problem with that…" He falls in step along side mackay.
#01[21:33] <MisterFlames> MacKay takes out a telescoping pole and tries to test the surface for how much it resists.
#06[21:33] * Nioki picks up a small rock, and throws it at the town.
[21:34] <~O5-6> The rock slows down at the point where the town is…this vanishes,
[21:34] <~O5-6> The surface resists just a bit.
#01[21:35] <MisterFlames> MacKay pushes the pole in about three feet, then pulls it out again.
[21:36] <~O5-6> The pole vanishes when it passes through the area, then reappers completely normal when it comes back through.
[21:36] <Nioki> "So. Guess we go in."
#06[21:37] * Nioki walks forward, places his hand against the surface, and pushes.
[21:38] <~O5-6> Niokie feels resistance, like walking through jello, and then vanishes from sight.
[21:38] <Agent_Li> "I don't want to." Li says this with a voice so timid and small that it would be impossible to hear by the others.
#01[21:38] <MisterFlames> "Would you prefer to stay out here, Agent?" MacKay says.
[21:40] <Cole> "…" Lance is watching the spot Nioki disappeared though.
#06[21:41] * Agent_Li hesitates.
#01[21:41] <MisterFlames> MacKay takes the pole and buries about six inches into the dirt, then ties some 330 cord to it. He then takes the other end in his hand. "Okay, I'm going to step inside and look around. I ought to be able to find my way back with this."
[21:42] <Cole> "Alright."
[21:42] <Agent_Mason> "Tie it to yourself."
[21:42] <Agent_Mason> "You could let go, even accidentally."
#01[21:42] <MisterFlames> "Hopefully Nioki didn't wander off." MacKay nods as he ties a loop of it around himself. "Give me five minutes, then pull on the cord."
#06[21:43] * Cole nods.
#01[21:43] <MisterFlames> Once prepared, MacKay walks through the resisting air.
[21:44] <~O5-6> Mackay finds himself standing on the other side of a brick wall, facing what appears to be an antropomorphic tiger. Mackay himself, upon looking down, will find he has become an anthropomorphic panda bear
#01[21:45] <MisterFlames> "Nioki?"
[21:45] <Nioki> "I think I may have come out ahead this time."
[21:45] <Nioki> "Yes. Nice ears."
#06[21:46] * Nioki pushes against the brick wall.
#01[21:46] <MisterFlames> "Thanks. If only I'd stop being turned into various things." MacKay looks at the cord to see if it's in the wall or what happened to it.
#03[21:46] * NeverSleeps (ten.llebws.omycsk.lsd.17CDA61E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebws.omycsk.lsd.17CDA61E-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #307ale
[21:46] <~O5-6> Feel solid Nioki.
[21:47] <Nioki> "I, ah, think we may be just a bit screwed."
[21:47] <~O5-6> Five minutes have passed.
#02[21:48] * Cole (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.363A86E6-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.363A86E6-CRInys|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client#)
#01[21:48] <MisterFlames> "Possibly." MacKay considers, then pulls lightly on the cord.
#06[21:49] * Nioki turns, and scans the land for signs of… well, anything.
[21:50] <~O5-6> You seem to be inside a small building, light coming in the windows
[21:50] <~O5-6> The cord comes off in your hand, Mackay
[21:50] <Agent_Mason> ahahah
[21:50] <Agent_Mason> what
[21:50] <Agent_Mason> #wat
[21:51] <~O5-6> What do those on the outside do?
#03[21:51] * Whitfield is now known as Heiden
#01[21:51] <MisterFlames> "Cute." MacKay shakes his head. He then checks his equipment, to see if it's changed.
[21:52] <~O5-6> Hold on, waiting for actions from those outside the town
#03[21:52] * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.363A86E6-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.363A86E6-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #307ale
[21:53] <~O5-6> Anye of them. Any at all.
#02[21:53] * Metaphorphosis (ua.moc.mada.pi.4F9520CE-CRInys|tibbiM#ua.moc.mada.pi.4F9520CE-CRInys|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client#)
[21:53] <Ragazzo> [back. what did i miss?]
[21:54] <Agent_Mason> Mason tugs on the rope.
#03[21:54] * Ragazzo is now known as Cole
[21:54] <~O5-6> Mason, the rope comes away in your hand, sheared off clean.
