Agent Hamill

Martin Hamill :



Agility: 5

Deception: 2

Perception: 3

Sociability: 3

Mental Defense: 1

Physical Defense: 2

Simple Weapons: 4

Health: 7

Mental Health: 7



Espionage 2
Military 3

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

Dresses unremarkably in business casual when not on a case, but carries the same gold wristwatch with him wherever he goes. carries around a briefcase containing varying paperwork, a backup weapon, and peculiarly, an image of a small child sitting on the lap of a smiling older man.

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

Digital camera
Poison/memetic kill agent to avoid capture
10 inch Buck brand hunting knife

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Loyal to those he likes
Can be cold, unemotional where needed

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

easily irritated
difficult to work with at times

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

above average in intelligence, but an under achiever, subject is a High school Dropout who gained his GED to join the military upon his grandfathers request. While he didn't excel in school, he flowered in the Navy and was later made a Navy Seal. He attracted the Foundation's attention after squelching a bar brawl caused by a group of drunken bikers over some off duty female agents.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

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