<@Heiden> You're currently heading uphill and northwest, back along the route.

<Doctopus> "Friggin' government work-" Margot is MUMBLING UNDER HER BREATH.

<pooryoric> "lions and tigers and bears, oy vey.'

<Doctopus> "Seriously!"

<Doctopus> Margot POWER WALKS.

<@Heiden> It keeps wending further and further uphill as you go.

<pooryoric> "you think that's why people were dissapearin'?"

* pooryoric follows. He's not POWER WALKING, but he's tall, so he keeps up.

<Doctopus> "Absolutely."

<@Heiden> It doesn't seem to go downhill at all, anymore - the walking's getting pretty tiring, but you've left the bear behind.

<@Heiden> You're at the northern apex of the route.

<Doctopus> "Stupid gig anyway."

<pooryoric> "I don't even know why I'm here. seems like the egg heads have things under control."

<pooryoric> Apex of the route?

<pooryoric> "so… this path is going to stop turning soon, right? we're not just walking in a circle?"

<@Heiden> It's a rough arc, you're at the northernmost part. To get back to where you started, you'll have to backtrack to the northwestern part of the arc.

<@Heiden> It just keeps going uphill.

<pooryoric> "how are we still going uphill, anyhow?"

<Doctopus> "Must've been downhill and we didn't notice."

<pooryoric> or am I picturing a much tighter arc than we are actually on

<pooryoric> "I guess so…"

<Doctopus> Margot shrugs and keeps walking. MARGOT YOU ARE VERY OBLIVIOUS

* pooryoric follows!

<pooryoric> "Worst case scenario is we circle all the way around and get eaten by a bear."

<Doctopus> "Ugh. My cousin died like that."

<pooryoric> "Weirdly specific way ta go."

<@Heiden> You've finally climbed up to where this terrible, terrible adventure started on this route.

<pooryoric> "Isn't this where we started?"

<pooryoric> McClery blinks, confused.

<Doctopus> Margot looks around.

<pooryoric> "meshugeh."

<Doctopus> "Weird…"

<pooryoric> "we walked uphill the whole time."

<@Heiden> To the southeast, you see a few figures on the route in the distance, further up.

<Doctopus> "Who's that?"

<pooryoric> "OY! ALL A YA!"

<Doctopus> Margot gives him a look. "/Bears/ are around here."

<pooryoric> "well, I guess I got their attention, too." he waves his stick at the figures.

<Doctopus> Margot waves halfheartedly.

<@Heiden> Collapse to #fledgling.

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