#06[21:55] * Agent_Li goes back to the chopper, because she's scared shitless of field duty, and her player is distracted
#03[21:55] * Agent_Li is now known as Laito
#06[21:56] * Cole stares at mason's hand. specifically the rope's end. "…we go in?"
[21:58] <Agent_Mason> "…One of us puts their head in. The rest keep a grip on the body."
[21:59] <Cole> "I'll do it…"
[21:59] <Cole> Cole steps up to just before the vanishing point. "Get a good grip alright?"
#06[22:01] * Agent_Mason gets a firm grip on his waist. "Someone grab my harness."
#06[22:02] * Cole blinks. "There's no one else here man…"
[22:02] <~O5-6> There's just the two of you outside, it seems
[22:02] <Agent_Mason> There's also LI! We think.
[22:03] <Cole> "Just be ready." Cole pushes his head through.
[22:03] <Laito> Li fled.
[22:03] <Agent_Mason> "Alright."
[22:03] <~O5-6> Cole blinks for a moment…then is sucked through. Mason can make a defense role to let go, or he gets sucked in too.
[22:04] <Cole> Cole falls on his face on the other side. "Dammit!" He scrambles to his feet looking around.
[22:05] <Agent_Mason> 2d6 Defense!
[22:05] <Agent_Mason> !2d6 Defense!
[22:05] <Agent_Mason> Roll 2d6 Defense!
[22:05] <Nala> Agent_Mason, Defense!: 2d6=5 (4,1)
[22:06] <~O5-6> Sadly, mason is sucked in as well. Cole finds himself now as an anthro Horse, and Mason an antrho gecko.
[22:07] <Cole> "…" Cole picks up on his horseyness. "What the hell?!"
[22:07] <Agent_Mason> "…!"
#06[22:07] * Agent_Mason is confused!
[22:07] <~O5-6> And they are all together… they find that they are idealised versions of themselves. Larger, stronger, maybe prettier if you like that kind of thing. Perfect phsyical specimens.
#01[22:08] <MisterFlames> "I believe the term is 'Schmuck bait.'" MacKay the Panda says.
[22:09] <Nioki> "Well, guess Li's staying out, then. Okay, first order of business is to locate the other teams."
[22:09] <Cole> "Why am I a horse?" He looks at panda-mackay and tiger-nioki, but tries to compose himself. "That's you guys right?"
#01[22:09] <MisterFlames> MacKay goes back to checking his equipment.
[22:10] <Nioki> "Yes. Don't question it."
[22:10] <~O5-6> His equipment is all there, but his clothing is all…tighter, more revealing. All of thiers are.
#06[22:10] * Agent_Mason licks his eye.
[22:10] <Cole> "Alright…" Cole snuffles or something. Horse's do that right?
[22:11] <Nioki> "The changes seem to lean towards cosmetic. And my… pants… are way-too-fucking-tight."
#01[22:11] <MisterFlames> "All right, let's get to looking around, for others, and for a way out."
[22:11] <~O5-6> They are all in the small building, sunlight streaming in. Of course, sun light during the day is not the wierdest thing, but it's still odd.
[22:11] <~O5-6> sun light during the night.
#06[22:12] * Nioki turns towards a window, and looks out.
#01[22:13] <MisterFlames> MacKay's looking for exits.
[22:13] <Cole> Cole's fidgeting with his clothes a bit but staying alert and looking around.
#06[22:14] * Agent_Mason looks about.
[22:14] <Agent_Mason> Roll 2d6 Street Sense
[22:14] <Nala> Agent_Mason, Street Sense: 2d6=4 (1,3)
[22:14] <~O5-6> The town looks beautiful, maybe a bit too bright, lovely anthros everywhere, and all fo them perfect! And, uhm… over endowed, male and female. Many of them engaged in… activities. And while they seem enthusiastic about it, the enjoyment doesn't reach thier eyes.
[22:15] <~O5-6> There is one door.
#06[22:15] * Cole has looked out the window. "Do we have to go out there?"
[22:15] <Nioki> "Oh, bloody hell."
[22:16] <Cole> "…never coming back here. Ever."
#03[22:17] * Agent_Mason is now known as Doc_Butts
#06[22:17] * Doc_Butts ignores it. Focus on the mission. Focus on the mission.
#06[22:17] * Nioki walks over, and opens the door.
