Just some random advice, as it's thought of.


In Character actions have In Character consequences!

  • The people running Site 23's security are no pushovers, and neither is the occasional escaped SCP. If you behave inappropriately, do stupid things, or otherwise play foolishly, you may find yourself in the crematorium. Shooting people for fun in the cafeteria or anything similarly ridiculous will result in a hammer being brought down on you, and it will not be fun for anyone. Please think your actions though.
  • Keep in mind that this is consensual roleplay. If you do not wish to get involved in a plot, no one forces you to. If you would prefer something NOT happen to your character, please talk to the person doing it out of character, via the fun PM tool.
  • COMMUNICATE! For the love of god, there is very little more important then communication. If you don't like how a scene is going, if you do like, whatever, talk to your fellow roleplayers.
  • There are other people playing. This should be an obvious one, but: we all want our own turns in the spotlight. Forcing attention onto your own character gets old, real quick.
  • If people are ignoring the things you do or say, you should probably drop it.
  • Don't godmode. For those not familiar with with the term, it means making people do things, or automatically doing something. For example, instead of "Jake stops John from moving," use "Jake swings his cane in front of John, in an attempt to stop him from moving."
  • On that note: Don't tell people they've done things they haven't. It's a lot better to ask them about it in a PM, then to say it happened, then have the character deny the events entirely. It makes you look like a jackass.
  • DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF INTO PLOT WHERE YOU'RE NOT WELCOME. Some plots are open to all comers, some are a lot smaller, please don't try and force yourself in.
  • THEME: The theme is horror, and humans fighting against horror. Not superpowers, or cool things, or about how cool your character or their stuff is, but how people react to the horror of these supernatural things.

More to come, I'm sure.

- The Management

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