#01[22:17] <MisterFlames> "Yiffing…" MacKay says. "Okay, this is fucked up." MacKay nods, "And yeah, it looks like we do." MacKay walks to the door.
#06[22:18] * Cole follows. "Great…"
#03[22:19] * Agent_Mason (~moc.rr.ser.ynts.5BA42DEC-CRInys|lewxamoud#moc.rr.ser.ynts.5BA42DEC-CRInys|lewxamoud) has joined #307ale
#01[22:19] <MisterFlames> MacKay steels himself, then walks outside.
[22:20] <~O5-6> A well endowed minx approaches approaches MacKay, here smiles wide, but her eyes dead on the inside. "Oooh, hey big boy, you wanna yiff?"
#06[22:20] * Cole puts on what he hopes is discouraging glare. Can't tell with this horse face. He exits.
#06[22:20] * Nioki unsheathes his claws.
[22:21] <Nioki> "I believe some friends of ours recently arrived here, possibly from the same room. Do you happen to know where we could find them?"
#01[22:22] <MisterFlames> "Sorry, hon, you aren't my type." MacKay says.
[22:23] <~O5-6> "Oh, people get around." She whimpers, but can't stop smiling. Most people go by city hall at some point." Was that a hint? "But you gotta stop and yiff. bad things happen if you don't yiff!"
[22:25] <Nioki> "I… see."
[22:25] <Nioki> "Could you please direct us to the city hall?"
#01[22:26] <MisterFlames> "Oh, I'll be back, don't worry about it." MacKay nods, then starts walking with purpose. "Mason, set up for a long target." He looks around for City Hall, and he's actually getting a bit mad and a little disgusted.
[22:26] <~O5-6> A lovely brown haired dog girl approaches cole, panting. "Hiya." And the Minx points out the city hall… of course, it's ahrd to miss, being large and golden, like ti is.
[22:26] <~O5-6> Can I get defense rolls from everyone?
[22:27] <Cole> !roll 3d6
[22:27] <Nala> Cole: 3d6=13 (5,6,2)
#01[22:27] <MisterFlames> roll 4d6 Defense
[22:27] <Nala> MisterFlames, Defense: 4d6=14 (5,2,5,2)
[22:27] <Agent_Mason> Roll 2d6 Defense
[22:27] <Nala> Agent_Mason, Defense: 2d6=6 (3,3)
[22:28] <Nioki> Roll 5d6
[22:28] <Nala> Nioki: 5d6=18 (1,6,5,4,2)
[22:28] <~O5-6> Everyone but Mason feels fine. Mason feels a nigglign touch in the back of his head, as if someone were trying to flick on all his libidio switches.
#03[22:28] * Heiden is now known as Dr_Parsons
[22:28] <Cole> Cole tries not to even glance. "In a hurry…sorry…"
#03[22:29] * Dr_Parsons is now known as Dr_Parson
#06[22:29] * Nioki just starts walking. City hall, here we come.
[22:29] <~O5-6> Cole, how can you not glance at those huge, jiggling, gravity defying mamaries? All eight of them?
[22:30] <Cole> …Cole keeps his eyes fixed firmly ahead with no small effort. He's going to see a psychologist after this.
#01[22:30] <MisterFlames> MacKay grits his teeth. He's never been a fan of body hair, and it's really a bit disgusting being this hairy.
#06[22:30] * Agent_Mason grimaces.
#06[22:30] * Agent_Mason tries to not give in.
[22:31] <~O5-6> For now, Mason can fight it. But it's hard, especially when they turn a corner and have to walk past an 18 person bukkake scene.
#01[22:32] <MisterFlames> "I feel sorry for that cat girl, I really do," MacKay says conversationally.
[22:32] <Cole> "Oh god…" Cole would laugh but is trying not to vomit.
[22:33] <Nioki> "Brains. Messing with people's brains. Fine, I can deal with being a tiger-thing, but this…"
#01[22:33] <MisterFlames> "This is just pissing me off, Nioki." MacKay growls softly.
[22:33] <Agent_Mason> "…"
[22:33] <~O5-6> Everything aroudn them is clean and neat, and TOO good. Everything is TOO perfect, almost like ti was drawn, not built.
[22:34] <Agent_Mason> "…I have a cloaca."
[22:34] <Agent_Mason> In the most depressed tone ever.
[22:34] <Nioki> "I am very glad they gave me claws. Those, I'd like to keep."
#01[22:34] <MisterFlames> "So you're not sure whether you're coming or going?"
[22:34] <Cole> "…" Cole blinks. "MacKay, this place is cleaner than medical…"
#06[22:34] * Nioki Sheathe, unsheathe.
#06[22:35] * Cole clip clopping along.
#01[22:35] <MisterFlames> "Yup, it is. This isn't reality, it's fantasy… I'm betting there's a 'Bixby' behind it."
[22:35] <~O5-6> And then there's the Ferret climbing up into the gaping lower cavity of a female Lynx, her stomach stretching to accomodate.
[22:35] <Nioki> "Could be an illusion of sorts."
[22:36] <Cole> "…I hope it's illusion…otherwise…these are real people…"
[22:36] <Nioki> "These are real people, I think."
#01[22:36] <MisterFlames> "Vaginal vore." MacKay comments dispassionately. "And yeah, it could be, Nioki, but they're people, dancing to the tune."
[22:36] <Cole> "I'm afraid so to…"
[22:36] <Nioki> "Illusions aren't always just visual. Could be all sensory data."
[22:37] <Cole> "How much farther you think to the hall?"
[22:38] <~O5-6> The city hall is almost castle like, shining in gold, with a great golden gateway… and standing guard, two giant cat…girls? Well, they have giant chests, but thier tight pants make it looks like they have snakses stuffed down them.
[22:38] <Nioki> "Let us through, please."
#03[22:38] * Dr_Parson (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.91024C4E-CRInys|a#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.91024C4E-CRInys|a) has left #307ale
[22:40] <~O5-6> "All are free to enter."
[22:40] <~O5-6> The girls wince as they turn from you to begin making out.
[22:41] <Cole> "Wait…" Cole saw the wince. "Do you two…want to be doing that?"
[22:41] <~O5-6> "No one…"kiss fondle grope "Wants to do this. We have to! You'll have to to. He makes everyone yiff."
#01[22:42] <MisterFlames> "Living it up at the Hotel California…." MacKay says. He takes out Lucky and loads it with a flare. "Bixby, yeah. Mason, get ready. Nioki… try to be stealthy."
[22:42] <Nioki> "Male. No surprises there."
[22:43] <Nioki> "Um… I'm not so good at being stealthy."
#06[22:43] * Agent_Mason visibly restrains himself.
[22:43] <Nioki> "I can do 'distraction' quite well."
#01[22:43] <MisterFlames> "Lance, do you have anything on you that's a good sedative?"
[22:43] <Cole> "All sorts, what do you have in mind?"
[22:44] <~O5-6> Mason finds his eyes drawn back to the two cat girls… so sexy… so inviting…
[22:44] <Agent_Mason> roll 1d6 defense: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[22:44] <Nala> Agent_Mason, defense: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: 1d6=6 (6)
[22:45] <Nioki> "Listen, we're going to try to put a stop to this. Anything you can tell us that might help…""
[22:45] <Cole> [Can i heal mason's lost die…?]
#01[22:45] <MisterFlames> MacKay's getting nauseated, honestly. "Something on the par of taking down an elephant."
[22:45] <Nioki> "MacKay, no metaphors involving animals, okay?"
[22:46] <Cole> "No problem…would you mind if I let these two sleep a while before we head on…?"
[22:46] <Nioki> " 'Taking down an elephant' has an entirely different meaning here, I would think."
#01[22:46] <MisterFlames> "Actually, Lance… yes. We need to be quick, so we can take care of the situation."
#03[22:46] * Doctor_Light is now known as Dr_Markowitz
[22:46] <Agent_Mason> roll 2d6 Resist!
[22:46] <Nala> Agent_Mason, Resist!: 2d6=6 (1,5)
[22:46] <~O5-6> The girls are in no way blocking the door. And now…ewww..
#01[22:47] <MisterFlames> MacKay walks past them.
[22:47] <Cole> "…alright…" He sighs and supresses a gag at the cat girls.
#06[22:47] * Cole walks after mackay.
#06[22:47] * Nioki walks in.
[22:48] <~O5-6> Inside, it gets much worse. All sorts of species, fucking, sucking and in general performing acts of perversion that would get them banned from 4-Chan. The halls are lined with beautiful works of… porn. And it all leads to a grand throne room, where a 13 year old boy is being sucked off by some kind of platypus thing.
#01[22:49] <MisterFlames> "The way to deal with a 'bixby' is to keep them off balance and take them down quick," MacKay says.
#06[22:49] * Agent_Mason nods. D:<
[22:49] <Cole> "…wait." Cole stops near the entrance eyes down. "Guys…each of you take one of these…"
#06[22:50] * Cole hands out a needle to them all filled with a powerful painkiller. "In case I mess up…"
[22:51] <Cole> "I assume we cant shoot him…"
[22:52] <Nioki> "Containment is usually best. With some Bixbies, though, death becomes a necessity."
[22:52] <~O5-6> The boy doesn't seem to be paying any attention
#01[22:52] <MisterFlames> "Actually, if he's not aware… we probably can. Nioki, Mason, set up and take the shot before he's done." MacKay takes out his knife. "We probably can't sneak, so deal with him at range."
[22:52] <Agent_Mason> "Right."
#06[22:52] * Agent_Mason sets up for the shot.
#06[22:53] * Cole gets a grip on his baton.
[22:53] <Agent_Mason> "3…"
[22:53] <Agent_Mason> "2…"
[22:53] <Agent_Mason> "1…"
[22:54] <Agent_Mason> roll 4d6 Snipe
[22:54] <Nala> Agent_Mason, Snipe: 4d6=8 (2,1,3,2)
#01[22:54] <MisterFlames> MacKay lines up the flare gun. It's more to distract than anything else.
#01[22:54] <MisterFlames> roll 1d6+1 Flare!
[22:54] <Nala> MisterFlames, Flare!: 1d6+1=2 (1)
[22:54] <~O5-6> roll 2d6 whut?
[22:54] <Nala> O5-6, whut?: 2d6=7 (3,4)
#01[22:55] <MisterFlames> MacKay charges after the shot, keeping out of the line of fire, but moving to take the kid out *fast*.
[22:55] <Nioki> "Erm… have you considered that this may be a persistent world?"
#06[22:55] * Nioki leaps.
#01[22:56] <MisterFlames> "Yes, I have. I'd rather be furry than *dead*."
#06[22:56] * Cole is racing in to nightstick in one hand, needle in the other.
[22:57] <~O5-6> The boy screams as the gunshot takes him in the arm, tumbling him from his chair. The room wavers, as do thier forms.
[22:57] <Nioki> 5d6 needle jab.
[22:57] <Nioki> Roll 5d6 needle jab.
[22:57] <Nala> Nioki, needle jab.: 5d6=17 (2,5,3,1,6)
#01[22:58] <MisterFlames> roll 3d6+1 claws
[22:58] <Nala> MisterFlames, claws: 3d6+1=13 (6,1,5)
[22:58] <~O5-6> …
[22:58] <~O5-6> Yeah, the kid is down, unconcious. The entire world shimmers back into normality.
[22:58] <~O5-6> Funny. There is a bronze necklace around the boys neck.
[22:59] <Nioki> "Call base. Probable Bix.. hey."
#06[22:59] * Nioki grabs it.
[22:59] <~O5-6> It has no seems.
[22:59] <~O5-6> seams.
[22:59] <~O5-6> Therefor, you'd have to cut it to get it off.
#01[22:59] <MisterFlames> "Careful with it." MacKay says. He immediately works on stabilizing the kid.
[22:59] <~O5-6> Roll medical
[22:59] <Nala> O5-6: I don't understand what you want. :| (Parse Error)
[22:59] <Cole> Cole leans down and checks the pulse. "Hmm…good…"
#01[22:59] <MisterFlames> roll 4d6 Medical
[22:59] <Nala> MisterFlames, Medical: 4d6=11 (2,1,4,4)
[23:00] <Cole> "Need help mackay?"
[23:00] <~O5-6> The boy stabilizes quite easily.
#06[23:00] * Agent_Mason radios in. "Command, this is Mason. We've sedated a bixby. Requesting a mop up on the town, over."
#06[23:00] * Nioki takes out his phone, and calls base. "Subject is down. Has a necklace that may be the source of the…"
[23:00] <~O5-6> His eyelids flutter, groggy. He mutter something about 'Not part of the deal.'
[23:00] <~O5-6> The necklace has a familiar script upon it.
[23:01] <Nioki> "Oh, fuck."
#01[23:01] <MisterFlames> "I've got him." MacKay says. He then takes out his Leatherman, and snips off the necklace. Or tries at least.
[23:01] <Cole> Cole blinks, pulls out a milder sedative, and knocks the boy out cold for at least the next few hours.
[23:01] <~O5-6> "Roger that, this is base, sending in a clean up team."
[23:02] <~O5-6> The leatherman snips clean through the necklace… and everybody rolld defense.
[23:02] <Cole> !roll 3d6 FFFFF-
#01[23:02] <MisterFlames> roll 4d6 Defense!
[23:02] <Nala> Cole, FFFFF-: 3d6=8 (3,1,4)
[23:02] <Nala> MisterFlames, Defense!: 4d6=20 (5,6,5,4)
[23:02] <Nioki> 5d6 Not a Bixby.
[23:02] <Nioki> Roll 5d6 Not a Bixby.
[23:02] <Nala> Nioki, Not a Bixby.: 5d6=12 (3,3,1,2,3)
[23:03] <~O5-6> Mason?
[23:03] <Agent_Mason> roll 2d6 Defense
[23:03] <Nala> Agent_Mason, Defense: 2d6=7 (6,1)
[23:04] <~O5-6> roll 5d6 THRAK
[23:04] <Nala> O5-6, THRAK: 5d6=17 (5,2,2,5,3)
[23:05] <~O5-6> Everyone but Flames is lifted off the ground and then propelled rather swiftly into the walls. Flames someone ducked beneath the wave of force. The boy is lifted from his feet as well, and slammed into the ceiling.
[23:05] <Nioki> "Fucking ow."
[23:05] <Cole> "OOF!" Cole grunts and groans hitting the floor. He's getting up slowly.
#01[23:06] <MisterFlames> "I have no idea how I managed not to get hit." MacKay says.
#06[23:06] * Nioki shakes himself off. Yeah, yeah. This isn't such an unusual occurrence.
[23:06] <Agent_Mason> "Christ. Nioki, what the fuck were you thinking."
[23:06] <Nioki> "Shit, MacKay, check the kid."
[23:07] <~O5-6> the boy drops back to the ground, without a sound. his neck has been split open, as if from extreme heat, and the necklace is gone, the only remnant some copper flakes burned into the boys skin.
[23:07] <Nioki> "What was I thinking? Pardon?"
[23:07] <Agent_Mason> "You don't remove something like that in the field."
#01[23:07] <MisterFlames> "Doing that." MacKay looks for him, first. "Wasn't him, Mason, it was me."
[23:07] <Cole> "Mason…come here…." Cole gets over there and start looking him over. "Shut up. Stop arguing. Not the time…"
[23:07] <Nioki> "Honestly. Pay attention."
#01[23:08] <MisterFlames> "Kid's dead." MacKay shakes his head. "Dammit."
[23:08] <Nioki> "Stop being distracted by those transvestite cats."
[23:08] <~O5-6> The boy is dead. As a doornail.
[23:08] <Agent_Mason> "Fucking hell."
#06[23:08] * Nioki looks down.
[23:08] <Cole> "…." Cole sighs.
[23:08] <Nioki> "Ugh."
[23:09] <~O5-6> "is.. is he dead?" A girl, can't be much older then 11, is peering in the open door.
#06[23:09] * Nioki walks over, and crouches down in front of her.
[23:09] <Nioki> "Sorry. Yes."
[23:09] <Nioki> "Was he your brother?"
#01[23:09] <MisterFlames> MacKay turns to the girl, "Do you know what happened?"
[23:10] <~O5-6> She holds herself tightly. "He was. Oh, thank god, it's over…."
[23:10] <Cole> Cole heads over as well limping quite a bit.
#06[23:10] * Nioki puts a hand on her shoulder. "You're safe now, okay?"
[23:10] <Nioki> "Are your parents all right?"
[23:11] <~O5-6> "He… I saw him. Everyone else is sleeping. But I saw him. There was this man, he was big and ugly, and he had this necklace, with a giant ruby in it… he cam to my brother…" she sobs."
#06[23:11] * Agent_Mason radios in again. "We need that mop up soon as possible, over."
[23:12] <Cole> "Are you hurt? What's your name?"
[23:12] <Nioki> "I think we can help you forget all about it, okay?"
[23:12] <Nioki> "Do you remember what he said?"
[23:12] <~O5-6> "He said, he said he could unlock my brother. Let him be what he could be. And he…timmy…he… he did horrible things."
#01[23:13] <MisterFlames> MacKay walks over to her. "Yeah, what he did was let loose his wildest dreams. Which were nightmares to others. It'll be all right, miss. It's over."
[23:13] <Nioki> "Mason, ask them to bring extra… ah, memory aids."
#01[23:14] <MisterFlames> "That'll be part of the clean up, Nioki." MacKay says.
[23:14] <~O5-6> "He did something to the man. I don't know what…." She looks up at the men. "Thank you… thank you for stopping him."
[23:14] <Cole> "…" Cole kneels in front of the little girl smiling gently."What's your name sweetie?"
[23:16] <~O5-6> "Erika."
[23:16] <~O5-6> They can hear the choppers circling.
[23:17] <Nioki> "Okay, our friends are here."
[23:17] <Nioki> "They'll help you get everything back to normal."
[23:17] <Agent_Mason> "Base, hope you brought a lot of amnesiacs. This wasn't pretty, over." He clicks off the radio.
[23:18] <Nioki> "I'm James, by the way. Would you like us to stay for a while, Erika?"
[23:18] <Cole> Cole sighs standing and offer's a hand to Erika. "I'm lance."
#01[23:18] <MisterFlames> "And I'm Parlan." MacKay nods.
[23:18] <Agent_Mason> "Mason."
#06[23:19] * Agent_Mason winces.
[23:20] <~O5-6> The boys in black come in, and are there to help little Erica, and the rest of the town, forget.
[23:20] <Cole> "…" Cole watches her go, a bit concerned. "She'll be ok right?
[23:20] <Nioki> "Yes."
[23:21] <Nioki> "You think we haven't had to deal with stuff like this before?"
[23:21] <Agent_Mason> "Maybe nightmares."
[23:21] <Cole> "I'm sure you all have…I haven't…" He rubs his face and chuckles half-heartedly.
[23:21] <~O5-6> And, thats a wrap for the night.
#01[23:21] <MisterFlames> "This is part of why we're here, after all." MacKay says. "Sorry about the explosion."
[23:22] <Nioki> "This ended more cleanly than most. An actual Bixby.. well, you can read the files."
[23:22] <Cole> "I'm glad it went well…"
[23:22] <~O5-6> +1xp all around, for the mental trauma.
#06[23:22] * Nioki stands, and heads for the chopper.
#01[23:22] <MisterFlames> "Which was why I suggested we go all in." MacKay nods, "We'd be better off than Stiny, still."
#01[23:23] <MisterFlames> Even Li? <g>
[23:23] <Cole> Cole limps off to. "Heh…I'm really going to take it easy tommorow…"
[23:23] <~O5-6> Not li.
#03[23:24] * Agent_Mason is now known as Doctor_Lorentz
#01[23:24] <MisterFlames> "You've got the flight back, and I'll look you guys over. But yeah, might as well relax. And I'll buy the first round."
[23:25] <Cole> "I'll help with the treating mackay, second one is on me by the way…"
#02[23:25] * Cole (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.363A86E6-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.363A86E6-CRInys|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client#)
[23:26] <Doctor_Lorentz> Mason grunts. "Thanks for the offer, but I'll abstain. Got to clean my gear."
#01[23:26] <MisterFlames> "No problem, Mason. You get a raincheck."
[23:26] <Nioki> "I don't drink."
#01[23:27] <MisterFlames> "You can have a soft drink, Nioki."
[23:27] <Nioki> "Got some stuff I need to sort out, anyway."
[23:27] <Nioki> "I checked the blood supply this morning. I think I have enough."
[23:28] <Doctor_Lorentz> Mason nods. There's something odd there. His motions go from fluid to jerky.
[23:28] <Doctor_Lorentz> Ah well. Maybe just stress.
#02[23:46] * NeverSleeps (ten.llebws.omycsk.lsd.17CDA61E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebws.omycsk.lsd.17CDA61E-CRInys|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client#)
#03[23:56] * Doctor_Lorentz is now known as Heihachi_Mishima
#03[23:57] * Heihachi_Mishima is now known as Doctor_Lorentz
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